Watch Kit Harington Dance For New Dolce & Gabbana Advert

Kit Harington takes off the dour face of Jon Snow and puts on his dancing shoes to prepare for a brand new campaign, one that doesn’t involve white walkers.

All last year, with Game of Thrones playing coy about whether or not Kit Harington would be resurrected in Season 6, we here at WiC played the Harington HairWatch game. This year, with his life confirmed as continuing, at least at the beginning of Season 7, we’ve let up and let the poor boy live his life to the best of his ability as a private citizen.

But then Harington went and did this, and we had to say something.

As many fans know, the real way actors in the business make their fortune isn’t from their acting jobs–unless you’re Robert Downey Jr and can command enormous rates to appear in yet another Marvel joint, or the cast of The Big Bang Theory and pull in $1million every episode, chances are, you’re mostly making a solidly middle class amount of money for your work. No, the real money comes from endorsements. Emilia Clarke as the face of Dior jewelry. Gwendoline Christie as the featured model for Valentino. And now Kit Harington, as the spokesman for fashion house Dolce and Gabbana,

Recently Harington was spotted filming their newest commercial spots in the streets of Napoli in Italy. And, to be honest, it looks like he’s having a *hell* of a lot more fun than he does trying to prepare his fellow countrymen to ready themselves to defeat the NightKing in Westeros.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that looks like footage of Kit Harington not only smiling, but laughing and dancing. All in all, a joyful scene, and one I can’t wait to see pop up on my television. Perhaps Jon Snow does know something after all–how to dance.


  • I love this so much! Kit is perfect for this campaign! He is so charming, charismatic, adorable and sexy!🔥😍He does look like he’s having fun and showing off his moves! And women around the world adore him……including me!😍❤

    • Oh yes!! What women wouldn’t want to walk hand in hand with Kit down the street and dancing ha!! 😍 swoon!
      Rose is one lucky lady!!

  • Kit actually will be pulling in $1.1m per episode for Season 7. :-) But I love that he’s the new face of D&G The One. Kit’s Jimmy Choo campaign a couple years ago was beautiful. The D&G campaign looks amazing, too. Great to see him using his sexy powers for good. The women of the world thank him! :-D

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