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Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner to join Benioff and Weiss on SXSW panel

The South by Southwest conference and festivals are held each March in Austin, Texas. The biggest names in sports, entertainment, music, gaming, and everything in between descend upon the Texas capital for just under two weeks for panels, musical acts, film festivals, and more. (Except locals — we usually take a vacation.)

HBO has maintained a large presence at the conference over the past several years, opening a pop up exhibit called SXSWesteros where fans could sit on the Iron Throne, among other things. (Below, Snoop Dogg takes a seat.) This year, HBO is stepping up its game. We reported last month that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss would appear on a panel. Now, according to the festival’s website, two principal cast members will be joining them: Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya). Deep breath.

(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for HBO Game of Thrones)

We’ve previously wondered whether Benioff and Weiss might use this opportunity to debut a trailer for Game of Thrones season 7. Adding heavyweighs like Turner and Williams makes us more curious still.

The foursome’s panel takes place on March 12th. Per cast members, filming should be over by that point.


At its pop up exhibit last year, mere weeks before season 6 aired, fans were treated to thirty seconds of new footage. Season 7 will air much later in the year than usual, sometime in the summer. It might be too early for HBO to debut a full trailer, but it may well show off a clip or something. For example, if Arya and Sansa reunite in season 7, there would be no better time to debut footage of them together. It’s been too long.

Whatever happens, I’ll be on hand to cover the event for Winter is Coming. Count down the days with me.


  • I want to go to the panel. But I don’t want to pay 1200 dollars for the badge if they are not sold out already. Not including airfare and no hotel because they are all sold out as well. Will the panel be recorded?

  • The abundance of Sophie/Maisie appearances freak me out a bit. As stated by other readers, when interviews are on the rise their time is up.

    Excited for season 7 yet terrified who is getting axed!!!! 😣

  • Although Lemoncakes, maybe the two seemingly close friends, who apparently enjoy music festivals, saw it as an opportunity for the two of them to come together to TX (work a tiny bit) and enjoy a festival together. Here’s hoping that is the case and your fears are not confirmed by S7.

  • As busy as their schedules are, I’m surprised they have the time, even for a weekend. But if D&D specifically invited them, they probably felt honoured. Attending might portend something about the sisters’ Season 7 survival, but I doubt they’d have been asked if they were definitely doomed. Perhaps both are involved in that “huge cliffhanger” Maisie mentioned last week.

    I think JMP* is right. Mophie are probably drawn to SXSW because there’s so much going on and they’ll get to meet all sorts of people but in an edgier part of showbiz. They’ll be in a fun-loving city whose motto is “Keep Austin weird” and which is more “dazed and confused” than red carpet. They can probably kick back in a way that would not be possible in LA, London or NYC. No doubt
    their combination of youthful vibe plus glamour plus accomplishment will probably make Austin go crazy. The Horns, they’ll Hook ’em.

  • Sophie gave away spoiler that she will be filming Season 8 so yeah Sansa survives,hope Arya makes it to next season. Don’t really care who dies other wise on show.

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