Game of Thrones Humor

Someone made a live-action version of the Game of Thrones opening credits

The iconic opening credits sequence for HBO’s Game of Thrones won a Creative Arts Emmy in 2011 and has been remade in various forms since. Rarely has it been done like this, though. Featuring a singing sun orb and The Wall made out of marshmallows, this homemade opening sequence goes all out. Experience the magic below.

The video, made by YouTuber user Em Pye, is a near perfect recreation of Season 1’s opening sequence—she says it was done as a Christmas present to her boyfriend. Pye and her friend sing the theme a capella as we travel to the four lands shown in every single title sequence: King’s Landing, The Wall, Winterfell, and wherever Daenerys is at the moment. Those are staunch rules of the sequence, according to producer Greg Spence.

This version features a homemade Red Keep rising out from the map, pretzel salt for Winterfell’s snow, a bundle of cloth for the Wall’s elevator, and little Lego-like horses to welcome us to Vaes Dothrak. It’s quite creative in a minimalist sense.

Per the description, Pye’s work was based off a similar credits sequence from Funny or Die. The concept is the same, but Funny or Die’s is a bit more…aggressive. And features a beaver dam just south of King’s Landing. Take a look.

The One Where…

As anticipation for Season 7 ramps up, another YouTuber—Bulk Fixion—made another Game of Thrones credits sequence, this time parodying ultra-popular 90s sitcom Friends. Strap on your nostalgia helmet.

The big difference here is Fixion has to use the entire song by The Rembrandts to fit in the loads and loads of characters, including those we’ve lost along the way. Nearly all the shots used are from the hilarious GoT outtakes, so it doubles as a nice stroll down memory lane.

Bulk Fixion is a comedy duo from India. You can take a look at their Facebook page here.

Kick Some Ice

And in an attempt to warm up audiences to the 2017 remake of Baywatch, check out the film’s latest ad campaign. Anything look familiar?

Castmembers like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Priyanka Chopra and Zac Efron look like they’ve traveled beyond the Wall in order to take these snaps. “Summer is coming,” the posters assure us. Clever, guys…and possibly trademark-infringing.

Baywatch hits theaters worldwide on May 26. But don’t forget what else is coming this summer: Season 7 of Game of Thrones, although exactly when is up for debate.