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Ian McShane to Game of Thrones fans: “Maybe you should get out a little more”

Ian McShane played Brother Ray in Game of Thrones season 6. As you may remember, Brother Ray saved Sandor “the Hound” Clegane from the brink of death and took him in to his community of peace-loving peasants. Unfortunately, he was killed by rogue members of the Brotherhood Without Banners, which set the Hound on a path for revenge.

All of that was revealed in the seventh episode of the season, “The Broken Man.” But McShane caught some heat for letting the cat out of the bag a bit early when he talked to Pop Goes the News:

I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that.

Game of Thrones Ian McShane as Brother Ray

Of course, the internet took the hint and ran with it, drawing the conclusion that The Hound was indeed coming back to the show. Later, McShane jovially defended his decision to spill the beans. “You say the slightest thing and the internet goes ape,” he told The Telegraph. “I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f—ing life. It’s only tits and dragons.” He continued his defense after the season was over when he talked to Vulture. “[I]f you tease it up, more people will watch it. So it wasn’t exactly bad publicity for HBO, you know?”

Now, McShane is hitting the interview circuit to promote his new series on Starz, American Gods. He gave an interview to Empire Magazine for their April issue, and the subject of his prior comments about Game of Thrones came up. His opinion hasn’t changed.

The show is huge but some fans seem to identify with it (too closely). You want to say, ‘Have you thought about your lifestyle? Maybe you should get out a little more.’

Then he appeared to directly address the spoiler question.

Firstly, you love it, secondly, you’ll have forgotten by the time it comes out. And what am I giving away? A character beloved by everybody returns. Get a f****** life.


As he revealed in the Vulture interview, McShane was wary of committing to a lengthy role on the show, so maybe he doesn’t feel overly obligated to keep its secrets. “It’s a good plot. I got hung. I’m out of there, man.” Please, never change, Ian McShane. Never change.

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  • If I were HBO, I’d worry far more about these Reddit plot leaks than anything Ian McShane said. I hope he didn’t catch hell from HBO over that comment.

    • He’s not wrong, though. People need to understand he’s not adressing ALL GoT fans.

      We’ve got groups of people stalking Kit Harrington and his hair for months, looking for in-set pictures, etc. And when Ian McShane says something vague in an interview, everyone acts all shocked and whines that he’s spoiled the plot? People were looking for spoilers.

      • Falcon,

        I agree somewhat. Well stated, all valid points. I feel what sets people off about McShane is, his seemingly narcissistic glorified persona he has about himself.

        I get it, actors get stalked and annoyed by fans. It can lead to some scary situations for them.

        The situation with Kit be it his hair, or “is Jon Snow dead.” That frenzy of fandom stalking chaos was created on purpose by Media and Writers of the show.

        It was done to draw more attention to the show and more money in all their pockets. It worked!

        This isn’t just a show. It’s been around in book series for years. McShane’s statement vague or not, this story ASOIF is still incomplete after all these years. People are invested in this.

        McShane needs to also understand people have F@#$ing lives! When the media,writers,and actors themselves create the fandom rumors for their own gain.

        Don’t complain when photos and information start taking over the net and social media.

        Mcshane, should be voicing his profanity at the writers and media for feeding the frenzy not the fans!

    • I wonder if this silly sounding someone who “pretends for a living” pretends he’s depositing million dollar pay checks in his bank accounts which he receives for simply for pretending?
      Actually McShane is a fantastic actor, check out HBO’s “Deadwood”.

  • I’m really starting to dislike this guy more &’ more. Like jesus christ, i can’t even like a show without being told to get a life or that i need to get out more. If it wasn’t for us Ian, you wouldn’t be where you are. I think someone forgot how to be humble. If the show is complete shit, why take the job? You act like you won’t find another show or movie.

  • It will probably make other projects he works on not nearly as pleasant as they would have been. Nobody like a big mouth!

  • So, if I like a TV show and rather it not be spoiled, I need to get out more? Maybe the problem is that McShane is just a dick, plain and simple. To be fair, he did great job with Brother Ray. But, he’s far from the only one that could have done it and done it well. Too bad they weren’t hired.

    Hopefully producers notice him peeing on the hand that gave him his paycheck and take note.

  • Ian mcshane was is and will always be cooler than any of you mcshane haters. Al swerengen is the single greatest character in tv history if not very very close, what he said is what he should’ve said since he’s not a PC robot. For all of you folks looking for an apology from him, you should get a clue and get out more.

  • McShane is right. And his remark about people getting their panties in a knot from learning that a beloved character is NOT, in fact, dead?? This information made me look forward to seeing the episode. If a little advance information every now and then somehow “spoils” the series for you – well, I have nothing helpful or encouraging to say to you. Sorry.

  • Oh wow… I’m a Surgical Intern, who works my ass off, pulling all nighters almost every other day learning how to save your lives. Yeah… Thought i sat on my ass all day watching tv did yuh? Wrong. So for those of you in the comments saying ‘Ians right, yous really need to get out more’, please, tell me that again. I rarely get any down time to relax, plus i see &’ deal with some pretty fucked up shit a lot as you can probably imagine. So when i do get some down time, i like to escape a little bit &’ GOTs is one of those escapes for me, so excuse me for defending it. Btw, i understand where hes coming from about spoilers (Stop crying that he spoiled some shit). Just don’t be an asshole towards the show itself is what i’m trying to get at.

      • Mcshane’s being an asshole, there’s a lot of them. It’s his indifference about it that pisses people off. Be considerate of others, not just fans. I’d bet the runners of the show didn’t like him spoiling the hounds return either. Do they need to get out more? I have no problem with what he did, personally. His insulting and insouciant attitude towards the whole thing is what gets me.

    • You forgot something Mad queen. He is saying “some” not “all”. If you think that his words does’t apply to you then why do you feel offended? Continue with your life. I love Got enough tocome to this website every day and not for that I feel triggered by what he said.

      • Yeah you’re right… i think i kind of jumped the gun a little bit. It’s just not right the way hes been towards the show &’ it’s not even the fact that it’s GOTs, it’s the unappreciative aspect of it all. I didn’t have much growing up, so i’ve always been humble &’ appreciative of what i do have. So it bugs me when someone acts like they’re better then eveyone &’ everything. The show is nothing but ‘Tits, dragons &’ wine’? Okay, so why take the job? If i were an actor, i would take jobs that interested me. Ian is a great actor. He can pretty much get any role he wants. Right? I thought he did an incredible job in his short time on Thrones, then he goes an acts like this.

  • He is a “Dick” no denying it. I agree with other commenters about giving actors their paychecks. The fans make or break you!

    Should Sports fans get a life? What about Music lovers? What about every person that has other interests outside of their every day jobs?

    I also find it funny and hypocritical, coming from someone who pretends for a living.

    These ” actors” most days, spend their time practicing and pretending to be someone else to “entertain.”

    They live in a world of award shows and have designer fashions thrown at their feet. They get so many free lavish lifestyle perks we could only imagine. They don’t even dress themselves for their damn jobs. (lmao) people dress them. They make millions!

    Why? All because their “job” is pretending!!!

    All of us “Non Actors” actually work these jobs or are these people the “actors” pretend to be. We watch movies for entertainment.

    So in other words, Ian McShane YOU get a F@#$ing life! Stop pretending and taking our hard earned cash to use for “your” own personal entertainment. Go do a hard days work in “the real world” and get paid next to nothing for for doing it.

    You whiny ass actors complaining about fans, annoy the shit out of me! You like the “perks” but you disrespect the ones that hand you that lifestyle on a golden platter.

    Hardworking people,have a right to be into something that helps them unwind. If that bothers you as an actor, then get the F out of show business!

    I have a life and I just happen to love this show!

  • Ian Mcshane is a great actor and a great guy, always takes photos with fans and is always courteous. So what he said some people need to get a fucking life…its true.

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