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Enjoy this multi-season collection of bloopers from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

No one would accuse Game of Thrones of being feel-good entertainment. That’s not to say the show is without its warm moments and comic relief, but if you’re looking for yuks aplenty, you might have to dig into the behind-the-scenes stash.

There’s an idea floating around the internet that horror movies should play their blooper reels at the end of the film, as a way to ease the viewer’s mind after all the blood, jump scares, and general unpleasantness. Although not known for its jump scares, maybe Game of Thrones should take a similar tack. As much as I could marathon the show into the wee hours of the morning, it’s not the last thing I want to see before I tuck into bed.

Fortunately, one dedicated fan has collected Thrones bloopers from different seasons into one convenient video, the perfect comfort viewing after a Red Wedding rewatch.

Watching usually stoic, intimidating characters like Tywin and Cersei goof up and around is a good remedy for post-show anxiety. Clarke’s shining moment might be when she gives costar Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis the second) a piece of her mind: “I’m a Khaleesi, not a queen. For fuck’s sake, mate.” For all intents and purposes, it sounds like something Daenerys would say.

Other notable moments include Peter Dinklage’s inability to pronounce “benevolent,” which seems to be a favorite among the cast and crew. It’s also rather cathartic to see Pedro Pascal laughing while sporting Oberyn’s death makeup. It may be three seasons later, but some of us are still in denial.

On the whole, this is one video to keep bookmarked, just in case you can’t stand another rewatch of Jon Snow’s assassination without Kit Harington winking at you afterwards.


  • Nobody talks about Sophie’s Turner interview at the BAFTA awards,where she said she’s gonna be in GoT season 8?
    That means Sansa won’t die in season 7 spoiler alert!😂

  • In the flash back of Jamie stabbing the Mad King in the back,the throne room was the same as it is now. In the episode where Cersie slaps Joffery for asking how many kids did his father have with other women when he grew tired of Cersie, The pillars in the throne room were being changed from vines & flowers to these upside down crown looking things with fire. How is it that in the flashback it was the remodled throne room? Anyone?

  • In a Reddit Q&A, Dinklage said in Season 1, he was supposed to say “with a woman’s mouth around my cock.” Instead, he said “with a woman’s cock around my mouth.” He said Jerome Flynn was laughing so hard they couldn’t finish the scene.

  • Ranking all six seasons so far:
    1. Season 4.
    2. Season 6.
    3. Season 1.
    4. Season 3.
    5. Season 2.
    6. Season 5.
    My ranking changes as time progresses. I like episodes more that take place at the Wall or on the northern side. Don’t care much for those concentrated in Essos or Dorne.

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