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Heretofore unseen book character confirmed for Game of Thrones season 7

Game of Thrones may have already adapted the bulk of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, but there are still a few elements from the books that will show up in season 7 for the first time. Case in point: Watchers on the Wall reports that Megan Parkinson, an actress spotted filming scenes with major cast members at Linen Mill Studios several months back, will be playing Alys Karstark.

That info comes from Parkinson’s agency resume, which lists her working under “Various” directors, meaning she’ll be in at least two episodes. When Parkinson was first spotted on set, some assumed she was a body double for Sophie Turner (Sansa). Given her red hair and Northern garb, it was an easy mistake to make. (Although Sansa doesn’t seem the type to wear a sword belt.) But now we know the truth.

We’ve had several dealings with the Karstack family over the years. Lord Rickard Karstark marched with Robb in seasons 1, 2 and 3. But then, wrathful following the deaths of his sons Harrion and Thorrhen, Lord Rickard killed two Lannister prisoners without authorization, and Robb executed him.

Then, in season 6, Rickard’s son Harald Karstarck joined up with Ramsay Bolton—he hadn’t forgiven the Starks his father’s execution. Now we have Alys. In the books, she’s the only daughter of Lord Rickard Karstark, and we can probably assume the same holds true here.

But what will her role be? In the novels, she enters the story much earlier, before Jon is assassinated by members of the Night’s Watch. A strong-willed girl, she comes to Jon fleeing a family crisis, and they help each other. Since the show has already passed over much of that story, it’s harder to predict what she’ll do in season 7. But assuming that Harald is executed for joining up with the Boltons, that would make Alys the heir to Karhold. Sansa and Jon could talk to her regarding what to do with the Karstark lands and fortune.

One of the early casting calls for season 7 mentioned a 16-year-old girl who would be part of “a high-stakes scene with leading cast members.” It sounds like Alys is that character.


Watchers also reports that Ben Fox, a British actor whose credits include The Crown and MI-5, will be in season 7. Like Parkinson, he’ll be working under “Various” directors, according to his agency resume.


  • Glad to have confirmation on that, so that the whole “Sansa body double” theory can be put to rest. It’s been bugging me since Battle of the Bastards aired, exactly what happened to the “new” Lord Karstark. It’s like he disappeared from the battlefield, so I’m assuming they captured him? They made a point of showing Tormund killing Lord Umber, so it’s just kind of strange that Karstark was nowhere to be seen towards the end. Regardless, always excited for season 7 news :)

  • I’m sure she’s a bride for Jon. A King needs a Queen! But if the leaks are true, it sounds like he will find himself in a bit of a love triangle!

  • I don’t think the show has time for a love triangle. I do agree maybe some sort of alliance with the Karstarks.

    I can’t see Jon being focused on finding a wife. He has far greater issues to deal with. I’m pretty sure a wife is not top of his list.

    • Since he died we haven’t witnessed a clue he desired fathering children or could. A wife in medieval times would want that I think. I hope he isn’t physically changed too much for her! Worse luck would be he could only make smoke babies (except for Melisandre).

    • That is true. He’d be focused if I was in the show, just saying. Or would I have a huge fight on my hands with the female masses?

  • And honestly, with death knocking in the form of White Walkers, Jon has more serious and pressing issues. Additional Northern alliances are necessary, and like it’s been made clear quite a few times, a divided North will not succeed in fighting against the Walkers.

  • Alys Kerstark was one suggestion made when that picture first popped up on this site. Great guess! I’m going back (if I can) to find out who that was!

  • While I agree with a short timeline and not much room for love. The show has hammered this theme home time-and-time again. The way to shore up your hold to your alliances, lands, titles, and power is through marriage. We’ve seen it with the Lannisters (multiple times), Tyrells, Boltons, Sansa Stark, Martells, and even Dany mentions the need for a quick marriage (once to a Meereen high family member or somebody when she gets back to Westeros. So, even after the chants of King in the North, maybe there are grumblings about a bastards right to lead and they quickly decide marrying another high Northern family would add legitimacy to John. Maybe it is what is needed to unify the Northern families that supported the Boltons.

  • I’m actually kind of a bit surprised that at this point in the game – and with a shortened season – they would introduce an entirely new character and possible storyline, when there is more than enough content available with what we already have to date. Hope the new addition is worthy.

  • Redhead ,strong willed, no-nonsense female ,that’s so Jon Snow’s type. Sansa knows better than anyone that a king needs a queen and a heir. A karstark bride will combine two oldest houses of the North , Consolidate the Northerners’s faith on the starks and also gather the scattered houses together to rally behind Jon.

    Remember most houses in the north were pissed that Robb married a “foreigner” . Lady Alys Karstark is Jon’s power ticket.

  • She has been confused for Sophia Turner’s body double. In fact, in the book she was confused for a Stark, Arya, by Melissandra. So she passed the test.

  • Melisandre has her sights set on Jons Prince that was Promised blood! Taking the place of the Kerstark girl will get her very close to him. We know her skill at looking younger and red headed is in her wheelhouse!

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