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SPOILERS: Game of Thrones season 7 filming photos surface

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We’ve been anxiously awaiting the first official photos from Game of Thrones season 7, but while we wait, several unofficial photos from Game of Thrones season 7 filming have surfaced on the Free Folk subreddit. The photos show three to four distinct filming locations and are quite exciting.

Warning: there’s nothing but SPOILERS abound beyond this point, so consider yourself warned.

Redditor KaySen762 posted the photos. They include what appears to be a room in Winterfell, soldiers of both the Unsullied and Lannister varieties, wildlings (or pre-CGI wights), and a ship that appears to be the Silence — Euron Greyjoy’s personal ship.

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Here’s what we see in these photos:

  • A room in Winterfell.
  • A courtyard in what may be Casterly Rock. Notice the golden lions above the archway, with the red lettering in the center.
  • Unsullied soldiers forming up in front of a ship set.
  • Unsullied beside a large construction.
  • Unsullied helmets, shields, and spears.
  • The ship set that looks like it could be Euron Greyjoy’s personal ship — the Silence.
  • Lannister soldiers.
  • A wight.
  • A group of wildlings standing beneath a cliff face.

Without a doubt, the image of the Silence is what excites me most, followed by the wights. We know that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane) were filming in Iceland for scenes that reportedly involve them encountering a bunch of wights.

While these photos are certainly exciting, it’s important to remember that they are unofficial. HBO has not released any “making of” videos…not yet, anyway.


  • This is off topic, but Kit has been named the new face of Dolce&Gabban’s new fragrance for men….The One for men!! He is shooting the campaign in Italy right now! He is perfect for this!! He is charming, charismatic, handsome and sexy!! 🔥😍❤

  • could be sansas chamber. in the “s7 now in production”- teaser we saw someone write “sansas cha…” on a piece of wood.

    thats my guess at least.

    • She’s suppose to be in “mother and father’s” room though.

      I think that’s the wardrobe with the portal back to our world… The Lion, the Wolf and the Wardrobe. :P

      • Wahh ! So it’s true ! Westeros is in fact a world in which we can go ! :-O (Where is the wardrobe ? I have to go in !)
        It means that the Lannisters decides themselves about who rule Westeros ? And Melisandra is in fact an evil Ice witch who want to rule Westeros ?

  • If a Ginger army were on one side and a Walker army on the other I would run from those soulless gingers and take my chances with the Walkers.

  • I may be getting my hopes up, but aren’t we getting close to being due for a trailer of some kind, even a teaser? I’m hoping The Silence is shown, at least briefly, in the trailer. I love how they incorporated the Kraken into the design of the ship and I’m too impatient to wait until S7 to see what it looks like. Hopefully we catch a glimpse in the trailer…although sometimes the images move so quickly in the trailer, it may only be seen in a GIF recap.

  • And also, it looks like the ship set that the Unsullied actors are standing around is The Silence – I just compared the photos, and everything is matching up. I know this doesn’t necessarily mean much, but it could be indicative of the sea battle between Dany and Euron’s forces

    • Well, speaking from my own life experiences, every redhead I’ve ever known has been just a tad wild :)

  • As for that Winterfell bedroom…
    Have you all forgotten that Baelish will probably stay with Sansa at Winterfell while Jon and the others will meet with Dany’s team??
    I’m sure it’s Petyr’s bedroom…it looks too simple to be Sansa’s chamber.
    I think Sansa is going to seduce him to win his trust completely and she will be pretending she’s with him as long as it will be useful for her.

  • Buy d idea of little finger getting any sort of Love from Sansa.hope Arya gets into d action of walkers vs. Men war

  • That looks to me like Bran’s bedroom, with a wardrobe shoved in front of the window.

    As for Silence, I wonder if changing the figurehead to a kraken foreshadows someone (Damphair?) summoning up a CGI kraken in a sea battle before the end.

    I actually find the figurehead in the books – a woman with no mouth – rather creepier.

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