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Game of Thrones Season 7 filming: Crew members arrive in Iceland

With Game of Thrones filming starting up again after a holiday break, we’ve been curious to see where in the world the cast and crew would turn up. There have been several indications that the show would return to Iceland to film Season 7, and now, it looks like it’s happened. Redditor jdtargstark, of the Free Folk Reddit, gathered together several Instagram photos from crew members at the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, many of whom work in the costume department.

Good morning Iceland 🇮🇸

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Ciarán Curry was honored by the Emmys for his costuming work on “The Winds of Winter,” the Season 6 finale.

Slyvia Lovetank first started working in the show’s costume department in Season 3.

@jengroundwater is here too! #dreamteam #teamcostume #iceland #costumetravelling #glacierlagoon #glaciers

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Katy Taylor, who’s very happy to be here, has been working in the Costume Department since Season 1.

Elsewhere on her Instagram, Taylor gives a clue as to how long the production will be there. How long will you be in Iceland, a reader asks. “Just a couple of weeks.”


So costume professionals are in Iceland, which has previously stood for areas beyond the Wall. Hopefully, this means that actors (or at least extras) will be in the area. Where there are costumers, there are people to costume.

And what might the crew be filming in the area? Previously, the snowbound areas of Iceland stood in for places beyond the Wall, and it makes sense that they will again. The landscapes in the images above bring to mind an icy set the crew built at Wolf Hill Quarry near Belfast. The shoot may have something to do with that.

Those who have paying close attention to leaks may have an even clearer idea of what will happen during this shoot, but please keep discussion of SPOILERS to a minimum in the comments. Best of luck to all the cast and crew members who get to shoot in Iceland in January.

h/t Watchers on the Wall