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Conleth Hill: Varys and Littlefinger may reunite on Game of Thrones

“Lord Varys knows all,” Petyr said with a sly smile. "He will be joining us shortly.” –George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Winning the game of thrones is as much about mental cunning as physical strength. And two of the greatest mental warriors in Westeros, Lord Petyr Baelish and Varys, may be going head to head again, according to actor Conleth Hill.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Hill hinted at a possibility of a reunion between the Spider and the Littlefinger.

I can tell you that I loved working with Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger), and I can tell you that it’s possible we work together again. But not definite.

Hill is obviously being careful about saying anything definite—it’s not even clear whether this refers to Season 7 or 8—but we’ll take anything that can tide us over during the extra-long wait for Season 7.


Power Struggle

Although Varys and Littlefinger aren’t talented fighters, they’ve flattered the right people and managed to climb the social ladder. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Baelish is only looking out for himself, but Varys is at least trying to use his powers for good, as he revealed to Ned Stark when the imprisoned patriarch asked whom Varys truly served. “The realm, my lord. Someone must.”

Both these men have been bending their will towards major changes. Baelish pretty much jumpstarted the War of Five Kings when he convinced Lysa Arryn to poison her husband so he could blame the Lannisters. Meanwhile, Varys has been silently keeping an eye on Daenerys’ development, waiting patiently for the opportune time to join forces. Oftentimes, their opposing goals have kept them at odds.

So what does this mean for Season 7? If Littlefinger digs his hooks deeper into Sansa Stark, it could give him a much stronger foothold in the North. He already has the Knights of the Vale on lock, and with Daenerys’ army (featuring Varys) rapidly approaching Westeros, the old adversaries could soon be on opposite sides of an armed conflict.


Or, if the Night King breaches the Wall, Littlefinger and Varys may have to team up to fight for the survival of mankind. Whatever the circumstances, we’d love to see these guys meet up again.


  • I thought one rumor had Littlefinger exiting at the end of this upcoming Season, did that rumor get debunked? Did we have any photo evidence of Littlefinger filming late into the Season?

  • The Reddit leak isn’t true if they might meet again without the actors already knowing. It’s possible some new scenes could be left for later, but I’m pulling for some big, inconsistent, implausible parts of it being rewritten, edited, and improved before it’s aired! Keeping my fingers crossed until then.

  • Awesome shot would be Littlefinger getting exxee by Arya as shes wearing a faceless men mask like of “Ned, Lysa, or even Robin.

  • Everybody predicts Littlefinger’s death by Sansa, Arya or Sansa and Arya combined, but no one knows how, when or if Varys will be killed eventually. If Varys and Littlefinger reunite, I can see Mockingbird suddenly killing Spider during the long and “friendly” chat.

  • u known them motherfuckers aren’t gonna sacrifice their spiritual and ego conquest to come together over some white walkers. ALSO doesn’t anyone think it’s a plot hole loop that baelish is in Winterfell and doesn’t seem to know or care about the Others? Like at the end of Jon’s speech to the other Houses about fucking ice demons coming to destroy Westeros Littlefinger is just staring at Sansa still under the lull of his own best interests. Lol

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