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Season 7 filming: Actors, green screens and more in play in Belfast

Game of Thrones

While a number of the Game of Thrones cast members made appearances at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this past weekend, plenty were absent. After all, the production is filming Season 7 into February, and it stands to reason that some still have shooting to do. We give you an idea of which ones below. Minor SPOILERS follow.


First up, who’s still working? A fan encountered at least one cast member in Belfast, the production’s nerve center, a few days ago when the likes of Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams were getting ready for the SAG Awards in LA.

And another:

My mate #thehound #got #gameofthrones #belfast

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So Iain “Jorah Mormont” Glen and Rory “the Hound” McCann are in the area, and Kit “Jon Snow” Harington has been spotted. You may recall that these three filmed scenes in Iceland not long ago. I’m willing to bet that the “few other cast members” referred to in the post above are also from the Iceland group. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) was also in Belfast as recently as last week.

Speaking of Iceland, one Game of Thrones crew member was uploading shots from the area as recently as yesterday, complete with the hashtag #winteriscoming. Filming seemed to be winding down there last week, but it’s possible the crew is still picking up a few landscape shots.

And what is the team doing in Belfast? @Kipperbt20 snapped a pic of activity at Titanic Studios.

Horses, smoke and Dothraki weapons, huh? That could mean a number of things, although the presence of green screens and the lack of actors on hand makes us think the production is picking up action shots and inserts. We’ll keep our eye on the area until filming wraps.


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