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10 celebrity cameos we want to see on Game of Thrones

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Celebrity cameos on TV shows are nothing new, although the lengths some celebrities go to in order to be cast of Game of Thrones are perhaps unique. Not long ago, news broke that UFC star Conor McGregor had landed a cameo role in the seventh season of the show. That got us thinking; what other celebrities do we want to see in Westeros? Who would look good swinging an arakh atop a horse? Is there anyone out there that might fit in at the Citadel?

We attempted to limit the list to celebrities who, like McGregor, are non-actors, or at least not know primarily for acting. Also like the McGregor decision, some of these choices are a bit off the wall. Also remember that we’re talking about brief, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo appearances, not multi-episode story arcs.

Let’s begin.

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  • No to all suggestions. Stan Lee made a million dollars per Marvel film and he announced his retirement. All I want for the last season is no ending like Lost or the Sopranoes.

  • Yeah, most of those ARE off-the-wall indeed. Well, since Northern Ireland has been such a big part of the filming for the series we may as well add Rory McIlroy to the list. :P

  • I have never seen more desperate and cringeworthy attempt to stay relevant between GoT seasons than this article.

  • Dear Gods! I wouldn’t want to see any of those shmucks in the GOT world. Eff that noise! #madonnakillswesteros

  • Most of these people would not even be recognizable to most people. Madonna would (FWIW, she’s the only woman) because she’s an honest-to-god celebrity of world-wide significance for decades. Actually, I’d like a cameo from GRRM as some geezerly Maester in the Citadel library frantically writing in a manuscript . As Sam walks past him, there’s a split-second closeup of the title at the top: “Dream of Spring”.

  • Not one of these people have i ever thought i wanted to see in game of thrones…id rather see someone like Bryan Cranston or Willie Nelson. Id rather see a Ham sandwhich than any of these choices.

  • I can confirm that Joe Jonas is indeed an enormous fan of the show. I am the owner of @thronesfacts (580k on Instagram) and he used to follow me (he unfollowed me cause I posted way too many ads) and he loved my account.

    He invited me to his concert in my city with tickets and meet and greets only because he liked my account and was a huge fan of GoT. If you want proof send me a DM on instagram i’ll show you all the proof you want. They even played the GoT theme for me at the beginning of the show.

  • Why would you title this as Celebrities we want to see? Really? No, No, and more No! Trolling for readers?

    GRRM as a Maestor in Oldtown as suggested within a reply, yes! He was originally in season 1, but didn’t make the cut in editing. GOT is not a celebrity forum show, just keep things they way they are, no need to take away from the story to stroke some celebrities ego, let it finish as planned.