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Spoilers and speculation: How will this character return in Game of Thrones Season 7?

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Recent spoilers have it that an important character will make an unexpected return in Game of Thrones Season 7, despite overwhelming odds. But which one, and how are they returning? SPOILERS and speculation follow, so if you don’t want to see them, turn back now.

Sansa you're spoiling it spoilers

According to his United Artists agency résumé, David Bradley will return in Season 7 as Walder Frey, everyone’s favorite murderous curmudgeon. The last time we saw Frey, he was busy getting his throat cut by Arya. So how does he come back? We figure it could happen in one of three ways.


An open-casket funeral

We’ve seen dead characters “return” for one last episode, laying upon a funeral bier with those oh-so-creepy stone eyes, on many an occasion, from Joffrey Baratheon to Tywin Lannister to Myrcella Baratheon. Jon Arryn’s body was laid for display in the very first episode of the show, so there’s precedent.

So could Bradley be returning to lie still for a few hours while other characters have conversations around him? It’s the simplest option, but it’s also the most boring.

Bran wargs out

Part of a Bran flashback

In Season 6, Bran Stark became the new Three-Eyed Raven, which means he now has the ability to observe past events up close. If Bran chooses to investigate certain important events in Westerosi history, such as Red Wedding, Walder Frey may well show up.

We aren’t sure why Bran would want to view such a traumatic family event, but perhaps he’ll want closure, or to see who was involved so he can take revenge on them. It would be fun, if extraneous, to see Lord Walder corresponding with Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton before the wedding itself. And there are other events Bran may want a closer look at, like the aftermath of the Battle of the Trident, where Walder Frey arrived late, after the winner was certain. Considering Walder Frey’s long life, the chances for Bran to check in on him at some point in the past are many, although we’re not sure how it would push the plot forward.

The Winds of Winter

Arya steals Walder Frey’s face

This is easily the most exciting prospect of the three. Using the skills she acquired during her time with the Faceless Men, Arya may have stolen Lord Walder’s face after killing him. (After all, cutting someone’s throat is a good first step towards face removal.)

The question then becomes to what end Arya would use Lord Walder’s face. As a young assassin obsessed with revenge, she could wear it to wreck bloody vengeance on the rest of House Frey. It would certainly give her a good cover as she moved about the castle, luring unsuspecting members of Walder’s vast brood into traps. We wish you happy hunting Arya. Go get those dirty Freys.

Incidentally, if you’ve been following alleged leaks from the Game of Thrones Season 7 set, you may already have an idea of how Walder Frey will return. If it please you, click here to go deeper down the spoiler rabbit hole.


  • I will never give up hope! I’d like to see Bran flashback to right after the Red Wedding. Walder watches as a woman’s body is thrown into the river. 3 days later she is pulled from the river, and a man Bran’s never seen before gives her life.

    Until the end of the series finale I will hold onto hope that Lady Stoneheart will appear!

  • A Bran flashback watching his sister cut Walder Freys throat would be a nice way to eventually link the two siblings again.

  • Tbh, I can’t believe we’re even speculating at this point about cool never-gonna-happen things like the possibility of a Bran Red Wedding flashback when the answer’s already pretty clear.

    If there’s one thing you can be 110% certain of, it’s that the show will continue to pretend Stoneheart never existed and instead give more faceswap ninja powers to Arya like it’s a dramatically satisfying substitute.

    And no, it’s not exciting. It feels horribly anti-climactic and Deus Ex Machina. (IMO, obviously)

  • You know, Damien, when I read it in the leaks a few months back, I felt a bit that way. I’m still disappointed we didn’t get Lady Stoneheart. But on reflection, it’s rather exciting…especially for a book reader. Jaqen almost talent-hunted Arya, and she certainly got an accelerated course of FM studies, If Arya really has mastered the full powers (per the books) of a Faceless Man , it will give her and the Starks immense power over their enemies. Theoretically, she can impersonate anyone. Moreover, House FRey were and are still proud of annihilating House Stark and indifferent to their having violated guest right. The Freys remain potent enough to pose a risk to Jon and his army at Winterfell and also still have Edmure Tully in a cell. Jon must unite the north and middle of Westeros against the Others and persuade the Southrons to join in. An annoying and sacrilegious military force like the Freys causing trouble and being a threat only distracts everyone from focusing on the real enemy. Good riddance to bad rubbish–the Others are coming.

  • I never liked the idea of Lady Stoneheart on the show- it would be just one more murderous monster to deal with. Arya´s arc is very problematic-she is one of my favorites and I feel sad that she is on this killing spree, but at least it does beong to the narrative of the TV show, more so than Stoneheart.

    So, yes, it will be Arya using Walder Frey´s face to enjoy a ” Black Supper” with the Freys.

  • Fair points all round.

    I guess with LSH, it would all have been a matter of execution, really.

    i.e: A> Tragic hateful shell of Catelyn recasting Michelle Fairley in top tier prosthetics = huge dramatic potential. Vs. B> Cheapass mindless zombie schtick as per The Mountain and/or with dodgy sfx and HarveyDent style CGI = um, shouldn’t have bloody bothered.

    Same applies to faceswap Arya’s vengeance kick thus far, which for me has just been hugely underwhelming in its rushed/slapdash execution. She just pops up each time offing whichever big bad like some indestructible terminator and there’s no dramatic tension.

    I dunno, magical realism is great n’ all, but there’s something about instant face-swapping – even in fantasy – that doesn’t work great in the visual medium or just feels ‘off’ somehow … a get-out-of-jail-free card … unearned. (and yes, I’d say the same about its use in Mission Impossible.)

    This is a universe where Red God resurrection, say, can happen only under very stringent conditions. Thoros has taken years to master one aspect of the supernatural and yet Arya goes merrily off to master another, fucks up her training spectacularly and still comes back from the holiday from hell like she’s earned the fucking Gold and Platinum lifelong loyalty cards to the Magic Circle.

    All a matter of taste, of course, but I just don’t buy it in the show whereas an embittered old crone brought back by black magic indiscriminately stringing up members of the house who killed her son? That and all its inherent tragedy I always bought straight into the second I read it on the page.

    Must be the witch from Snow White/apple peddler archetype ingrained from childhood. I mean, she hung around in the woods beneath a cowl, right? ;^)

    • I have this feeling Arya, never fucked up her training. She did exactly what Jaquen promised to her in season 2 – erase names off her list. Her punishment of being blinded was to teach her to remove all personal hate and vengence and do only what must be done at the time. When she drank the water she absolutley became no one – one who is in full control of her emotions and desires and does not carry the emotional burdens of Arya Stark.

      He also taught her to “see”. I think this is why she was given the assignment to kill the actress. Jaquen wanted her to see the big picture and do the correct thing. The Waif failed not Arya. The Waif was too concerned about proving Arya’s un-worth, that she lost control and became unworthy herself. Jaquen always seems to be a step ahead and I think he knew only to true faceless “man” would survive.

      I could be 100% wrong, but I think Arya is still no-one, playing the role of “Arya Stark” in order to fulfill Jaquen’s promise to her. After all is done I bet we will see Arya pull off her face to reveal Jaquen or the Waif, indicating she completely belongs to the faceless men and was only back temporarily to carry out the “faceless god’s” wishes.

  • Let’s not forget that Arya already added Black Walder abd the other turd Freys’ face to her collection. She can really have fun destroying House Frey.

  • Arya’s NOT a large breasted female from that stupid movie Don’t give a shit for those that don’t like Arya Poor Catelyn Stark

  • Arya’s involvement with Jaqen is not over by a long shot. In the end I predict she will return to the House of Black and White as its future leader

  • Three is exciting only if you cast all credibility and consistency to the winds. There’s nothing in the canon (show and books) that suggests the FM have the ability to change bodies. True the Waif did kill Lady Stork in the persona of the boy actor, but it’s one thing for an athletic young woman to pass as a young man, but it;s quite another for a teenage girl to credibly become a fat 90 year old man.

    • Oops! I got book (actually the Mercy preview chapter for WoW) and show mixed up. It should be Lady Crane.

    • I agree in principal. But, also remember on the TV show the Waif changed herself into an old lady to stab Arya. So, did she have an old lady’s body or just kind of walked hunched over and slow? Then, if Jaqen was the older black guy that Arya first meets in Bravos he had black hands also.

      • Good points, especially the second one. However, I think in both cases the body dimensions weren’t changed so the impersonations could be handled with face changing, make up (black hands, pardon the expression) and clever acting. When my sister was in our high school drama class she always was cast as little old ladies, so that wouldn’t difficult.

  • I am not sure of all the leaks. I can’t keep up with them. But, somewhere I thought I saw something about Littlefinger’s demise. Part of me can’t see him turning against Catelyn. But, if Bran’s vision saw Littlefinger participating in the conspiring with Walder Frey and Tywin Lannister to set up the Red Wedding that might be cause enough to see the North seek revenge on him. Just a wild guess though.

    • LF turned against Cat from before Season 1. He got Lysa to murder Jon Arryn, which led to Ned’s appointment as Hand and to his eventual destuction. He lied about the dagger used in the attempt to kill Bran, bringing about Cat’s kidnapping of Tyrion and the Stark Lannister war. He betrayed Ned after Robert’s death and probably was the one who gave Joff the idea to have Ned executed. He manipulated Cat into releasing Jaime (at the very least he gave her the idea) which would seriously weaken Robb’s army, And he gave Sansa to the Boltons. True his actions during “The Battle of Bastards” massively contradicts this indictment, but he likely had ulterior motives. He may have concluded that Ramsay was too dangerous, too unbalanced (Roose called him a mad dog) to be left as lord of Winterfell, while Jon and Sansa would be much easier to control. And, of course, he would very much like to bed Sansa. So if the leak is right that Arya kills him it would be a fitting ending to her list.

      • I agree with your post except for one detail. He did not turn against Cat. In season 1 he had hinted/admitted to several people, including Ned, that he still loved her. But the proof is that in Season 2, when he visits Renly’s camp, he goes to see Cat and says “I’ve loved you since I was a boy. It seems to me that fate has given us this chance… . She stops him by pulling a knife out before he can even suggest they should get together now that Ned’s dead. Only then did he give up on her and probably decide that Sansa was the fallback. And yet in S4, right before LF pushes Lysa through the Moon Door, he says he only ever loved one woman…”your sister”.

  • Well this leak and the hiring of an actor to play Rhaeger are not included in the S7 plot leak. Which I don’t believe came from an insider. But from a fanfiction writer using photos to develop a long con.

  • Come on WiC, all of this info was in your article the other day announcing his apparent return. Please stop recycling same stories with slightly different headings to get us to open them. Thanks!

  • I think face stealing is not something that can be done in a few minutes. Also, everyone will know he is dead pretty fast so unless he uses his face right after she killed him (such as to free his uncle or something like that), it will not be useful.

  • Firstly, “Winter Is Coming” are the Stark words. Every great House in Westeros has their words, which usually say something about their character and family values. For instance, the Greyjoy words, “We Do Not Sow,” indicate that the Iron Islanders are not farmers but instead do a lot of reaving and sailing and fishing.

    WWW. GotEpisodeGuide >com

  • Firstly, “Winter Is Coming” are the Stark words. Every great House in Westeros has their words, which usually say something about their character and family values. For instance, the Greyjoy words, “We Do Not Sow,” indicate that the Iron Islanders are not farmers but instead do a lot of reaving and sailing and fishing. So in regards to the question details, I think the words do say something about the Stark characters – perhaps not that they are natural pessimists, but certainly that they are mindful of the future and that worse things may lie down the road. Living in the North, the Starks have the most experience of the great houses with harsh winters and they know the value of being prepared.* All of the great houses have a tendency to say their words, though the Starks easily do it the most.

    In many cases, the words are simply literal. At the start of Game of Thrones, an extremely long summer is coming to a close – http://www.gotepisodeguide.com which means that it will be followed by an equally long (if not longer) winter. A winter of several years is going to naturally be a difficult time. There is a sense in which Ned saying this to Cat and Benjen refers to that. The maester at Castle Black acknowledges this later, saying that “The Starks are always right in the end.”

  • Yeah, and “Father always promised.” The words are practical, sure, but they also seem kinda magical. The worried looks Ned and Benjen and older Northerners give with those words shows they expect something bad. DIRE wolves south of the wall. Signs and symbols. Maybe the northerners know bad winters could mean the Others or something like that. And there are those names, Winter Fell, Kings of Winter etxc. I got a real bad feeling when Winterfell was deserted and there was no Stark there. Did you guys? Anyhoo, I was foolin around on Youtube and came across this. It’s kinda long but boy does she explain it well, and I think she onto something. The commtns are purty darned interesting.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-woMkS2YdFU

    • Also, let’s not forget “Winter is Coming” is meant to have threatening implications directed at their enemies.

  • I’ll go a little wacky and left field as usual. Maybe Arya will display his body on the battlements of The Twins or drag him across the country side or something. Sorry. Gross.