Game of Thrones General Jon Snow

Time-lapse video: Artist paints huge Jon Snow mural in just two hours

A mural of Jon Snow, the Bastard of Winterfell and the King in the North, has appeared on North Street in the city center of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As you can probably tell, the mural is inspired by Jon’s frantic fighting in “Battle of the Bastards,” the penultimate episode of Season 6. 32-year old artist Dean Kane of Visual Waste is behind it, as he discussed with Belfast Live.

I was chatting to Gerard [McGlade] who runs the Game of Thrones tours and he had said it would be brilliant if I could paint something Game of Thrones orientated because obviously it’s a huge tourism point for Belfast and it has a huge following.

Surprisingly, the mural only took Kane two to three hours to complete. Check out a time-lapse video of him at work below.

However, the stencils he used took him roughly three days to finish. Kane did the mural on his own dime, as it was considered street art, and therefore not commissioned by a company looking for advertising.

It was something I had in the back of my mind because the street art stuff takes a bit of time to do, you’re working against the weather and things like that.

Dean Kane is from Portadown in Northern Ireland and has been doing street art full time for the past four years. You can see more photos of the project on the Visual Waste Facebook page.