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Peter Dinklage dyes his hair bright red, signaling the end of his Season 7 filming

There’s still more filming left to do on Game of Thrones Season 7—Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) has said that the production will shoot through the end of February—but it looks like at least one prominent cast member has punched out for the year. The Daily Mail recently published photos of Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) getting his hair dyed a sprightly orange. Unless Tyrion’s going to get a major makeover in Season 7, we can assume this means he’s finished filming Season 7.

Peter Dinklage is done filming for GOT S7. He dyed his hair red today for his new movie: Avengers – Infinity War.

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The above Instagram account assumes that Dinklage is getting his hair dyed for his part in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, although last we checked he was only in talks to appear in that movie. But whatever the reason, it comes to the same thing: that flaming shock of hair won’t be walking into Westeros.

Lest anyone jump to conclusions about Dinklage’s early exit portending bad things for Tyrion, we remind you that we’re nearing the end of the filming season. Kit Harington has left Iceland, the last outdoor filming location on the Season 7 tour, and much of the rest of the time will probably be spent filming stuff indoors at Titantic Studios in Belfast or doing reshoots.

Dinklage isn’t even the first major cast member to wrap things up. For example, Maisie Williams (Arya) got braces before attending the BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles earlier this month, and we assume she’d wait to do that until after she shot her scenes in the orthodontically undeveloped world of Westeros.

It’s time to start wrapping things up and get that footage to post-production. Personally, we’re hoping showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss premiere the first Season 7 trailer when they speak at the South by Southwest Festival in March.

Okay, now let’s start in on some SPOILERS.


Circling back to Iceland, although Harington has left, some of the crew members are still in the area. Activity was spotted yesterday on the Black Sand Beach near the town of Vík.

As you can see, there are a couple of boats on the shore, so whatever characters are involved in this shoot may be on the move. As to who’s in the area, a fan got from Iceland recently got her picture taken with both Liam Cunningham (Davos) and Joe Dempsie (Gendry). It’s a good bet they’re involved.

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Also seen in Iceland: Rory McCann (the Hound) at a hotel in Reykjavik, the nation’s capitol.

Previously, we’d seen Cunningham and Dempsie film a scene on Muriola Beach in Barrika, Spain. Dinklage was with them for that scene, and the climate was substantially warmer—we thought it was a beach near King’s Landing.

We know that a group of characters, including the Hound and Gendry, will head beyond the Wall at some point in Season 7. This new scene may be a part on their journey. A stop at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the easternmost castle operated by the Night’s Watch, seems a likely bet.


  • The hair may be Tyrions side effect from his exposure to dragon fire. Season one it was mostly blonde.
    “Arcade” is the Marvel character that new hair best matches.

  • Think Maisie got the braces because Arya is wearing another face most next season? If they want season 8 on time I think braces take a little longer than the down time between filming.
    Eighteen months to 2 years is standard.

      • Anachronistic long term braces in that medieval setting would require expensive cgi. Even tattoos are restricted in highly visible locations that the actors are required to avoid. It makes sense that the studio would want her appearance between seasons to be consistent, too. It could also be a clue as to the direction the character were headed, something worth at least given a thought.

        • So in other words, other actors take her place as a ‘face’ shes wearing. Ah gotcha. Totally took what you had said wrong. Idk mate. Something tells me that if shes got braces (knowing theres another season ahead), she might not have survived season 7.

          • I should have been clearer. When Maisie and Sophie had matching tattoos made immediately after reading the season 7 scripts I thought for certain one of them wouldn’t see season 8. It looks like the date they met permanently placed on their forearms is a sentimental way of saying goodbye.

    • She will be getting 2017 dental care of the future. She’d just need green ones anyway. With dragons flying around what is it to CGI teeth. The answer is 1:35 of a dire wolf.

  • I’m no expert so take this with grains of salt. Apparently these days there’s an accelerated approach available in orthodontics that lasts 3-6 months. Also, someone saw a closeup and thought that they’re by Invisalign, a company that advertises that their product is the “virtually invisible way to improve your smile.” Who knows whether either is true, but it makes sense she would choose one of those approaches. In any case, the fact that Maisie had them on at the Golden Globes and was in lots of Red Carpet photos, would indicate that they’re not too visually obtrusive.

    • Dentist here. Got a peek at several other photos of Maisie. The bits she has attached to her teeth definitely are not (purely) Invisalign — no metal used in that technique. There are several other “faster than traditional” alternatives for orthodontics and sometimes one can combine metal off-season (very predictable) with Invisalign while shooting.

      Her teeth are (were) a little crowded, as is normal through that part of childhood. But given all of the changes she has undergone in the past six seasons as the has gone from little girl to woman, I don’t think straighter teeth will be that noticeable.

      By the old gods and the new, Arya had better make it to the final episode!

    • Season 8 prolly won’t start filming till early fall. By the time Arya starts filming they’ll be off thanx to Miracle of modern medicine.

    • I listened to her on the radio the other week and the way she was talking seemed to indicate that she’s in a rush to receive scripts for season 8, so I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

  • What do they say North of the Wall – he has been kissed by fire? Hum, after I said that, I think it sounds better describing Ygritte.

  • Google Arya or Maisie, her teeth are pretty straight. This is either minor corrections or trying to fix her bite or some other dental issue?