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Liam Cunningham talks Game of Thrones season 7, fan theories and seeing Melisandre again

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is setting up to be unique in many ways, and not just because of its shortened length. For the first time in series history, all of the characters we know and love will be on the continent of Westeros (unless Jorah hangs out in Essos looking for a cure for Greyscale). The close proximity of characters previously separated by vast distances is not lost on Liam Cunningham (Davos). Speaking to IGN while promoting HBO’s Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, the veteran actor revealed his thoughts on the new dynamic.

The progress of the show with the White Walkers and all that stuff, it’s pretty obvious nobody’s going to be able to take this force on on their own… So when we’ve had all these, for all these seasons, disparate stories come from disparate ends of Westeros, it has been – and it’s been signaled from the end of last season – that there’s a lot of people and situations going to be coming together. It was kind of interesting to meet some people who I normally only meet on a red carpet. Who that is and when that happens remains to be seen.

Image via HBO

Image via HBO

We have a fairly good idea about whom Cunningham is speaking. Anyway, he has a valid point about no faction being strong enough to face the White Walkers on their own. Jon might be King in the North now, but the North is likely exhausted from its continuous conflicts over the past six seasons. Likewise, Cersei and whatever allies she still has aren’t in a strong enough position. Daenerys and crew seem to have the numbers, but she’s an outsider.

Cunningham also spoke about the endless barrage of fan theories he’s endured during his time on the show.

I have to be very delicate with all of this… But with Season 7 largely wrapped, know that plenty more theories have been very, very wrong. To listen to these theories for this season, you just have to try to keep your face straight, and sometimes it’s so ludicrous that I just burst out laughing.

Mel, Davos and Jon at Castle Black

What theories give Cunningham the giggles? Some fans suggest that Davos will settle down with Melisandre for a happy life of farming and raising children (Davos is still married as far as we know). And while Cunningham doesn’t believe Davos and Melisandre will end up sitting in a tree, he also doesn’t believe we have seen the last of the Red Woman.

I would be very surprised if we don’t see her again. Knowing what that woman’s capable of, as with all the female characters on our show, you don’t take your eyes off them for second, because they’ll either poison you, stab you, burn you or whatever… What I love about the show is in a sense it’s a sort of medieval patriarchal society, but the most dangerous people in our show are the women. They are the chiefs! Look at where Cersei is now, Daenerys, Arya’s got her s–t together. The women are extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinarily three-dimensional, as they should be.

The women of Game of Thrones certainly left their mark on season 6. The summer debut date of season 7 remains unconfirmed.


    • I don’t believe so, I think Cunningham is just saying we haven’t seen the last of her in the series. Could be season 7, or season 8.

      • Like you I have been resiarcheng these LEDs for some time and installed them a planted tank which grew like crazy. I have yet to confirm the intensity in order to install them on my coral tank. I’d like to see that comparison test.

    • Melisandre could be anyone new we meet this season, even the Kerstark girl. Carice doesn’t have to be present for her character to be.

  • Season 2 when Arya and Melisandre met over Gendry,Mel saood we will meet again to ARYA. We are due a face off between them.Maybe one more resurrection in cards?

    • If Mel and Arya do meet again, as the former eerily predicted in S2, I do believe it will be in this upcoming season. Mel is leaving the North heading south towards the Riverlands, while Arya is in the Riverlands, presumably soon-to-be heading North towards Winterfell.

      This makes the most logical sense.

    • GRRM has gone on record as being somewhat left of center on a number of topics including feminism. I’m not sure why anyone would expect a TV show based on his books to be the conservative.

      • ILove Lemon cakes,

        Television is a reflection of modern society. So yes, real world influences can be found in modern entertainment whether its political or what have you.

        • *sees a show where women are three dimensional characters who are in positions of power*

          “Boo hoo my sensitive conservative ideology is being threatened by this fantasy television series. They must be pushing an agenda!!11”

          Seriously, give it a rest. Welcome to the modern age, where women can portray more than just stereotypes on television! Sorry that you have a wet dream about returning to the 50’s. Get over it and quit being sensitive.

          • Lol i made 1 snark comment and you automatically assume im a Right Wing Conservative Anti-Women rights male chauvinistic Pig. Hahahaha Liberals are the most whiney hypocritical bunch of humans in all the land. The same people who screech acceptance and social intolerance until you have a differing opinion. You say not all Muslims are terrorists but label all Trump supporters racists. Hold signs that say “Love Trumps Hate” as you punch out an innocent old man.

  • There has to be a reason the show did the bit about showing us the “real” Melisandre, that is the very old crone she becomes when she removes her necklace. They showed that and then never mentioned it or showed it again.

    It has to mean that Melisandre will show up again somewhere in the north, only she’ll slither around the edges as the old woman. She’s too certain that she can do something to help Jon win the war against the Others (white walkers) to stay away. And yes, she did say she and Arya would meet again. Since, imho, I believe Melisandre will turn up as the old woman, I believe we will see Carice at least a few times – they will have to show her either before or after we see the old woman, or else a whole lot of watchers, who don’t frequent fan sites like this, will be mystified as to who the old woman is and why her appearance means anything

    I wish we knew more about the fan theories that make Liam laugh so much, besides the one he mentioned about him and Mel. Anyone have any ideas about what they might be?

    • Even though we all saw her old self shall we say when she took off her Ruby necklace i think there’s more to it in an earlier series maybe season 2 she takes a bath without the necklace on whilst talking to stannis wife and she did not appear old then just normal sexy mel

    • Possibly run into brotherhood without banners and get killed by arya for taking gendry jon snow did send her south and thoros and Co who r in the river lands r bound to run into her as she knows nothing! Just like Jon snow

  • I was thinking about Melisandre. Did we see Carice hanging around any of the outdoor filming locations or in Belfast? I mean we had photos with even the guest stars like Benjen or Thoros. Is she a part of any fan theory for this season? Was she mentioned in the leaked plotline? (I happened to read them but cannot recall anything about her.) And she is not fitting into any plotlines, because all potential meeting parties were mentioned in the leaked, but no word about the red woman.

    I’m wondering if we’ll even see her in S7. I have a feeling that she got a year off, it wouldn’t be first time. If we consider that she had given birth around the beginning of shooting it just makes more sense.

    And if that happens they can made the character appear somewhere in S8 when nobody will expect her. Either that or if she will appear in S7 than it will be very limited screen time, and in that case I would fear for her safety. But she is supposed to do something big once more, because they could easily kill her off last season if she wouldn’t.

    • To our knowledge, we have not seen her on set anywhere. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t there, just that we haven’t seen her.

  • Casual Jackson, enemy of the left which promotes the dangerous values of equality. Thanks, Casual Jackson, for standing up for all of us who don’t see the dangers so clearly envisioned by tou and your stalwart brethren. All those strong women who would emasculate us and force us to help do the laundry, cook our own dinners, and, heaven help us, take our role as sole breadwinners of the domicile. Thank goodness the females of Game of Thrones are only fantasy characters and not actual threats to our manly selves.

  • Nah i just find it funny how everyone (mostly the feminists) were all upset over the rape of Sansa. Then the following season Sansa is pushed to a position of power. Seriously Sansa? Dany and Yara makes sense. But Ellara and the Sand Snakes running Dorne conpletely makes no sense. Even Olenna running the Reach doesnt make much sense. And dont get me started on Cersei…… the show is going from very complex and intriguing storytelling like the Opus it is based off to nothing but Fan service and predictable tv writing.
    Lastly, Im not sure GRRM has openly said hes a Leftist but considering how his books are a reflection on how devestating war is i could see it.

    • I don’t know that he is is left of center on all his opinions. Few people are entirely consistent. He has in many interviews stated that he feels that woman are human beings and are as complex and difficult as men. He has a long history of writing strong female characters in untraditional roles. Having read his work for over thirty years I can attest to that. If you read Not A Blog on his web site you will see that he strongly opposed both the Trump presidency and the Rabid puppy movement in science fiction fandom.
      I think we should all read and view work by people with various viewpoints not just people we agree with just don’t be surprised if those stories don’t end the way you expect.

  • Rewatching Season 1 with Dany and Viserys I come to think this must have been what Rhaella went through with her brother-husband as well. The abuse he gave Dany. Good for her she didn’t have to follow her mothers footsteps.

    Although had the Rebellion not started Dany nor Jon would have been born as they were both products of its deciding moments.

  • I agree with Casual Jackson. The show is slowly losing its realism. What ever happened to a little thing called The Line Of Succession?

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