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Second new teaser for Game of Thrones season 7 hits the web

HBO is starting to tease out the arrival of Game of Thrones Season 7 later this year. Can a trailer be all that far behind?

On Friday, buzz began after a short short teaser hyping the return of Game of Thrones Season 7 started running around reddit, and by Saturday it had been confirmed. A very short shot of Oathkeeper was being shown on HBO in between their primetime offerings.

We breathlessly posted about this video, but there’s not just one teaser floating about: there are TWO. And the second one doesn’t just tease a well-know prop. It’s got actual footage of one of the actors.

Both of these teasers tie back to the closest thing to a trailer we’ve had for season 7 so far — the “In Production” short that showed the costumes, props, sets and so forth all being readied for filming.

These seem like extensions of that. “Here is a finished prop.” “Here is an actor getting into make up.” But the second is far more exciting than the first. After all, up until now, all of the footage we have had from Game of Thrones Season 7 of the Lannisters are bootleg film and paparazzi-type photos from fans near the production. This is are first official glimpse of Cersei for Season 7. It looks like she’s still got her seat on the Iron Throne…for now.


  • why is Oathkeeper being used here? Surely if you were going to use a sword to hype season 7 it would Longclaw? I’ve thought for a while now that oathkeeper is actually lightbringer (same amount of syllables lol) think about it, Jaime could be the prince that was promised, Cersei his Nysa, think about it…Lightbringer was forged from Ice. I’m absolutely 100% correct on this and will have nothing said against it…Hazaar!

  • Still think that sword’s Widows Wail, not Oathkeeper. Aside from it being darker than the sword Brianne uses, widows well has yet to be accounted for. It’s a Valyrian steel sword and wouldn’t have been introduced just to disappear. Pretty sure Cersei’s a widow too…and her younger bro’s in Kings Landing…and last we saw him he was giving her the death stare for burning half of KL to the ground…which I’m pretty sure he didn’t love, considering the whole Kingslayer thing…kinda makes sense, huh?

    • Would widows wail have been buried with Joffrey? If so was he buried in the Sept? If that was the case I can see someone finding widows wail in the rubble.

      • Shouldn’t have been. Tywin created them from Ice to be ancestral valyrian steel swords of House Lannister, not to be ‘lost’ with one member of the family. He wouldn’t allow it to be buried (and would have been irate had he known that Jaime gave one to Brienne. As Jaime said to Tywin, “You’ve wanted one of these in the family for a long time,” to which Tywin responded, “And now we have two.” It should have been passed to Tommen… and now in possession of Cersei.

  • These are just the props and costumes people who work on the show. I failed to Ser how any of these scenes represent any part of Season 7 story, especially when most of the scenes required CGI inputs.

  • Sansa’s Casket?!?! No, dammit, that’s a “CH” or possibly a “CHA”, not a “CA”. But throwing that right before showing the side of a casket is rude. But what’s so damn special about “Sansa’s Chair”? Or is it that level of detail appreciation why I’ll never be involved in set design for a major production.

  • What if it isn’t Oathkeeper, but Widow’s Wail? The hand holding it looks like it belongs to a man, and a ginger at that given the fair skin and freckles. I can’t see Brienne letting anyone else handle her sword, and D&D made a big deal out of the making of both swords at the beginning of season 4. Did we see it again after Joffrey used it to cut the pigeon pie? Did Tommen ever wield it? Perhaps Cersi gives it to one of her new minions– or perhaps she gives it to Eurion. Valerian steel will be important in the wars to come, given that it is such a rare and valuable commodity… plus knowing that the sword was made from Ice, and that it’s the Targaryen colors, I’ve got a feeling that good king Joff’s wedding gift has to come back into play sooner or later.

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