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Seven Game of Thrones characters who would make good presidents

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In the United States, President’s Day is celebrated each year on the third Monday of February. Originally deemed a national holiday in 1879 as a day to celebrate the birth of George Washington (born February 22), it later expanded to encompass the birthday of Abraham Lincoln would later come to recognize the birthday of Abraham Lincoln (February 12th), before eventually becoming a holiday that recognize everyone to have held the highest office in the country.

With that in mind, I bring to you a list of the seven Game of Thrones characters who would make good presidentsEach of the men and women on this list have shown impressive leadership, and may have what it takes to take on one of the hardest jobs in the Seven Kingdoms fifty states.

As you enjoy your federally mandated day off, consider our selections. Did I miss your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Enjoy.

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  • inb4 the Lannisters come riding with their general weirdness.

    Cersei is not on this list because she is a goddam maniac and a poor, really poor, leader. Her concept of rule is through head on attacks based on how she’s feeling that day, all the while thinking she’s Tywin. She’s not. Tywin was a genius.

  • I might vote for Lady Olenna for her vast experience and political connections or Yara Greyjoy as a promising young up and comer. Mormont may be viable in 25 years when she reaches minimum presidential age and it’s more likely a woman can be elected. Tywin Lannister is ultra-capable but too ruthless, with plenty of bodies buried in plenty of places (rather like Vladimir Putin). Rains of Castamere doesn’t translate into a campaign song. His son Tyrion has all the right qualities but while religious voters would accept his (feigned) contrition over committing patricide, he will probably stumble with them because he worships the god of tits and wine. No, sign me up for Davos Seaworth, conveyor of onions and man of the people who has spoken wisdom to power in two different administrations. He practices compassion and compromise and would probably be palatable to voters of both parties and independents.

  • As you enjoy your federally mandated day off, consider our selections.

    Unless one works for the government at any level, military or is a school teacher/student then chances are high you’re working today. My office is open as are the rest in our complex and those of my friends. I haven’t had a Presidents Day off in over twenty years.

  • You keep forgetting to mention the Night King and I wonder whether it is because you have a problem with omnicidal iced people or because he clearly does not care about “playing the game” and does not talk to the press .

    • It’s funny how the Night King and Trump have so much in common. Both take forever to get going on important issues.
      I’d vote for Ned Stark. No time for games and would always do what was right for the people. Well, except for that Joffrey debacle, lol…

      • Ned Stark did not make the list for an inability to handle politics on any level. Politics is very rarely what is right for everyone, but rather sort of right for some of the people. Ned had not ability to compromise for the people’s sake either, as Joffrey’s reign led the realm to war, and Ned could have prevented it.

  • Of the dead characters Tywin was the best Republican candidate, slightly better than Stannis. Stannis would be driven, and make the sacrifices needed to get the job done, Tywin would have the most qualified help and be more persuasive.
    Davos and Jon seem compatible conservative Democrats, Jon being his Vice President.

  • I remember a similar article, where Lyanna was Jons Vice President, and Tyrion was Daenerys. Don’t remember who won, though.

  • Most of these would be terrible president and the only criteria to be on that list seem to be “I like these characters!”.

    Jon snow basically “deserted” the night’s watch (sure the ruling was vague, but Jon could’ve still left, his opponents were dead at this point so why not?) and attacked the Bolton to save Rickon.

    In the books it’s even worse, he wants to attack the Bolton BEFORE his death, to save someone he thinks to be Arya.
    So he basically breaks half a dozens NW vows there.

    And it’s a suicidal battle anyway, if it wasn’t for the Vale’s cavalry, which he doesn’t even know about.

    Lyanna Mormont also follows him. Sending her 62 men into a suicidal battle.

    That’s the kind of president you want to have? Someone who will send his small army against a massive one just so… everyone dies?

    Try to make it a real life equivalent. Say you are in a small/poor country, say Congo. An average country ( say, Australia ) led by Jon Snow wants to attack a nuclear superpower (china, the us, russia… ) because… why not?

    And your president Lyanna Mormont sends all Congo’s armies to help them.
    That’s what you call a good president? Getting everyone of your country killed?

    Because we’ve seen Lyanna Mormont a whole 5 minutes and that’s the only thing she did ( aside from making an angry face at Ramsay ); Agreeing to send her whole army to death.

    I wouldn’t want that for a president. I wouldn’t want her in charge of ANYTHING. She doesn’t know what’s best for her country.

    Save for the Deus Ex Machina that is the vale cavalry, the entire northern alliance would be dead now. Not by some treachery, not by something they could not expect, just because they gathered 2 or 3 thousand poorly armed men to attack a 6k strong army with a large cavalry and a great phalanx formation, and THEY KNEW they had such a strong army before even attacking.

    They knew it was suicide but they rushed into it anyway. Pretexting “the north will never be united so long as the Bolton live”. Actually yes, it was very united… Against them. The Bolton, Karstark and Umber were united, and half the other houses didn’t want to join Jon. So, aside from the wildlings, pretty much all the north was against Jon. It was united. Just not on his side.

    A president needs to do whats right for his country. Being brave is important, yes, but rushing into suicide isn’t brave, it’s stupid. And when you force your army to follow you into suicide as well, it’s demented.

      • I only meant, not one of the superpower in place :)
        The Mormont are an extremely small house, and they followed some guy with an average-sized army, against a large army ( ok not Tyrell-large or Lannister-large, but still a hell of a lot stronger than they were ).

    • I think Jon has shown great leadership in the past, and an ability to see things without the taint of history, which we could use in the Oval Office. I do agree that his plan at the BotB was pretty suicidal, but I also don’t believe he had much choice in the matter.

  • Yara or Olenna would be Tyrions VP pick, because both political alliances would strengthen his position. Davos would be a great VP for every candidate running, despite not having his own group to join along with him. Daenerys is the nuclear option for VP, for when your country is at constant war.

    • Varys has shown a deep loyalty to the realm above any of its inhabitants, so he would be an excellent choice. I wonder how well he would work above the table, however.

      • Has he, really?
        That’s what he said to Ned Stark in the dungeons, but what has he done for the realm?

        On the show he doesn’t really seem to have any agenda (other than “put Targaryen back in charge”) but in the books he wants to do something similar, and he even kills Kevan/Pycelle because they were actually making the realms BETTER so it’d be harder for the targs to take over.

        He killed people because they were doing too good a job ruling westeros… That’s not very good for the realms.

    • I’m surprised as well, because lots of people like her…
      But she would be terrible (like most of this list!).
      She’s a good intentionned idiot. Of course on the show everything works out miraculously for her because she can’t fail, but in the books, the people’s condition is way worse than before her conquest. They’re all dying of disease/starvation, as a direction consequence of Dany suppressing slavery without any idea about what to do to get an economy going.

      They really downplayed the scene with the old guy wanting to sell himself back into slavery… In the books LOTS of them ( even young ones ) want to do it, because starving to death is the only alternative. They were better treated as slave, than they are under Dany’s “freedom”.

  • Presidential material:
    Olenna for her vast experience, ability at intrigue and controlling vital resources employing them to her benefit.
    Tywin for his ruthlessness and ability to get things done.
    Daenerys for her ability to build an impressive coalition from factions with diverse interests and trying to do what she thinks is morally just.
    Mance Rayder for managing to unite vast numbers of previously sworn enemies.

    Not presidential material:
    Stannis. Just because you think you should be doesn’t make you. Religious beliefs led to poor leadership decisions.
    Jon Snow. A vast number of poorly thought through decisions, worst of all was to charge the Bolton lines despite having vastly inferior numbers. Needed to be bailed out.
    Varys: master of intrigue, but doesn’t seem to be interested in ruling, rather being a power behind the throne. Chief of staff material.
    Littlefinger: playing at president isn’t the same as actually being one. Great at intrigue and getting things in motion, but fails when push comes to shove.

    Tyrion: would probably be very good at it, but would never put himself forward. Would work well as VP for Olenna or Daenerys.

    • Dany was the hardest choice to omit, but mainly it was due to her unpredictability and tendency to swing from one direction to the other.

  • I think Jeoffrey would have been good, had he been given a chance. He says what he thinks, does what he says, and isn’t interested in making nice with the keepers of ravens.

    • Surely you are joking? Saying what’s on your mind is great, except if what’s in your mind are homicidal, petty, and childish thoughts only concerned with your well being.

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