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Game of Thrones inspires record numbers of travelers through Gatwick Airport

Game of Thrones has inspired supercuts and fan fiction. It’s helped the economies of the places where it shoots by hiring local production talent, and has immeasurably helped the careers of the actors, writers and other professionals who work on it. It’s also good for the transportation industry, as England’s Gatwick Airport credits the show’s fans with helping it hit record numbers of passengers in 2016.

Gatwick, a major international airport located about 30 miles south of Central London, had 43 million passengers pass through it last year. That’s three million more than it had the year before. According to the airport, a goodly number of them were traveling to Belfast, Northern Ireland to take a look at the Game of Thrones set—Belfast had a bigger passenger increase than any other location. (Other travelers headed to Toronto, inspired by Prince Harry’s trips to see his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Inspiration takes many forms.) In any case, the airport said that “the Game of Thrones effect is well and truly established.”

It’s all part of the Game of Thrones economy, which I’m assuming has a GDP roughly equivalent to that of a small country.


Air travel isn’t the only thing Game of Throne is inspiring. In Scotland, events company Geek Social, in collaboration with Royal Mile Whiskies, is opening a pop-up bar based on the show. The Blood and Wine Bar will spring into being in the cellar of the Daylight Robbery bar in Edinburgh every Wednesday and Thursday through the end of the month. It features drinks like Arbor Gold and The Imp’s Delight, with medieval props provided by Edinburgh-based swords retailer The Knights Vault. Take a look.

I wonder if it’ll be back when Season 7 airs. It seems like the perfect place for viewing parties, unless televisions are too anachronistic.

We’ve got a couple more pieces of esoterica to brighten up your Fridays. First, DJ and record producer KSHMR debuted an intense techno version of the Game of Thrones main theme song at the Sunburn Music Festival in India…

…and AT&T worked the show into a commercial showing off the power of its network. This guy watches all of his favorite shows on the go. Naturally, Game of Thrones is included.

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  • The pop up bar looks awesome! My sister lives in Edinburgh so I’ll have to go visit her in the next few weeks!