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Small Council: What was the worst moment from Game of Thrones Season 6?

We all love Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from criticism. What moments from the show’s sixth season struck you as sub-par, and why? The Small Council is in session.

Small Council

DAN: There were a couple of rocky stretches in Season 6, but no scene stuck in my craw so much as the one in Dorne from “The Red Woman,” the premiere.

I know, I know…picking a Dorne scene for a Worst Moment award isn’t particularly original, but this was pretty egregious even by the low bar the show set for itself in Season 5. To start, the logic of events doesn’t hold up under even light scrutiny, a Dornish trademark. That’s particularly true of the scene where Obara and Nymeria Sand kill Trystane Martell on the boat in Blackwater Bay. Just…how and when did they get on board that boat? They watched it leave the Dornish docks in “Mother’s Mercy,” so they couldn’t have stowed away from the start. Did they intercept the boat at some point during its journey? And where did Prince Doran (Alexander Siddig) think they were? These two were part of a conspiracy to undermine his rule not two episodes ago—surely he’d be concerned if they were M.I.A.

The most generous explanation is that Doran let them go to King’s Landing after the boat already left…for some reason. The writing of Doran is the worst part of this scene, particularly for someone who’s read the books. The Game of Thrones producers have no obligation to adapt every detail of George R.R. Martin’s novels, but if they were going to turn Doran from a master strategist to a simpleton who couldn’t see a betrayal coming from a mile away, I’d rather they not have included him at all. (Incidentally, I’d be interested in hearing what non-book readers thought of Doran’s death. Is this just book-reader rage?)

And in what universe do Ellaria and the Sand Snakes think they’re getting revenge for Oberyn’s death by killing his brother? Once again, this scene showed how uninterested the producers are with giving these women any texture.

The scene was a mess from top to bottom. So far as I’m concerned, the only time these characters are bearable is when Olenna’s insulting them.

Doran and Ellaria in Dorne

RICHARD: Totally on board with Dan here regarding the gloppy story logic cesspool that is Dorne. Osha’s death was a terribly low point for me, and it was wrapped up in the meat-grinder Ramsay Bolton function I disliked so much. Ramsay was a great action nemesis, for sure (and Iwan Rheon played him magnificently), but the character was so unremittingly vile and one-dimensional it felt like he didn’t belong in the complex Game of Thrones landscape. I kept waiting for Ramsay to do something unexpected and he never did: he was psycho about everything, always dark, always the mustache-twirling bad guy who ties damsels to the train tracks.

Beyond his torture and destruction of Theon, Ramsay Bolton became the show’s reliable Grim Reaper (though the Reaper himself need not be so deplorably unhinged), his threshold the place where now-unnecessary characters went to die in violent, bloody ways. It was the scene of Osha’s murder that affected me the most negatively. Yes, I loved Osha and I was sad to see her die, but I’m also used to favorite characters getting offed on this show. But it was the way she died, along with Shaggydog and Rickon, as a sort of brief afterthought to the story, hurriedly disposed of in Ramsay’s abattoir, that really bothered me.

We invested a lot of time and emotional currency in the journey of Osha, Rickon and Shaggydog (alongside Bran) up until the end of Season 3. We learned nothing about their offscreen adventures in Seasons 4 and 5 except for that they were betrayed by the Umbers in the end. Then they’re butchered in front of us with a quick tossed head, cuddle-stab and non-serpentine death by arrow. Yeah, I understand time pressures of production and the need to finish/combine TV storylines. But Osha deserved better than that. As an audience we deserved better than that.

Rickon Stark, Osha, and Smalljon Umber Official

COREY: I’m with my fellow Council members regarding Dorne. That storyline becomes even more infuriating if it all boils down to Dorne going to war with the Lannisters in Season 7 only to be quickly wiped out. Not only has that story been terribly written, but it also feels like wasted time at this point. I’m also in agreement with Richard that Rickon and crew’s storyline ultimately ended up being pointless. I’m starting to get the feeling that there may be more than a few plot threads tied up in the two remaining seasons that end up being of little consequence to the overall story.

But for me, the worst moments involved offscreen deaths. Carrying on the awful tradition of Stannis meeting his doom offscreen in Season 5, we had both the Blackfish and the Waif perishing off screen. What. The. Hell. Granted, these weren’t main characters like Stannis, but I simply don’t understand what was served by having either die off screen.

In the Blackfish’s case, we are told over and over what a notable warrior he is, and then boom: he’s dead. The Lannister guard almost looked like he was about to forget to tell Jaime that the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in Riverrun was killed fighting some guards. It came off as lazy and anti-climatic. “As long as I’m still standing, the war is not over,” says the Blackfish. Why give him such excellent lines, only to have him killed off screen? Give that warrior a proper onscreen death, charging down a dozen Lannisters and taking out half of them. Lame to one hundredth power.

Arya’s off-screen execution of the Waif made more sense, as Arya tricked the Waif into fighting in the darkness, but it was no less annoying. They had teased a showdown between the two women for two seasons, and then out go the lights and fight over. It felt like a UFC grudge match that ends 10 seconds into the first round while your cable goes out. Cable comes back, and the fight is over. We wanted to see those two ninjas go at it, we wanted to see Needle fly in Arya’s hands, but instead we got nothing. I felt cheated.

If this trend continues into Season 7, color me irritated. This is Game of Thrones—we aren’t squeamish. We’ve seen some of our favorite characters die in gruesome ways, and we’re still here. Don’t cheat us, Game of Thrones.

GoT 607 Trailer 5 blackfish warns jaime

RAZOR: The worst part of Game of Thrones Season 6 was the fact that Lady Stoneheart wasn’t in it. (I’m only halfway kidding.) For a season chock full of fan wish fulfillment, it’s hard to find much fault. Yes, I could go the easy route and choose the murder of all the interesting people in Dorne. And yes, I could choose Arya basically becoming Wolverine from the X-Men in that one episode where she gets chased by the Terminator. But I think I’ll go off the beaten path and choose Jon Snow’s idiotic decision to charge the Bolton army by his lonesome.

“But Razor,” you say, “he was only trying to save his brother, and when he saw him dead he was filled with rage that he couldn’t overcome. LEAVE JON SNOW ALONE!” Let me stop you right there. Sansa warned Jon the night before that Ramsay would use Rickon to taunt him into making a tactical blunder, and yet Jon refused to listen. Were it me, I still would have ridden as fast as I could to try and save my brother, but once he died, I would have turned that horse right around and headed back to the loving embrace of Wun Wun.

Look, I’m a huge fan of Jon Snow, but I absolutely hated that he ignored everything he learned about leadership and battle tactics, both growing up in Winterfell and as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, during this fight. And let’s remember that kept his head during the fight at Hardhome, where he battled thousands of wights led by the Night King and his White Walker lieutenants. By deciding that he had zero f**ks to give and charging at the Bolton army all by himself, Jon forced his army into a trap that saw them nearly decimated. If not for Sansa’s intervention with Littlefinger, Jon and his army would be dead, and Ramsay Bolton would be the King in the North, and you all know it.

Having said all that, it still made for some goddam compelling television…so I guess my answer is nothing. Nothing was wrong with Season 6.

Battle of the Bastards, Game of Thrones

KATIE: It’s probably safe to say that we all thought Tyene Sand’s “bad pussy” line was the worst thing to come out of Season 5, and perhaps Game of Thrones in general. But Daario Naharis’ “I don’t think you could ride the dragon” is a strong contender for the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and it plays into my pick for Worst Season 6 Moment. Any scene in which Daario and Jorah continued their pissing contest seemed near pointless to me. Sure, the pair had to engage in some dialogue while scouring the Great Grass Sea for the captured Daenerys, but did it have to be so teen angsty? Then again, perhaps that says more about the characters than it does the writing.

After all, while Daario and Jorah alike have proven their usefulness, the bulk of their arcs revolves around their shared feelings for Daenerys. In their time spent together on the Save Daenerys mission, you could have swapped Daario and Jorah for Edward Cullen and Jacob Black and I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. As much as I don’t want to give props to Twilight, at least Bella Swan ended up picking one of them. Daario and Jorah’s conversations amounted to a romantic rivalry over a girl who isn’t terribly interested in either of them. It becomes completely moot when Yara shows up at the end of Season 6, because she proves she’s got more game in one interaction than Daario and Jorah combined. #Yanarys2k17

Not only is the whole Daario-vs-Jorah showdown a bad YA subplot, but it provides a forum for them to discuss what a super-special snowflake Daenerys is. I’m not much of a Daenerys fan, but she’s certainly more than that. These two don’t debate her role. They put her on a pedestal and in doing so prove that neither of them are fit to advise her. They would rather worship the ground their queen walks on than give her actual constructive criticism. Jorah certainly plays an essential role in Daenerys’ arc, regardless of romantic intent, but at this point Daario seems naught but an agitator between them. It was a relief to see Daenerys ditch him at season’s end, but we still had to sit through Daario’s dudebro show to get there.

All in all, Daario and Jorah’s battle of wits (or lack thereof) subjected the audience to something of an unsuccessful dating show pilot. Not to mention, didn’t they have anything better to do than snipe at each other over who Daenerys swiped left or right on? Way to prioritize the rescue mission, guys.

Jorah and Daario official

SARAH: I can think of a few dud moments from Season 6. There’s Osha the Afterthought and Doran’s death, for a start. Any time I had to listen to Petyr Baelish speak with an accent that is an insult to my country is also a prime contender. I’d talk about Arya’s miraculous recovery from her stab wounds but her survival makes me so happy that I don’t actually care. That makes me a dirty hypocrite, and I’m fine with it. If I have to pick one bad moment above all others, nothing disappointed me more than the kingsmoot on the Iron Islands, and Euron Greyjoy’s coronation.

I am by no means a book purist. I recognize that the show is a different beast and that it can’t possibly fit all of Martin’s content into 10 episodes a year. But the kingsmoot was one of my favorite parts of any of the novels in ASOIAF, and it piqued my interest in the Iron Islands in a way that nothing I had read before had achieved. I was really excited to see how the show would interpret one of the most unique traditions in Westeros. Euron Greyjoy had also enticed me in the second episode of the season, played with an eerie magnetism by former Eurovision host (seriously) Pilou Asbæk. Then it all just… fell flat.

First of all, Euron’s second appearance made him look like a blustering, posturing imbecile. As much as I hate to hark back to the source material, at least his victory makes sense in the books. He arrived at the kingsmoot with a band of loyal supporters to back him up, heaped treasure on the people and gave us a reason to believe he could control Daenerys’ dragons. In the show, all Euron had to offer Daenerys—the woman who overthrew three slave cities and brought dragons back to the world—were some ships and a copulatory organ. Is that meant to impress her? It was the Westerosi equivalent of a drunken frat boy ambling into a student council election and promising to abolish exams. Right on, dude. He’s lucky that every man on the Iron Islands is so easily impressed by penises and empty promises.

Secondly, where was everyone? I know that the Iron Islands are small, but Yara and Theon seemed to have more men running away with them during the coronation than were actually present to choose the new king. Also, how did they get away so easily? Considering Euron’s determination to kill them both, you would think that he would have locked them up, or at least stationed someone to guard them. He had failed at his job before he even started, and in one fell swoop divested himself of any pretense of competence. I no longer found him frightening or interesting. Now he’s just another reason for the mainland to make a joke of the Iron Islanders. None of this was Asbæk’s fault. It was the fault of the writers, and it’s a real shame.

Where are my niece and nephew? I want to spoil them!

GINA: Sometimes, when we love something so dearly, it’s easy to forget that not everything about it is shiny and perfect. My fellow council members gave some great critiques of Season 6, and I agree with a lot of them. However, I’m going to talk about a different kind of worth moment: the one that devastated me the most. It was Sandor Clegane coming face-to-face with the hanged Brother Ray, after he and his people were brutally slaughtered by the rogue members of the Brotherhood without Banners.

The Hound is one of my favorite characters. Sure, he’s a big, brutish killing machine, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a heart buried underneath. I was so happy to see him back from the dead at the beginning of Episode 7, and I just wanted good things for him. I should know better than to root for that kind of thing on this show, but the cautious optimist in me couldn’t help but hope things would work out.

When I see The Hound connect with someone, even on a seemingly superficial level, it warms my heart. This is a guy who has been through a lot in his life, from being burned by his brother to serving the Mad King Joffrey and everything in between. I thought the small, peaceful commune could be a good fit for a man on a constant search for his place in the world. Instead, three jerkfaces who tried to apologize only when the nooses were around their necks went ahead and ruined it. Hopefully the Hound will make a killing with the actual BWB Boys.

As for other moments that deserved a turned-up nose from me? Shout out to Baby King Tommen, whose malleability allowed the Faith Militant to run and ultimately help destroy King’s Landing from the inside-out. Bravo.

GoT 607 49 dead ray

A note on the poll: Choosing “bad” moments of a TV show is a tricky business—one person’s pic for worst moment of the season may be another’s favorite scene, but we hope we’ve given you guys a range here. Was your least favorite moment not included on the poll? Tell us about it below!

And now, to flush out some of the bad feelings engendered by this discussion, please enjoy this video of happy babies and cute dogs interacting.


    • I’m so glad this was the first comment, I could not agree more. Whenever we lose one of the wolves, it’s tough, but all of the others you can argue make some sort of sense to the plot. I don’t see how killing off Summer made any sense.

    • this along with the fact that everyone blames the Faith Militant and the High Sparrow for doing exactly what anybody would reasonably expect of them, and Tommen for being impressionable. However, they totally ignore that Cersei is the one who empowered them for her own purposes and cheer that she rid KL of the scourge that was the High Sparrow.

      It’s like her burning your house down, then pulling you out and claiming she rescued you from the fire.

  • As someone who never cared for the Dorne storyline in the books, I’m glad they seriously reduced it on the show. I liked every Dorne scene in season 6 better than any Dorne scene from season 5. And I actually liked Doran more in the show than in the books. It’s refreshing to have a lord who is willing to give up on revenge for the safety of his people, unlike in the books, where Doran is just like every other lord who is willing to sacrifice his people to avenge his family. To make it worse, the plan Book Doran had been working on for more than a decade literally goes up in flames. I know Martin was trying to portray him as a master strategist, but I certainly don’t see it.

    As for my choice, I went with the Grey Worm and Missandei joke scene. Not only was it filler, it was bad filler.

    • Really? I find Arianne Martell to be one of the most intriguing characters in the books. At first I was bummed that her character was cut off from the show…but seeing the fate of the dorne storyline in the show I’m now glad that it was.

    • Agreed, the Dornish Master plan has been a complete failure to this point.
      Maybe it will do a 180 in the last two books but so far it seems like a waste of time.

  • So many!
    Every single Dorne scene on the show is a contender for “worst scene on the show”.
    The blackfish arc was a butchery, terrible. Unless he’s still alive and Edmure’s in the shenanigans, but I doubt it.
    Daenerys speech was pointless and boring.
    The whole Arya arc made no sense.
    Almost every Tyrion/Missandei/Grey Worm scene in S6 was terrible.
    The kingsmoot… Ah, where to start. It’s like 2 different people wrote it.
    The start of the Kingsmoot is utter garbage. Euron’s lines were stupid, Asha’s lines were stupid, overall terrible.
    Then Euron is elected, and the drowning scene is perfect, 10/10. The lines are great, the music is excellent, the acting is great, the cinematography is great, I couldn’t think about how they could’ve improved it.
    And then Euron wake up and it’s terrible again “Let’s go murder them!” – queue up benny hill theme song.

    Also it was terrible that the good kingsmoot part ( drowning ) kept being interrupted by Asha stealing the ships, which was not only less well done, but also – like many other scenes in S6 – made no sense. She didn’t have the support of the majority, how did she manage to steal the ship? Don’t tell me that the 30 guys with Euron was all of Euron’s support?
    How many are they in the iron isles, 50? Euron had 30 and Asha had 20?

    To steal the iron fleet you’d need THOUSANDS of men.
    But if Asha had say 3 thousands of men, it means Euron had more than that : He won the Kingsmoot. So where are his thousand men stopping Asha from stealing the ships?
    Not to mention that even if she had 100% of the ironborn support, you can’t steal a fleet in a few minutes. It takes time to sail one ship, let alone hundreds.

    • I’m still hoping that since we didn’t see the Blackfish die that he actually escaped 🙏
      Dorne scene a complete 180 from the books.

    • I agree. The Greyworm/Missandie joke scene was awkward. It felt like the writers ran out of material said, “roll camera” and just do something.lol

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm let’s tell jokes.. OK yeah that’s a good idea. Lol

      It was kind of like the silent farter in the room. Lol

      • I think it was the director of this episode who said they actually KEPT rolling because Dinklage was so “funny” on the scene, so you might be right on that. The scene might have been smaller, but they “improvised” and the results…err…

        Maybe a fart or a burp contest…nah…WE HAD ANOTHER JOKE! BwB guy fingering the butt of another man was also a joke!

        GoT writters, please stop joking

  • Definitely, the part I had the hardest time dealing with was Arya’s miraculously rapid recovery from multiple abdominal stab wounds in seeming record fashion. That was beyond ridiculous. Such a brutal stabbing would certainly have punctured colon, intestine, or other internal organs—or a major blood vessel, like the aorta or inferior vena cava. If she was lucky enough that the knife didn’t hit a major blood vessel, so that she didn’t bleed to death within minutes or a couple hours, she almost certainly would have had perforated bowel. Without surgery such wounds lead to a slow, painful death from peritonitis over the next few days, thanks to the leakage of bowel content into where it shouldn’t be in the abdomen. (Even with prompt surgery, without modern antibiotics Arya would have had at least a 50% chance of dying.) So to see her up and about (even if in pain) after a day or two broke the willing suspension of disbelief necessary for me to enjoy that episode.

    Of course, I’m a surgeon and did a fair amount of trauma surgeon in my younger days; so of course that one bothered me. If I weren’t a surgeon, I’d be totally with you on the Sand Snakes killing the Martells being the worst part of season six. :-)

    • “Of course I’m a surgeon… If I weren’t a surgeon…” great stuff pal. Stick to trauma surgeon and the like. Your critique was painful. But then again maybe it’s dur to my lack of surgeon experience. Ha

    • Thanks for the words of an expert! Indeed, in the books, after Arya had stabbed a young squire in the belly, the Hound had her give the squire “mercy” so he wouldn’t have to perish the way you described.

      Also, so the squire couldn’t give any information about what had happened and who had done it … But Arya’s POV didn’t notice that, and it wasn’t part of the teevie.

    • You’re spot on with Arya’s miraculous recovery being the absolute worst (and I’m not a surgeon). It insulted the intelligence of the audience. Having said that, I’m hoping maybe they’ll give some kind of interesting (supernatural?) explanation for it down the line.

  • Razor, I can totally see your point about Jon not making the smartest move to charge the cavalry on his own! However, I thought it was far worse that Sansa didn’t tell Jon about the Knights of the Vale!! If she had told him, it could’ve spared a lot more lives!
    Jon acted out of rage, I don’t think he cared at the moment if he lived or died.
    So yes leave Jon Snow alone haha lol jk!

    I thought the bad jokes and conversation with Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm were cringeworthy.
    And please stop killing the Direwolves. Only two left now 😪

    • To be fair to Sansa, she did beg Jon to wait because she knew the Vale was coming. And if she warned him he would’ve changed his strategy and there’s a chance more men would’ve died because of how late the Vale arrived to the battle

      • Sansa didn’t beg Jon to wait for reinforces. She was just frustrated and evasive. Jon never knew about littlefinger until the end.

    • Jon was still in the mode of thinking he should be dead so to him, charging the enemy was ‘logical’…it isn’t til he is enveloped and struggling to breathe that he decides to embrace his second chance. I had no problem with his actions.

  • I think The Blackfish for me. We’ve been waiting for the Riverrun plot line for at least two years now and they ruined it. I would’ve preferred to see him go North with Brienne to help Sansa. Also, bringing Rickon and Osha back, especially Rickon who as the trueborn son of Ned had a lot of potential just to kill him off was a bad move and a waste of a character. I hope the books do better with Brynden and Rickon

  • It would be very interesting to run a version of this poll for seasons 1 though 4. I suspect that you could not come up with anywhere near as many choices for each of those seasons. In other words, season 6 was actually the second weakest season produced (only ahead of the dismal season 5), and is only considered “good” due to a small smattering of good scenes.

    • I don’t think anyone could definitively say that season 6 was one of the worst. It was actually my second favorite, after season 4. It all comes down to personal opinion. It had problems, but so does every season of every show ever produced.

    • If you consider “Worst Season” to be a measure of how many bad scenes a season had, then you may be right. I think it’s more than that, though.

  • They didn’t show the final battle between Arya and the Waif, so there is always some doubt about what exactly transpired. I know that Arya being able to “see” in the dark was the point, but it could be directed differently so the scene could play itself out more satisfactorily.

    • Maybe it was something very anticlimatic, like the waif was surprised by the darkness, she bumped into a table, fell and bumped her head, dying from her injuries and Arya just got her face off and pretended to Jacqen just to get her degree!

      • I like that better anyway! My hope is that the director and writers were more brilliant than sloppy, and soon her whole visit to Braavos will not feel as unfinished, implausible and incomplete. My wish is someday Bran sees your scenario!

        • Imagine that, everything is about to fall apart, but Bran just go to the weirwood tree, blanks out, and the last thing he sees is how the waif died from head injuries! Then he gets pissed because he needed to see something of importance that could help them fight the WW, but all he sees is the waif!

  • The worst scene was clearly the one where Clegane comes across the first group of men and the one guy is sticking his finger in the others ass crack and then smelling it. That was about as juvenile and stupid as anything I have ever seen on TV. Then Clegane just hacks them up. Totally unnecessary…

      • I honestly am a bit disturbed as to how they came up with “smell my finger” lol

        Imagining: Sitting around the table with coffee. You know I scratched my ass the other day, was curious and smelled it…Hey! that’s some good shit (pun intended) lol.. let’s write that in the story.

        I felt like I was watching a prank on jackass! Lol

        Please D&D No More Anal Sniffing!!!😂💩😲🤓

  • What about the Joffrey actor and his, err, gratuitous and icky “issue”!!!! This is actually a little upsetting. The more comments I read the more I doubt the quality of the show. Nah- still my fave!

  • Whenever someone says they hated the “bad pussy” line, they are showing that they don’t have the ability to look from a man’s point of view. It was a GREAT line, the point she was making resonated with all men in the audience. No offense to Katie, or feminists anywhere, but it’s not all about you

    • Speaking as a man, no the line did not resonate with me. It’s an awful fucking line that has nothing to do with feminism, it just sucks.

      However, given your great estimation of this line, and the fact that you seem to completely misunderstand what feminism even is, I have a much clearer portrait of what kind of “man” you are.

    • Speaking as a dude…that line sucked. It’s not that it COULDN’T have landed if the circumstances had been different (although I think that would be a tall order to fill), but as written and played, it was weird and baffling and not in the least bit sexy.

      The writers were aiming for the corner of sexy and dangerous, but ended up at the corner of cringe-worthy and unintentionally hilarious.

    • Agonized fans cried out for STARK vengeance on those who killed Ned, Robb, Cat, and the North. ONLY Arya brought justice to more enemies of the Starks and her buds than anyone else in the story. Thats saying something. If you want useless, try Sansa. The biggest do-nothing, who now aims to RULE? What a nerve! Heck, Sansa used all Jon’s dead fighters to get her personel vengeance on Ramset. The laughs on her. Her great buddy is the man who killed her father and lots of other folks. Boy, is she gonna be embarrassed when she finds out. If she has the sense to be embarrassed.

  • Re Jon charging, I don’t think he had a choice at that point from how interpreted the scene.

    I don’t think he could be criticised for initially riding to grab his half brother.

    Re the actual charge, at the time he was grief stricken at Rickon’s death and a volley of arrows are approaching. He moves forward to avoid getting hit (they land behind him just has he rides forward and they land around and on Rickon – so just where Jon was mounted on his horse).

    Worked out either way for Ramsay. Jon either died from the arrows (initial volley or second volley (that killed his horse)) or he got run down by the advancing cavelry or his men ran forward after him into Ramsay’s trap.

    In fairness, Jon could have shouted at Rickon to zig zag as he rode towards him and Rickon should have zig zagged anyway the damn fool!

  • The worst moment would be the absurdly contrived Vale Army plotline, where Sansa withholds vital military information from Jon even though that makes it harder for her to talk him out of offering battle immediately, purely because the writers wanted their Riders of Rohan moment and couldn’t think of any natural way for that to happen. And this isn’t some minor scene, it totally ruins the whole climax of the Northern plotline, as well as Sansa’s character arc for the year.

  • I personally thought the death of Queen Margaery Tyrell was by far the worst part of season 6 albeit one of the best sequences.

  • What a dilemma since season 5!!! The spectacle over substance writing has made watching the show difficult. Yet, I can’t stop watching.
    I wonder if the audience growth from season to season has resulted in the common denominator for substance getting lower and lower, and all the writing flaws that aggravate me are by design.
    I’ve never been a book snob or a prolific reader. So while I can’t stop watching the show or news of it, I also find the show’s flaws make me yearn for tWoW even more.
    Gods help me. I love the characters too much to give up on the show. Is this how a heroine addict feels (in part)?

  • David Gorski:
    I’m no MD, but your discussion of Arya’s wounds is probably medically accurate. ger days; so of course that one bothered me. I do think the writers/directors fumbled the ball: even some lay people were surprised at her relatively easy recovery. But I was a mediaevalist and did read some accounts of soldiers who survived grievous wounds to fight again (though maybe not in the next episode ;-} ). Of course, these were deemed ‘miracles’. Perhaps physical constitutions were stronger in the past, who knows? But while it’s natural for you to think in medical terms this is above all a fantasy show. Detailed empirical realism probably doesn’t apply as much as narrative considerations. What matters infinitely more are in-story clues like Jon saying, “We Starks are hard to kill”. And knowing Arya knew to say “Not today” to the god of death. And realising that allowing herself to be stabbed was a careful but dangerous gamble to escape the Faceless Men. By being injured, luring the Waif to her doom, and finally returning to the House of Black and White to be cured by a dip in the Healing Well, Arya completed her plan. Jaqen’s finally calling her No One and his nodded assent for her to leave was even better. What we all need is a personal healing well.

  • The daenaerys speech atop drogon annoyed me to no end….it wasn’t the fact that she was giving a speech or what she was saying in it but how the these thousands of people standing a hundreds feet beneath her are supposed to hear her. I doubt a person standing right beneath her would be able to hear a word of what she was saying…I know realism is too much to ask for in a scene involving dragons but hey atleast make it believable

  • Everything on list is terrible.Start of Battle of Basterds,Whole Blackfish return and Killed off screen stuff.Season 5 on whole was let down.Even that high Sparrow shit looked lame.All Starks had good storyline going but Rickon?There was nothing.On the run missed for 2 seasons and killed

  • Tyrion’s filler scenes get my vote. It seems to me that his character suffers the most by not having GRRM dialogue. And it’s a shame as Peter Dinklage is great and Tyrian is too.

  • How about the fact that Daenerys used magic to convince the Dothraki to go somewhere with nothing for them so they can fight and die for her benefit? What shit for the horde! Will they be sent home after the conquering to go back to riding the great grass sea? What’s in it for them?

  • Late to the party here, so I don’t know what all the poll options were. But my worst eyeroll moment was Teflon Dany walking unharmed out of the fire AGAIN. No way I’m going to bend the knee to a lame character just because she has superpowers.

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