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Sophie Turner will announce the BAFTA nominations on Tuesday

Sophie Turner

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) will announce the 2017 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) nominations on Tuesday, January 10. Turner, along with Preacher actor Dominic Cooper, will announce the nominations, live, at 7:35 GMT on the BAFTA Facebook page, as well as the BAFTA website. The official Twitter account of BAFTA revealed the news:

Turner and Game of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) both attended the BAFTA Tea Party on Saturday. That was a prelude to Sunday night’s Golden Globes, where Game of Thrones as a whole was a gigantic loser, although that didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of Turner and the other cast members in attendance.

According to awards site GoldDerby, both the Academy Awards and the BAFTA Awards will have many of the same films competing for various trophies, although no one from Game of Thrones, an American show, will be eligible.

“The Lobster” is only eligible at the Oscars, as it contended at the BAFTAs last year. Conversely, last year’s Oscar champ for Best Foreign Language Film, “Son of Saul,” is eligible at this year’s BAFTAs as is Charlie Kaufman‘s animated flick “Anomalisa.” Among the films that will not be released in time for consideration by BAFTA voters are “Elle,” “Patriot’s Day,” “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” “Other People” and “Certain Women.”

The 2017 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards show will air on February 12, on BBC One, with the red carpet being live streamed on Facebook starting at 5 pm.


  • Has anyone heard the rumor that (by the end of Game of Thrones) Sansa might sacrifice herself, for the good of The Realm, to the Night King — as his Night Queen? Any truth to this? I think it would be great if that actually happened; especially to have such a selfish character initially arc into a selfless one. 😱

    • KK,
      I’ve never heard the rumour that I know of. But I have thought of that myself, so maybe I did and just don’t remember it. At any rate, I think that would be a good way to end her story because at the end of Season 4 she knowingly chose the dark route and started transforming herself into an icy manipulator. Funnily enough, it might not be such a sacrifice for her–she would be a queen. And she has never been a hot, passionate character. Even when she wanted a match–Joffrey, Loras–it was because it conformed to her dreamy fairy-tale sensibility and because they were both nice looking and powerful. The reason she rejected Tyrion was his looks. By comparison even Littlefinger has a redeeming virtue in that his being the ultimate manipulator at least springs from his long-time, never-quenched passion for Catelyn Tully and maybe now for her daughter surrogate, Sansa. As always, no more dead Starks!

      • GRRM is clearly anti war. All the characters that choose that path end up in a worse place, other than Daenerys. A truce of some kind does fit his stance on the subject.

  • “And the nominees are…Lots of American films that haven’t been released in the UK yet, cos BAFTA is basically a massive advertisement for new releases. Peace.”

  • DarkStark: I agree with every insight you’ve added. Love it. Especially about it being a good way to end Sansa’s story. It would be a sort of bitter-sweet ending for her. Until I heard the ice-queen rumor, as a possibility, nothing felt like a good fitting end for her — then again, maybe she’ll survive. I hate the idea of more Starks dying off but I just don’t know what Sansa can bring to the table that other more important characters can’t do better than her. As you said in so many words, Sansa take a bit of a dark turn. It wouldn’t make sense for her character to end up Queen of whatever is left after the White Walker battle….