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Video: HBO releases new In Production tease for Game of Thrones season 7

HBO has released a new “In Production” tease for Game of Thrones season 7 into the world. It’s brief, but it’s the first officially sanctioned video having to do with the new season we’ve got in a while. Take a look:

That is a hand (not a hand we know, unless I’m mistaken) holding Oathkeeper, Brienne’s Valyrian steel sword. The sword is sweet.

Thanks to the appropriately named Oathkeepers Twitter account for tweeting this at us!

Other teases straight from HBO included the original “In Production” teaser released towards the beginning of the filming season…

…and a few clips of Jon, Sansa, and Arya mixed into a “What’s Coming to HBO in 2017” video, released in December.

It’s interesting that HBO has released a new “In Production” tease now, since filming on season 7 has by most measures wrapped up. But there’s still a lot of editing and special effects work to be done, so that falls under the umbrella of “In Production.” And if HBO is releasing a new teaser, however short, it might be gearing up to release something more robust in the near future. Color us attentive.

We’ll look out for a more official version of the video. Until then, enjoy the sword!


  • I saw one after the premier of Big Little Lies a couple weeks back and it was a bunch of sword handles with the lable Lannisters above it. Only saw it once. Was i trippin?

  • There isn’t a hint of a Mountain vs Hound confrontation in the leaks or photos. It’s one of the most fan speculated events since early on, which is why I don’t believe it’s happening. I think the brothers will meet again season 6 in the Dragon Pit. But if mr Strong is GRRMs version of Frankenstein’s monster, the direction his traumatic near death and healing will be toward finding his humanity. His facial expressions are conveniently hidden by that mask, but he may be becoming more aware of Cerseis drop into madness.
    I predict an uncomfortable reconciliation between the brothers. Would the Hound ever forgive him for burning his face as children? If the Mountain steps aside and allows Cersei meet justice, yes. Justice in the form of two hands around her neck.

    • They want to keep the hype going. Now people keep speculating, which means people who don’t watch yet tune in. If that duel (or ‘bowl’) is revealed, that hype will become restricted to current fans alone. The less you know, the more you hype, an old trick from the entertainment industry.

  • The sword is being held with the left hand and nervously. We southpaws notice stuff like that. Looks like a male hand- broad and hairy. Perhaps Poderick?

    • That thing you see next to it is a belt sander. This is behind-the-scenes footage of some prop department guy working on the sword.

    • Actually, Tingus, I am right-handed, but the fact that it’s a left hand was the main thing I noticed.
      To me that screams Jaime Lannister.
      He gave the sword to Brienne, But so far he has been an oath-breaker as far as Brienne can see. He broke his oath to rescue Sansa, and has repeatedly disappointed Brienne by not being the honorable man she thinks he could be.
      All through the story, Jaime has been having a crisis of honor:
      – In the area where he has been his most dishonorable – his incestuous relationship with his sister – he has yet shown a kind of honor about it: serving her as an unswervingly loyal knight, and remaining sexually faithful to her, even when she was not faithful to him;
      – On the other hand, the act in which he did the greatest good, he was rewarded with the label of being a dishonorable ‘King-slayer’;
      – That name was hung on him by Ned, whose reputation for being honorable was unparalleled;
      – Jaime’s sword was forged from Ned’s sword, yet is a lesser sword, which Jaime can barely wield;
      – Jaime’s sword is named Oathkeeper, which connotes acting with honor;
      – Jaime re-took Riverrun through dishonorable tactics, again disappointing Brienne.
      …And so on… It’s all going to come to a head.

      Last we saw Jaime, he returned to Kings Landing to find Cersei having committed the very genocide which he had slain a prior king to prevent.
      Fans are now speculating that it’s time for his crisis of honor to come to a head, and he will break with Cersei. He may even be the one who kills Cersei. I tend to think that theory is right.
      Looking at the teaser clip, my thought is that Brienne will get killed by Cersei’s side, and that will be the trigger to make Jaime finally turn against Brienne. I see that clip as showing Jaime holding the dead Brienne’s sword, looking at it and pondering all the baggage it entails, and that will be his turning point. I hope he uses Oathkeeper to kill Cersei.
      On the other hand (PUN!!!), I notice that in the clip, the hand holding Oathkeeper is pretty dirty, whereas I imagine Jaime as usually being well-manicured. So maybe I’m wrong about it being his hand.

  • Yeah that wasn’t actually show material, just a props master or whatever handling the sword, sharpening it or polishing it. I smell a trailer of some sort in the very near future. HBO knows how GoT’s fan base latches on to ANYTHING released prior to a season premiere, so I picture the execs smirking and giggling to themselves with the release of this snippet. :) It worked, though. It has reaffirmed my giddiness and utter excitement that we’ll be getting a new season 3.5ish months!

  • I saw saw the live concert experience last night in Montreal and got to sit for a Q&A with Ramin. I asked him what he could tell us about his musical plans for season seven. He said they (D&D) haven’t finished yet, and he isn’t going to get the episodes to watch until the tour is done, and so has yet to start composing for the season.

    • That’s awesome! Would have loved to have been able to ask Ramin questions! Or just to stare at him!😳 I can’t believe he can score an entire season is such a short time! I guess that is why he is a musical genius! Hope you enjoyed that concert! It was the best concert I have ever been to!

  • Look, guys, I can’t take hype for two different franchises simultaneously. I’m already insanely hyped for Mass Effect: Andromeda in two weeks (which will have at least two GOT stars (maybe three if the Nick Boulton rumor is true)).

  • It just clips from Season 6. I guess HBO is telling fans that Season 7 is still in production until late March??

    • One can hope. An upcoming opportunity for something more substantial comes next week, when D&D, Maisie and Sophie appear at Austin’s SXSW festival. I think Corey S said he might go. It should be fascinating even if there is no new trailer. If there isn’t, we’ll just have to sing “I can’t get no satisfaction” a few months longer.

  • That swords not Oathkeeper but…wait for it…WIDOWS WAIL!!! Lame intro aside it’s totally Widows Wail. That’s swords darker than the one Brienne uses. Maybe Jamie gets it while he’s in the capitol or something but I think it makes sense for that sword to reappear.

      • I agree– Widow’s Wail. The hand holding it looks like it belongs to a man, and a ginger at that given the fair skin and freckles. I can’t see Brienne letting anyone else handle her sword, and D&D made a big deal out of the making of both swords at the beginning of season 4. Did we see it again after Joffrey used it to cut the pigeon pie? Did Tommen ever wield it?

        Valerian steel is too limited a commodity and too valuable to bury w the dead– the Stark kings in their crypts were buried w iron swords rather than Ice. After the Lannisters lost Brightroar they searched for another valerian blade to make their ancestral sword for ages. Tyrian’s uncle Gerian even was lost at sea looking for Brightroar in the ruins of Valeria.

        Perhaps Cersi gives it to one of her new minions– or perhaps she gives it to Eurion. Valerian steel will be important in the wars to come, given that it kills the Whitewalkers… plus knowing that the sword was made from Ice, and that it’s the Targaryen colors, I’ve got a feeling that good king Joff’s wedding gift has to come back into play sooner or later.

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