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A Song of Ice and Fire soon to be available in 47 languages

A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin has been quite active on his Not a Blog as of late, and recently broke the news that, after signing contracts with TEAS Press, his long-running series is will soon be available in its 47th language: Azerbaijani. Azerbaijani is the language spoken in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, and is referred to as Turkish by Azerbaijanis. The Turks, consider Azerbaijani a different language than Turkish, and there are significant differences between the two. The more you know.


While pondering how many languages there currently are on Earth, Martin mused on the quality of previous translations, which apparently had a few hiccups.

The French translator, for instance, rendered “direwolf” as loup garou, which I am told actually means werewolf.

It is always nice when the fans tell me that I got a good translation. If that happens often enough, I try to make sure we get the same translator for subsequent books.

All those poor French readers, thinking the Stark kids are keeping werewolves as pets. What kind of a parent lets their kids keep people—people with diseases—as pets? And it’s interesting to hear that Martin has some control over who is used a translator for the various foreign language editions of his novels.


Martin also took the time to answer a few reader queries, including whether he might ever do a Reddit Ask Me Anything, or AMA.

Maybe when WINDS is finished, delivered, and about to be published. Not before.

An AMA with George R.R. Martin would be extremely interesting, although we imagine many of the questions would be variations of “When is A Dream of Spring coming out?” You can count on some things to stay the same.


  • I think it our duty to help the show runners come up with the episode titles for next season:
    1. Boatload of Bastards
    2. Warhammer
    3. Does this Make Me my Own Uncle?
    4. Finding Gendry
    5. The Leak
    6. Position Impossible
    7. How I Met Your Grandaunt/ Mother.
    8. Are You Arya?
    9. Stannis did WHAT With Her?
    10. The 400 Year Itch (y hoo ha).

    • 11. The Smoke Assassin
      12. My Weirwood Roots
      13. Coming Home
      14. The Pack
      15. The Final Brother
      16. The Crypts of Winter
      17. Sword of the Morning
      18. Starfall

  • 1.pass the wall
    2.dragon glass
    3.what is dead may die
    4.the man has no face
    5.prince of nothing
    7.the gods not here

    • I would enjoy seeing any one of those! If one of our titles show up next season a prize should be awarded! (I think only 3 of mine are legit candidates).