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Game of Snark: Cersei and Littlefinger host a public access show

What happens when two of the most cunning wordsmiths in all of Westeros team up on TV? You get this glorious sketch from comedy team Practical Folks. It’s the Game of Thrones Power Hour, with Cersei and Littlefinger, on public access. This week’s guest? Sansa Stark. Watch Cersei’s passive aggressiveness and Baelish’s creepiness unfold below.

This sketch is mostly based off season 1. Right off the bat, Cersei (Chelsea Rebecca) and Littlefinger (James A. Janisse) volley for who gets to be the lead host of the show. Before bringing on their special guest Sansa Stark (Caitlin Postal), Littlefinger has some News of the Realm to deliver, mainly about the arrival of Ned Stark and his “totally adequate personal guard of fifty men.”

Sansa shows up (I had to double-take that it wasn’t Sophie Turner herself), and decides to show the twosome how to make paper snowflakes. Hers includes a little direwolf and her family sword Ice. Littlefinger creates a ladder he simply calls “chaos.” Cersei just burns her paper. As this is all going down, Littlefinger gives Sansa an unblinking lascivious side-eye, culminating in a lemon cake joke we don’t want to spoil for you in print.

The sketch gives a real feel of a clunky public access show from the 80s. The actors stayed true to form, nailing little character nuances like Cersei’s phony smile or Littlefinger’s overuse of the word “extraordinary.” Overall, this is a clever little series with a lot of potential for more guests to show up and get grilled by Cersei and Littlefinger.

Here’s the first episode, for completeness:

Practical Folks are a sketch comedy group based out of L.A. On their YouTube channel, you can find more videos featuring Game of Thrones, but they also cover all things Disney, plus some Harry Potter.

One more funny before we go: a commercial for Kevinsured, a company that insures online transaction, which is an interesting idea. You might use this company to, say, insure exchanges you make in a massively multiplayer online RPG, as played out in the video below, where people playing as Daenerys and Cersei exchange a dragon egg for a crown.

And all the Game of Thrones puns come free.


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