Filming Game of Thrones Kit Harington Season 7

New photos from Iceland as chilly Season 7 shoot continues


The Game of Thrones production continues to shoot in Iceland. As these new on-set photos show, the watchword is “cold.”

Just looking at these pics, taken at the Svínafellsjökull glacier, gives me chills. The landscape is beautiful, though. Iceland looked great standing in for the lands beyond the Wall in Seasons 2 and 3, and it’ll probably look great again in Season 7.

As for who’s filming in Iceland, we know that several important cast members are in the country or visited recently, but reportedly there were “no leading stars” on this particular day of shooting. One of those important cast members, Kit Harington, popped up in a new photo yesterday, so Jon Snow, at least, is still bumming around the place.

Winter is coming ❄ #gameofthrones

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Iceland isn’t the only place blanketed in snow these days, although it’s the most relevant. Snow has fallen at Corbet-Banbridge, where the Riverrun set used in Season 6 is still standing.

Will the production use the Riverrun set again? It’s still there and the snow is picturesque—that’s all we’re saying.

Finally, although the Game of Thrones production is no longer there, the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia—which has stood in for King’s Landing for many seasons—recently got a rare dusting of snow, and it’s impossible to look at some of the resulting images and not think of winter coming in Westeros’ capital city.



The production actually did stop by Dubrovnik late in 2016 to film some King’s Landing scenes, but in that case, it made its own snow. The bulk of King’s Landing scenes for Season 7, however, were filmed in the Spanish city of Cáceres.


  • I read all of the spoilers, because I can’t help myself, I’m beginning to wish that season 7 plot leak hadn’t happen, or at least that I’d had the strength to not read it. Knowing what the Iceland set is about (won’t spoil it for anyone) sort of bums me out.

    • Well then, you’ll REALLY hate hearing that the series ends with Dickon Tarly sitting the Iron Throne, with his faithful hand Arya and Grand Maester Samwell. Daenerys perished tragically in a high altitude fall off of Drogon, Tyrion was brought down by cirrhosis, and you really do not want to know about Cersei.

      And ;-) in case it wasn’t obvious…