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Maisie Williams: Arya has “really high points” and “really low points” in Season 7

If, like most Game of Thrones fans, the prospect of the show’s ending riddles you with anxiety, spare a thought for Maisie Williams. The actress recently stopped by the popular British show This Morning and discussed the future of Game of Thrones with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and she’s just as nervous as the rest of us. Luckily, she’s also very excited about Season 7. “This year it really kind of heats up.”

[E]veryone gets their trials and everyone gets their tribulations, which is excellent. Particularly for Arya, there are some really high points. There are some really low points, too…And that’s what I can tell you about Game of Thrones!

This far into the series, the low points are expected, but high points are a little harder to come by for a Stark. Will Arya reunite with her family members? Will she encounter her direwolf Nymeria? Will Gendry turn up and bench press his way to Arya’s heart? Only time will tell.

Watch the interview below:

Something to note from this clip: Williams appears to have finished her work on Season 7, although shooting is scheduled to continue into February. For one thing, she’s now sporting braces, and when Schofield states that she’s “done” with the new season, she agrees. The filming season is coming to an end, so we wouldn’t read too much into what that means for Arya’s chances of living through Season 7. Unsurprisingly, Williams wasn’t willing to break the rules and spoil her character’s fate, but my money is on Arya surviving.

As regards Season 8 and beyond, Williams is trepidatious at the thought of the show coming to an end.

It’s really scary, because that’s been my safety blanket, and if I’ve not done any other work, then I’ve been like, “It’s fine, because I’ve got Game of Thrones,” and when that won’t be there, it’s scary.

Also up for discussion: horses, swords and iPhones. Williams is currently doing the rounds to promote her new movie iBoy, a modern-era thriller about a teenage boy (Bill Milner) who develops mysterious powers when a violent encounter with local thugs leaves fragments of his shattered smartphone embedded in his brain. Williams takes on the role of Lucy, the teenaged hero’s best friend. If scares and smartphones are your thing, check out the trailer below.

iBoy, a Netflix original movie also starring Miranda Richardson and Rory Kinnear, premieres globally on the steaming site on Friday, January 27th.


  • Hmm. I have a feeling one of the Stark sisters won’t be in Season 8….
    They got matching tattoos after they read their scripts

  • I thought maybe Arya would briefly use old man Frey’s face to order his older sons to, flip sides again, and take the Frey forces and march them to Winterfell to support the Northern forces.

  • She’s getting braces? A permanent appearance change may be indicative of more than simply that she’s done filming for the season….

    • Maisie’s teeth are reasonably straight anyway, it’s likely that she’s getting braces for a short term, say three to six months. As confirmed by a close friend of mine who works for a dental practice and just had a six month brace, this is quite common and not at all indicative that Maisie finished with the show.

  • Ta, Sarah, for confirming what I said recently in another thread based on some hasty research. BTW, you’ve written what must the only sentence I’ve yet read that includes horses, swords and iPhones!
    Apparently Maisie (and doubtless other show stars) is thinking ahead about post-GoT prospects, so it behooves her to attend to little cosmetic details that show business entails. Balerion, Maisie does indeed sparkle; she’s a delightful interviewee. I hope both Stark sisters survive to a sweeter more than bitter end, though perhaps Sansa should be brought down a couple of pegs before she achieves it. My mantra is: No more dead Starks.

    • My pet theory is that there will be no more dead Starks because winter has arrived. Winter is the Starks’ thing. I think it’s even mentioned in the books that ‘the Starks know how to survive winter’ so I feel the arrival of winter might be symbolic in that sense.

  • Maybe “really high points” means she is going to the main tower and “really low points” is she is going deeper into the crypts.
    The Night Queen is calling.

  • Must be hard on longtime cast to know thier cushy job’s coming to an end, specially the young folks who grew up on the show and had few other jobs must be kinda nervous. I think theyll mostly land on thier feet–Sophies got her height and clothes connections, Maisies got her acting chops and personality and Isacc should do ok. I think I heard hes getting a Phd, so he can do something else if he wants to. Jack Gleeson was good as Joff and I wish he would stick with the acting.

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