Game of Thrones Humor

John Oliver mistakes his show for HBO’s biggest in a new Last Week Tonight promo

When people hear the words “HBO” and “Sunday Night,” the Iron Throne is probably the first thing they think of. It may be hard to remember HBO even runs shows other than Game of Thrones on Sunday nights.

But run them they do. For example, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, which is on many more weeks per year, returns to the air on Sunday, February 12. But the confusion is still understandable, which is why Oliver incorporated Game of Thrones into a new promo for the fourth season of his comedy/news show. After all, he is “literally one of HBO’s Sunday night shows,” even if he’s not *that* one.

This is one of those instances where the internet works against the gag. Imagine, if you will, not having seen that promo on YouTube on the “Last Week Tonight” channel or in the context of this post. You might, if you were a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, think you had somehow accidentally stumbled upon the first trailer for Season 7, and that John Oliver was going to guest star. Odder things have happened.

Personally, I’m rather glad the booming voice told Oliver not to even think about sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the promo. The swords are very uncomfortable and could very well rip his suit bottom. And that would be a very odd expense report to have to submit and explain to accounting.


  • Funny, how little faith the author of this post has in the hardcore GoT fan population. Thanks WiC for delivering us from believing this could have been a season 7 promo. Imagine the huge catastrophe that may have been otherwise.

  • I just think of John Oliver daring Donald Trump to run and how mad he must be that he ended up winning whenever he’s mentioned. Just another annoying liberal.

  • I’m telling ya WiC, start writing potential plots for the prequel to GOT.
    We have a leaked script and pictures to confirm it. We pretty much know all we’re gonna know until the trailer is released. Please start writing something other than what you have been. It is getting quite depressing :-(