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Nicolaj Coster-Waldau deems popular Game of Thrones fan theory “too obvious”

Near the end of the season 6 finale, Jaime Lannister returns to King’s Landing to find that Cersei has blown a hole in the center of the city, exactly what Jaime killed the Mad King Aerys Targaryen to prevent. Then, during Cersei coronation, he gives her an incredibly significant look, the kind of look a man who’s slowly regaining his sense of morality gives to his sister-lover when she’s gone too far.

The looks are very specific on this show.

This led to speculation among fans that Jaime would be the one to kill Cersei in seasons 7 or 8. It has a grim sort of poetry to it, doesn’t it? Jaime and Cersei have had a twisted but passionate relationship since they were teenagers, and he’s done a lot of dishonorable things in her name (pushing Bran out a window, for instance). But he’s been rediscovering his lost honor for a couple of seasons now, and Cersei’s pyromaniacal killing spree presents him with a test. Does he now care enough about justice to punish Cersei for the atrocity she’s committed? We’ve got our popcorn ready.

But actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau poured a little cold water on that theory when talking to The Huffington Post. “It’s a theory … but it has a beautiful, romantic, tragic thing [to it],” he said of the Jaime-kills-Cersei idea. So far so good. “It’s probably too obvious.” Oh.

For the record, Coster-Waldau admitted that he has “no idea” what will ultimately happen, so it’s not like this is gospel. Still, it’s food for thought. He’s right that Game of Thrones has a history of avoiding the obvious plot development — to this day, people are still reeling with surprise from events like Ned Stark’s death, the Red Wedding, and the revelation of Hodor’s origin.


But it’s embraced the obvious at times, too. When Daenerys offered to trade one of her dragons for a slave army, not many fans thought she would go through with it, but that didn’t make her double-cross in “And Now His Watch Is Ended” any less awesome. And I doubt many predicted that Ramsay Bolton would emerge victorious in “Battle of the Bastards,” but the episode was still a knock-out. Despite whether people see it coming, I think a well-acted, emotionally complicated moment where Jaime executes Cersei before she can do more harm would be a scene to remember.

We’ll have to wait until season 7 (or, more likely, season 8) airs to be sure. In the meantime, the Post also talked to Coster-Waldau about his work as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, in which capacity he advocates to stop climate change. He recently partnered with Google Street View to collect images of Greenland, where the effects of climate change are more obvious than in other parts of the world.

Game of Thrones season 7 will come out this summer.


  • Probably obvious because of the books ‘valonqar’ prophesy?
    I do think that Jaime will die in the end and Brienne will fill in the pages for Jaime in the book of Kingsguard Commanders 🤔

    • I would find it more satisfactory if it was Tyrion, and he did so as a result of Cersei’s hatred of him. Basically making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
      Or, on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, both the Little Brother and the YMBQ are people who are completely unrelated to Cersei, and her downfall is just a side-effect of their actions.

    • I have to agree. I’m a bit stuck on the line from the prophecy ‘When your tears have drowned you…’. That hasn’t happened yet, at least in the show, and I can’t see Cersei drowning in tears for anything other than Jaime’s death now.
      I think it would play out really well if she was responsible for it somehow, or at least the catalyst, and Tyrion strangles her in a fit of grief and vengeance.

      • That line from the prophecy is a metaphor. This is exactly where Cersei is now on the show. All her 3 children are dead, she wept for all and now she has no more tears. Also “the tears have drowned you” probably refers to her humanity that is completely gone now because her children died. Her love for them was her only redeeming quality, like Tyrion told her once, and they were her link with her humanity. That being out the window now, the tears shed due to the loss of her children have drowned her humanity.

  • There’s no valonqar in show Maggie’s prophesy and if you read the season 7 leaks you’ll know it’s not happening.

    Jaime killing Cersei would have been so cheesy anyways because of the way their relationship has been written in the show. Awful writing and not nearly as compelling as some make it out to be.

  • No one has already hired a certain group of assassins. Her death does not belong to Jamie. A debt is owed. Only death can pay for life.
    One way or another, her face will be added to the hall!

    One more name to cross of her little list!

    • I bet that the reason why Jaqen invited Arya to the House of the Dead was because he heard her swearing revenge on the Lannisters, and the Iron Bank have paid them to take out the Lannisters because they owe money. Valonqar may be gender neutral and mean any younger sibling.

  • The Hound is the younger brother of the killing machine Cersei has been standing next to for several seasons. And he has enough hands to make the word plural.

  • I don’t think Jaime will be the one who kills Cersei. After failing to rein in Cersei’s madness, Jaime will instead abandon her and leave King’s Landing in disgust.

    I think Euron Greyjoy, Balon’s younger brother, will be the one who kills Cersei after she outlived her usefulness to him in a bid to seize the Iron Throne for himself.

    Could there also be a connection between the books’ prophecy “When your tears have drowned you…” and Euron proclaiming on the show “I am the Drowned God”?

    • Could there also be a connection between the books’ prophecy “When your tears have drowned you…” and Euron proclaiming on the show “I am the Drowned God”?

      I like this one. Especially if Jamie is killed by Euron

  • They are a lot of younger brothers in KL. The prophecy did not state any name. Jaime becoming a king slayer and Queen slayer is just too predictable.

  • Many times Dan and Dave have chosen something straightforward. Jaime is less straightforward than Tyrion.
    I certainly thought Sansa should have used her connection with Royce to take care of Littlefinger and get the Knights of the Vale, but they went straight for LF. I would have perferred to see her pull that coup and get Ramsey in one day. Now that would have solidified her as a true player in the Game!

      • Thanks, didn’t notice that! I think Cersei will persuade Qyburn to give Jaime a new hand, using Bronns. She never liked him because of his relationship with Tyrion.

        • “using Bronns. She never liked him because of his relationship with Tyrion.”
          Not just because of the relationship to Tyrion also Lena Heady and Jerome Flynn were dating each other years ago and it went bad.They have to be seprated at set all the time.

  • But people cant have it both ways. Prophecy said her younger brother would be the one to kill her. But everyone is hoping tyrion is the third head. Tho i guess half brother would still qualify him to do both now that i think about it. I still think jaime will kill her. Or maybe a double plot twist and they kill each other. As good as jaime is becoming he still did some awful things. But not like GRRM only kills off the guilty. Innocent or guilty in the world of game of thrones ends up dead. Lol

  • It will be Arya, possibly with Jaimie’s identity. The Iron Bank will go to the faceless men when Cersei threatens Tycho Nestoris after he comes to collect the debt. “Jaqen” will offer Arya the chance in exchange for her return to Braavos to become a faceless man for good.

    Yes, that would mean Jaimie is dead.

  • I think Jamie will hesitate at the critical moment and Cersei will kill him instead. But, ultimately Tyrion will get revenge for Jamie’s death and kill Cersei in the end.

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