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Season 7 filming: Kit Harington spotted near new filming location

Yesterday, we reported that several members of the Game of Thrones costume department had posted pictures of themselves near the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in Iceland, suggesting that the show will make good on several hints that it’ll spend time in the country shooting scenes for Season 7. (Those crew members have now removed those pictures from Instagram, but the internet is forever.)

Now, it looks like Kit Harington (Jon Snow) has shown up in the area.

According to crew member Katy Taylor, the production will be in Iceland for “a couple of weeks.” The show visited Iceland in Seasons 2 and 3 to film scenes beyond the Wall, but not in January. Harington may be in for a uniquely cold experience.

From here on out, we talk SPOILERS.


What will Harington film in Iceland? We don’t know for sure, but given the snowy environs and what the show has shot in the country before, we’re probably looking at an area beyond the Wall. Also note that the show previously spent three weeks filming a big action scene at Wolf Hill Quarry, a snowy set it constructed near Belfast.

Big fat SPOILERS indicate that the crew filmed a huge action scene on that set. The scene involves Harington, Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), Rory McCann (the Hound), Iain Glen (Jorah) and 300 extras playing wights. It looks like the four of them head north of the Wall and run into big trouble.

It seems reasonable to assume that, while Wolf Hall Quarry stands in for the area where this action scene happens, other parts of Iceland will stand in for other legs of the group’s journey beyond the Wall. We’ll look out for more details.


  • The hound? How does he come into play with Jon and his group? I’m very excited, but the last we see of the hound he is joining the BwB, any ideas?

    • Yeah it’s kinda weird, they’re bringing characters together that don’t even share a similar motive, seems a bit forced

      • So ya’ll didnt read the leaks that came out months ago? This is old news to some of us :)

        Dont worry, won’t spoil.

    • Sandor, Thoros, Beric and co. will go to Winterfell and after that the Wall. Where they’ll meet with Jon and his group there.

  • Winter has come. Everyone is banding together to face the TRUE enemy. Not a damn thing “lame” about that in my book

  • Dany is the one who is goung to save all their asses…remember..she cares for the poor and mankind..

    • @dragon queen
      She will do no such thing. She relies on everything and everyone else to do things for her. Her rapists will help the people of Westeros realize she is only there to conquer. Jon will kill the Night King most likely sacrificing himself. He will truly be the one to save everyones asses

  • What conversation will the Hound have with Jon? I took your sister to that wedding your brother and step mother attended. We were a little late…

    • I took your sister to your step auntie´s castle, but she fell from the moon door to her death…they say it was because her fingers were too little *wink* got it?

  • Tormund may be the best fighter in the group. The Hound still has injuries and Jorah is 15 years past his prime. Jon is small, but lucky and quick. He has Jorahs family sword, who may have a chance to share it. It would be great if Samwell loaned his Valyrian Steel for the cause.

  • I am truly nerding out….. Although some people dislike spoilers… I am one who doesn’t care too much as to me it is like reading the books first before a TV show. When I first the Reddit spoiler leak I thought it was just some super fan making up some speculation. However seeing how true the leaks are is just awesome. Does anyone else think that only 1 of the 4 will survive the encounter?

  • Y’all should do a poll asking people who they think is the best fighter on Planetos featuring both book and show characters alive or dead. Narrow it down to feature only characters who have been alive during the run of ASOIAF (meaning it would not include characters like Ser Arthur Dayne or Prince Rhaegar). Is Jon a better swordsman now than Ned was? Who would win in a fight between The Hound and Robert Baratheon? Barristan Selmy vs. Bronn? So many interesting discussions to be had I think.

    You could do it March-madness style with rankings (1v16, 2v15, 3v14, etc. for example) and everything. Just a thought!

  • That script leak was fake, period. All the person is doing is uploading pictures from different websites to support his or her false claims. It takes two months to film one episode of GOT, and after the filming it’s has to go the film editor, special effects, and musical editing. They stop filming at the end of February 2017. Season 8 filming begins in September 2017.

    • Nothing you said makes me think the leak isn’t fake. I think you’re having trouble believing it’s real though