Filming Game of Thrones Iain Glen Kit Harington Season 7

Season 7 filming: More pics of Game of Thrones actors gathering in Iceland

The Game of Thrones production continues to operate in Iceland near the the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. Let’s talk about the latest arrivals. Be forewarned: there will be SPOILERS in this post.


Yesterday, we reported that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) had shown up in the area. He turned up in another photo today.

Another picture of Kit Harington in Iceland where the GoT is currently filming Season 7! – 📸 @annelcortorreal

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According to one of the crew members on site, the show will be in Iceland for “a couple of weeks.” That means filming outdoors in freezing temperatures, although it looks like temperatures in the area will climb starting this weekend. Still, we hope Harington and everybody else on the shoot stays warm.

According to SPOILERS, Jon Snow will head north of the Wall late in the season, probably in Episode 6. As a cursory glance at pictures will tell you, the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon would double nicely for the snowy areas beyond the Wall. (Also, the show has filmed in Iceland before. It stood in for areas beyond the Wall in Seasons 2 and 3.)

According to those same spoilers, Jon will have company on his quest in the form of Tormund Giantsbane, Jorah Mormont, and the Hound. While there’s no photographic proof as yet, there are reports that Iain Glen (Jorah) is also in the area, which would lend credence to the spoilers.

Again, we hope everybody stays warm, and we’ll watch out for more details as the shoot continues.


  • Well. I am now 100% convinced that them spoilers for the whole season are legit. Been trying to blank them out but more and more evidence points towards them being right. Whether i know or not this season is going 2 b the best yet!!!

  • If Jon, Tormund, Jorah and the BWB guys (including the Hound) go beyond the Wall to catch a Wright, no way all of them are coming back alive, right? So who’s gonna die?

      • They’re a logical choice. Regardless of how noble they believe the cause of the BWoB, they are a vigilante group that needs an end as the story reaches the finale. Beric and Thoros being killed would effectively do that.

        • Just Beric because Thoros will be important moving forward, he’s a priest of R’hllor and his obviously favored by the Red god. He allows him to resurrect people.

          • Beric is already dead in the books. They’ll use him only for some badass fight with flaming sword in the series. And he will die for sure.

  • Only Jon & Jorah spotted. How can one not spot Tormound. I don’t believe the spoilers. People are now trying to fit the spoiler into actual photograph proof.

  • The leak keeps its point with whom,where and what is being shot. HBO still has awsome visuals that are going to make this season off the heezy. 7Months and counting. Cant wait like a kid for Christmas. A book would be nice in the meantime.