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Season 7 filming: Massive Drogon rig shows up in Belfast

Game of Thrones

Filming on Game of Thrones Season 7 continues apace in Belfast, where several cast members have been spotted in recent days. For example, Iain Glen (Jorah) has had his picture snapped in the area, and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) has been sighted. Another one took a selfie with a fan a couple of days ago: Rory McCann, aka the Hound.

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Also seen in Belfast as recently as last week: Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen. That’s important in light of a new shot from the set at Titanic Studios, courtesy of @Kipperbt20. Have a look:

Is this massive green block what Drogon the dragon looks like before CGI is added? The handholds and footholds look like they’d allow someone to climb and sit on it, and the detailing on top kind of suggests a spine. What do you think?

If it is Drogon, he’s grown a lot since the last time we saw him, but that’s been true for as long as the dragons have been around. @yeahclarke treated us to a little slideshow on the evolution of the dragon rig.

In other news, at least one Game of Thrones crew member is still posting shots from Iceland (and tagging them with #winteriscoming), despite cast members having left the filming locations there a while back. Is he posting old photos or is the crew still there getting pickup shots?

And now, let’s speculate for a moment about SPOILERS.


Thanks to Season 7 spoilers, we know that a group of characters will travel north of the Wall at some point during Season 7 and run into a horde of wights. We suspect the production was filming part of this journey while in Iceland. Cast members on hand for that filming session included Harington, Glen, and McCann, all of whom have been recently spotted in Belfast, as per our info above. (Although to be fair, we only have photographic proof of the latter two.)

Now let’s head a little deeper into speculative territory. Early in the filming season, there was a post on Reddit that purported to lay out in detail how the plot would unfold in Season 7. A lot of those forecasts have since been sustained from on-set sources. One of them involved Dany, riding atop Drogon, rescuing the group of characters who travel beyond the Wall from that horde of wights. Given the particular actors known to be in Belfast at the moment, plus the dragon rig, is that what the production is currently filming?


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