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“Battle of the Bastards” nominated for three Golden Reel awards

Battle of the Bastards

The award nominations continue to pile up for Season 6 of Game of Thrones. This time around, it’s the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ (MPSE) Golden Reel awards. The MPSE is an organization “dedicated to improving the recognition of its members by educating the public and the rest of the filmmaking community as to the artistic merit of sound editing.” The MPSE singled out “Battle of the Bastards” for particular praise, nominating the episode in three separate categories, per The Hollywood Reporter.

GoT 609 87 shield wall closes

Thrones will face off against the usual suspects. AMC’s The Walking Dead, Netflix’s Stranger Things, and fellow HBO drama Westworld are all in the mix.

Game of Thrones is nominated in the following three categories:

TV Short Form – Dialogue / ADR

  • Game of Thrones—”Battle of the Bastards”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
    • Supervising ADR Editor: Tim Hands
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.—”Deals With Your Devils”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Colman
    • Dialogue Editor: Stefani Feldman
    • ADR Editor: Sara Bencivenga
  • Penny Dreadful III—”Ebb Tide”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Jane Tattersall
    • Dialogue Editor: Elma Bello
    • ADR Editor: Dale Sheldrake, Paul Conway
  • Shooter—”Overwatch”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Relyea
    • Dialogue Editor: Robert Guastini
    • ADR Editor: Julie Altus
  • The Shannara Chronicles—”Bloodfire”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Norval “Charlie” Crutcher III
    • Supervising ADR Editor: Michael Lawshe
    • Dialogue Editor: Karyn Foster
  • The Walking Dead—”Heart’s Still Beating”
    • Supervising Sound Editors: Jerry Ross, Lou Thomas, Tim Farrell
    • Foley Editor: Clay Weber
    • Foley Artists: Catherine Harper, Katie Rose, Derrin Mann
    • Music Editor: Michael Baber
  • Westworld—”Trace Decay”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Thomas E. de Gorter M.P.S.E.
    • Supervising ADR Editor: Matthew Sawelson M.P.S.E
    • Dialogue Editors: Brian Armstrong M.P.S.E, Fred Paragano

Battle of the Bastards, Game of Thrones

TV Short Form – FX / Foley

  • American Horror Story: Roanoke—”Chapter 1″
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Gary Megregian
    • Foley Artist: Noel Vought
    • Sound Designer: Timothy Cleveland
    • Sound Effects Editor: Paul Diller
  • Better Call Saul—”NAILED”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Nick Forshager
    • Foley Editor: Jeff Cranford
    • Foley Artist: Tim Chilton, Jerry Trent
    • Sound Effects Editor: Mark Cookson
  • Black Sails—”XX”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Benjamin Cook
    • Foley Editor: Brett Voss
    • Foley Artists: Jeff Wilhoit, Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
    • Sound Effects Editors: Jeff Pitts, Tim Tuchrello
  • Game of Thrones—”Battle of the Bastards”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
    • Foley Editors: Brett Voss, John Matter
    • Foley Artists: Jeffrey Wilhoit, Dylan Wilhoit
    • Sound Designer: Paula Fairfield
    • Sound Effects Editor: Bradley Katona
  • Marco Polo—”Heirs”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Dave Paterson
    • Foley Artist: Rachel Chancey
    • Sound Effects Editors: Glenfield Payne, Damian Volpe
  • Narcos—”The Good, The Bad, and The Dead”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Randle Akerson
    • Foley Artist: Steve Hammond
    • Sound Effects Editor: Dino R.DiMuro, MPSE
  • Stranger Things—”Chapter 8: The Upside Down”
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North
    • Foley Editor: Jacob McNaughton
    • Foley Artist: Noel Vought
    • Sound Designer: Craig Henighan
    • Sound Effects Editors: Jordan Wilby, Jonathan Golodner
  • Westworld—”Trompe L’Oeil”
    • Supervising Sound Editors: Thomas E. de Gorter M.P.S.E., Matthew Sawelson M.P.S.E
    • Foley Editors: Geordy Sincavage, Michael Head
    • Foley Artists: Tara Blume, Rick Owens M.P.S.E
    • Sound Designers: Mark R. Allen M.P.S.E, Marc Glassman M.P.S.E

GoT 609 91 wunwun swats

TV Short Form Music Score

  • Animal Kingdom—”What Have You Done”
    • Music Editor: Troy Hardy
  • Arrow—”What We Leave Behind”
    • Music Editor: Shie Rozow
  • Game of Thrones—”Battle of the Bastards”
    • Music Editor: David Klotz
  • Just Add Magic—”Just Add Pluots Part 2″
    • Music Editor: Shie Rozow
  • Lethal Weapon—”Pilot”
    • Supervising Music Editor: Chris McGeary
    • Music Editors: Jenny Leite
  • Luke Cage—”Soliloquy of Chaos”
    • Music Editor: Michael Brake
  • Quantico—”Lipstick”
    • Music Editor: Robert Cotnoir
  • Stranger Things—”Chapter Three: Holly Jolly”
    • Music Editor: David Klotz

Go long.

In the game of awards you win, or you… wait til next year. The 64th annual Golden Reels award show will be held Feb. 19 at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, CA.

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