Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Production Season 7 Speculation

Speculation: What do the Game of Thrones teasers mean for season 7?

HBO is dropping production teasers at a breathtaking pace as we await an actual trailer for season 7. Thus far, the teaser have focused on our two favorite families: the Starks and the Lannisters. We have seen official footage of Jon Snow, Arya and Sansa, Oathkeeper (a Lannister sword in the hands of a Stark ally), and now new  footage of Cersei Lannister. We have yet to see any major footage or teases about any of the other Houses in Westeros, or of Daenerys Targaryen, last seen heading for Westeros.

Is there any significance to this? Or is it all just a coincidence?

Over the course of the first three seasons, we saw the world of Game of Thrones expand to include houses beyond Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens, before it started to contract in seasons 4 through 6. The Baratheons initially played an important role, but are now largely extinct. Likewise the Tyrells, who are now reduced to their matriarch Olenna. The Tullys, Arryns, and Martells Sand Snakes are around as well, but none of them are major players in the game anymore. So on some level, it makes sense that we are only seeing the Lannisters and Starks in the promotional material so far.

Daenerys absence likely has less to do with her importance to the story than it does to do with HBO wanting to save her big moments for either the official trailer or season 7 itself. Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for six seasons for Dany to make her way to Westeros, so it makes sense that HBO doesn’t want to reveal her grand arrival in a production tease. An official trailer is another story.

With HBO wanting to save Dany’s big moment for the trailer, the Starks and the Lannisters really are the only houses it has to put on display. No one is lining up to see images of Robin Arryn wiping his nose on Littlefinger’s sleeve. Of course, it should be stated that this could all just be one giant coincidence, but more likely it’s simply a matter of HBO having limited options on what it can release since many of our favorite characters are no longer with us.

Anyone have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Um….SNORE! HBO should’ve released something more exciting and engaging. Were these 2 “teaser” trailers even worth the time and effort? I think not…. C’mon HBO!

    • Why so impatient? They just finished filming (i think) season 7. They’re not gonna put a legit teaser or trailer out right now and rightfully so. It’s too early. Let them finish what needs to be done still. Don’t worry man, the trailer will come out when it comes out. The fact that we’re getting these in production teasers, is pretty cool.

  • The glimpse of Oathkeeper, could be a subtle hinted representation of the Stark sisters reuniting. The name and it’s purpose were given by Brienne to find,protect,and reunite Sansa and Arya.

    It could also represent season 7’s theme in keeping an Oath.

    Arya= Revenge
    Sansa= Upholding Winterfell,while jon is away
    Jon = Proving he is King worthy
    Danerys= Conquering
    Bran/Sam = Informing Jon of his parentage
    Many others =

    In other words, all those still alive made some sort of promise to themselves. It could mean it’s time these “Oaths” (promises) come to pass.

    • I agree!

      It seems the characters will collide and they will finally reach the end of their worldly journeys, of their very personal and political interests, just to be reminded that everything they lived so far was just a preparation to the main event.

    • For any other show, I’d say that you’re reading far too much into a clip that lasted a only few seconds. But considering the enormous amount of foreshadowing this show has always had, you’re probably on to something with this.

  • They could of shown a shot where the sword was being ‘drawn’ ( hilt down) – yet they showed a shot where the sword seems to be in slow motion of coming down…like an execution- or being handed over.
    Winter is here. Words are wind. Action is coming.

  • Season 4 ep2. One of Brans first “look for me under the tree” vosions,they show a dead horse eating?… If they say Bran can warg into the Dragon that the leak say’s the Night King will mount after resurrecting it, why can’t Bran do so to a dead horse that needs food?? If it eats, it dies…

  • Season 7 will be about some characters trying to move and fullfill their destinies, only to collide with people that will make them question not only their plans, but their honour and what is really important.

    Oathkeeper had ” fullfilled its purpose”, Brienne said on season 6- but she will find out through season 7 that protecting a Stark of Winterfell means more than rescuing a young woman from abuse: it is saving the world from The Others, at whatever cost.

    Now, about Cersei, there is not much to go about from this “in production”, only that she is still playing “The Queen”.

  • Hey staff writers, you guys ought to do a post that collects all of the rumors and spoilers into one place, like you did last year.

  • What if it isn’t Oathkeeper, but Widow’s Wail? The hand holding it looks like it belongs to a man, and a ginger at that given the fair skin and freckles. I can’t see Brienne letting anyone else handle her sword, and D&D made a big deal out of the making of both swords at the beginning of season 4. Did we see it again after Joffrey used it to cut the pigeon pie? Did Tommen ever wield it? Perhaps Cersi gives it to one of her new minions– or perhaps she gives it to Eurion. Valerian steel will be important in the wars to come, given that it is such a rare and valuable commodity… plus knowing that the sword was made from Ice, and that it’s the Targaryen colors, I’ve got a feeling that good king Joff’s wedding gift has to come back into play sooner or later.

  • Whilest I like the theory that showing Oathkeeper represents many oaths/promises to be kept, in several cases the oaths/promises cited were never truly made. They may have been implied, but a proper oath is declared, often in front of a witness. Even Ned’s promise to Lyanna had a witness. The theory might be valid anyway. I speculate that the sword was featured because this season it will finally be restored to the Starks, most likely Jon (as a potential Lightbringer?) or maybe Arya, or to be re-forged with Widows Wail. The hand holding the hilt was a ginger (Tormund?) who was repositioning it, presumably to be sharpened on the honing wheel whirring in the background. The fact that the blade was dark makes me think that the sword we see is already reforged, The blade color interests me, especially since Ice had been very bright. Does the darkness connote being singed by dragon fire? Is it dark because it’s going to Arya the Dark Stark sister, who rhapsodised over Visenya and Dark Sister in a scene with Tywin? Or is it dark because Jon Snow is still in some way a brother of the Night’s Watch? Come to think on it, maybe that huge ruby originally came from Rhaegar’s armour? In any case, the teaser strikes me as more literal than figurative, but probably both.

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