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Season 7 filming: Maisie Williams, wolves shooting in Canada

Some very interesting news is coming down the pipeline, courtesy of MaisieStyle on Twitter. Beware potential SPOILERS.


We know that at least a few major cast members, including Emilia Clarke, are finished filming their scenes for Game of Thrones season 7. However, word from other cast members has been that the production would continue shooting through the end of February, and it appears that some major actors aren’t quite done. Case in point: on February 16, Maisie Williams (Arya) was spotted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada, reportedly to film bits for season 7.

Canada is one of the lesser-known countries where HBO films the show. It’s traveled to a studio in Calgary for the past couple of years to film scenes involving the direwolves. Actual wolves are shot in front of a green screen, and then blown up to direwolf size in post-production.

Now the next piece of the puzzle: The Instagram account for Instinct Animals For Film, the company that provides the wolf actors for the show, recently posted new pictures of Quigly, who’s played Jon’s direwolf Ghost since season 5. The tag: “Ready to work.”

Ready to work… #instinctwolves #quigley #letsdothis

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It looks like Quigly, at least, is back in action as Ghost. Even more interesting is another picture from the account, this one of a different wolf who has roughly the same coloring as Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf. Again, the tag is “Ready to work.” The hashtag: #winteriscoming.

Ready to work. #instinctwolves #winteriscoming #feedme

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We haven’t seen Nymeria since the second episode of the show, when Arya chased her away so she wouldn’t be punished for taking a bite out of Joffrey. Is she turning back up in season 7? The fact that both the wolves and Williams are in Canada and reportedly at work at around the same time raises some eyebrows.

Of course, Calgary and Saskatoon are not near each other, so it’s not likely that Williams and the wolves are literally filming scenes together. And like we said above, the wolves need to be digitally enlarged, anyway. But this is still very curious. What do you guys think?


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