Emilia Clarke Filming Kit Harington Season 7

Season 7 filming: Shooting winds down in Iceland, continues in Belfast

Filming on Game of Thrones Season 7 has lasted longer this year than in years past—it’ll run through February, according to cast member Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth)—but it looks like the outdoor shoots are winding down. For the past couple of weeks, the production has been filming scenes in Iceland with an eclectic mix of cast members, but at least some of the crew members are heading back to Northern Ireland, according to a post from one of them:

(In addition to posting images from Iceland, this gentleman also uploaded pics from the Old Town in Cáceres and Sevilla, both places where Game of Thrones filmed scenes for Season 7. During filming season last year, he uploaded pics from Peñiscola and Girona, shooting locations for Season 6, and tagged them with #GoT.)

Also, comments on an Instagram post featuring Kit Harington (Jon Snow) posing with a fan in Iceland confirm that Harington left the hotel where he was staying a couple of days ago. So if filming in Iceland isn’t completely finished, it’s finishing. Let’s have one more Kit-Harington-in-Iceland fan photo for the road:

(This image was posted recently but taken “a few days ago,” per the comments.)

Filming at Titantic Studios in Belfast continues, however. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) snapped a photo with a fan there less than a day ago.

How do we know this was taken in Belfast near Titanic Studios? Because the fan is wearing a jacket bearing the label of Odyssey Cinemas. Those are located in the Titanic Quarter, the same waterfront complex that houses Titanic Studios.

As the behind-the-scenes video below shows, the production can get a whole lot done indoors at Titanic Studios (aka the Paint Hall), but we probably won’t get to see much of it until it shows up onscreen.


    • Assuming The Leftovers has a 10-episode season, it’ll be over on June 18. HBO usually doesn’t like gap weeks, so I can see them premiering Season 7 after that, on June 25.

      Just because IMDb didn’t have any proof doesn’t mean it might not be right.

      EDIT: But apparently The Leftovers Season 3 is only eight episodes, so ignore everything I said. Yes, June 11 is possible.

  • If they could finagle it a week earlier than the 11th, meaning the 4th, it might qualify for the Emmies. We pretty well know the outdoor shooting in Iceland is for the sixth episode. If they could get the earlier ones ready it could get very interesting.