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Season 7 filming: Alberta media association confirms Game of Thrones shooting with wolves


If filming on Game of Thrones season 7 isn’t over, it’s very nearly done. But we still had reports as recently as last week that Maisie Willaims (Arya) was filming scenes in Canada, and that there were direwolf actors nearby.

Now, the chair of the Alberta Media Production Industries Association, Michael Jorgensen, has confirmed that the show was indeed in the area, telling the Global News that the production was drawn to this particular location in part because of the local fauna.

I just spent the weekend with the DOP [director of photography] of Game of Thrones in Banff. They are shooting. It turns out Alberta has the biggest wolves in the world, so they’ve shot a little bit here.

Banff is a resort town in Alberta, located within the Banff National Park. This tracks with shots of the area Williams has posted to her Instagram account.


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The last time we saw Arya Stark on the show, she was killing Walder Frey and his sons at the Twins, located in the Riverlands. And now Williams is filming in an area where there live “the biggest wolves in the world.” This is yet more evidence that Arya may run into Nymeria, the direwolf she chased off in the “The Kingsroad,” should she head north from the Twins.

In the books, Nymeria is currently roaming the Riverlands at the head of the largest pack of wolves anyone in Westeros can remember seeing. And Arya constantly has “wolf dreams” where she can see through Nymeria’s eyes, and taste what she eats. We haven’t heard much of what Nymeria is or isn’t up to on the show, but she’s still presumably out there. If the show reunites Arya and Nymeria, there are going to be loads of happy fans.

One more little bit of evidence that Nymeria could make a return: not long ago, Instinct Animals for Film, the company that supplies the show with its wolf actors, posted a photo of a wolf who looked like a grown-up version of Nymeria to its Instagram account. The photo included the caption “Ready to work” and the hashtag “#winteriscoming.” It’s since been removed. Hmm.

Instinct Animals for Film also posted a photo of Quigly the wolf, who plays Ghost, although it was also later removed. If Nymeria were to return, she would be Ghost’s only remaining sibling from the litter of pups the Stark boys found in the first episode of Game of Thrones.


      • Bran lost his too, but at least Summer died defending him. Lady died long before any other direwolves because Sansa didn’t tell Joffrey to stop taunting Mycah or to leave Arya alone. While Joffrey repeatedly went after Arya with his sword, Sansa stood there and whinged about how Arya was ruining everything. And afterwards, Sansa wouldn’t tell the truth about what happened. Not very true-blooded of her…or sisterly. Take a look–it’s in the Season 1 episode called “The Kingsroad”.

  • yeah only Ghost and Nymeria are alive, it’s quite sad yet i cant believe ghost survived north of the wall all alone for a little while.

  • I’m ecstatic about the possibility of Nymeria and/or more direwolves inclusion. However, I’m even more excited that it was just Maisie/Arya there. As a character that’s nearly always one of the top 2-3 on lists and polls of favorite/best characters, it’s time to bring her to the front with the other main-mains! With the support of a now Emmy nominated actress they’ve gotta use that, dig in and see what else she can do! The more scenes for Maisie the better I say!

    Still can’t believe they didn’t give her single billing in the open until the end of S6 even though she’s been the ‘lead’ of her own scenes and storyline since the end of 1×09. One could argue that she has for the entire series.

    • Glad you brought this up. She’s also been among the show’s top screen-time and episode count actors. I’m finishing up my first-ever re-watch (re-watching is hard when your family considers such fandom barmy) and was surprised in S5E10 to see her above Sophie in their own credit box. But Indira Varma got her own box above them both. Maybe both of them are lower because they’re ‘child actors’. I just now checked the last three episodes of Season 6. Sophie had a single credit box, just as Peter, Kit, Lena, Nikiolaj and Emilia do. I guess she was promoted for having been raped and degraded in S5. Or maybe because she had turned 20, Even in “No One” and “Broken Man”, Maisie still shared a credit box with someone. AFAIK, she didn’t get her own single box until S6E10. Let’s not forget, that in Hollywood credits indicate not just prestige, but money. Now that Maisie has that Emmy nomination, hopefully this is a non-issue. But I think giving Sansa the Jeyne Poole false-Arya arc changed D&D’s emphasis from George’s, and it inadvertently works to the detriment of Arya and Maisie. As someone on youtube wrote:
      “GRRM: Ok, so the main characters are Arya, Jon, Tyrion, Bran and Daenerys
      D&D: The main characters are Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys and… Sansa, got it.”

  • Or maybe Arya is going to be killed by a pack of wild wolves..that would be ironic. When the dead direwolf and her pups were found in season one it was said direwolves never came south of the wall. So if Arya encounters a wolf pack, they could likely be ‘regular wolves.

      • No, you can enlighten me, but the show doesn’t have a book to follow anymore. I know from fan talk it would be logical for Nymeria to return. But this shoot seemed to involve a pack not just a direwwolf reunion.

  • Hundreds of Arya options, she is still my favorite character although the last 2 seasons were a bit lame with her…

    1. Maybe Arya combines her steal-other-faces-assassination skill with the warging-into-direwolve skill. Then Arya-Nymeria could steel the face of Drogon and kill Daenerys.

    2. Would the White Walkers notice if Arya stole their faces? I mean they are dead already?

  • I wish they had kept the part of Jon and Arya also being able to warg in the show ☹️
    The direwolves rule 🐺👍
    So protective and loyal 😊

  • I sure wanna see the pack too. Mebbe they use special affects to multiply the wolves they actually film. But I bet they just use Nymeria and Ghost. Fingers and toes crossed they use them in a spectacular way

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