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Screencap breakdown: The Game of Thrones season 7 teaser trailer

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Yesterday, HBO dropped the first teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season 7, an evocative number that featured stone renderings of many of the House sigils, all of which crumbled into dust at the end. Have a watch.

Today, let’s go through it shot by shot and see what, if any, insights we can glean.

First up is an image of the dragons of House Targaryen. Daenerys’ line from “Hardhome” plays over it. “I know what my father was. What he did. I know the mad king earned his name.”

Then, we hear what Bran heard when he was deep down a greensight hole in “Blood of My Blood”: “Burn them all!”

Okay, first of all, I’ve gotta say that this teaser is already more intriguing than the one we got ahead of season 6, when we heard old lines play over images of long-dead characters in the Hall of Faces. We were already familiar with the Hall of Faces a that time — giant stone statues of House sigils are new.

Beyond that, the choice of quotes from Daenerys is interesting. Last season, Tyrion had to talk her out of burning down the entirety of Meereen after she returned from the Dothraki Sea, so there’s definitely a bit of Mad Queen firestarter in her. (She and Cersei may have more in common than they realize.) Hearing Daenerys talk about her crazy father while he screams his signature line…well, I don’t think it bodes well for Dany’s sanity come season 7.

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      • Definitely the Mormont bear. Did anybody else pick up on the lion’s paw being a nod to Joffrey’s sword from season one?

      • The number of people saying this baffles me. Even if it looks like a bear, it is still obviously meant to be a lion.

        >Mentions Lannister quote
        >Is turning away from the stag, which we see earlier in the teaser the lion is attacking
        >Is turning to attack the direwolf, whilst Cat is screaming (obvious Red Wedding reference is obvious)

        It would literally make zero sense for it to be a bear.

  • About Daenerys quote: I understood a bit differently, like they cut her line (” I am going to break the wheel”) and showed the CoT spiral with the remnants of the Houses Sigils as meaning that the wheel will be broken after all- just not by Daenerys.

    This line is the foreshadowing of the War for the Down having a much more lasting effect on Westeros.

    At this point, I will call it now the end of season 8: Westeros will be the New Valirya, a wasteland. Somehow they will lock the WW in the continent, but their wayof life will be gone. Arya said she wanted to see what is ” West of Westeros”, a line nowehere to found on the books. We will see the new Nymeria, leading the 10.000 ships, finding Americos.

    • Arya said she wanted to see what is ” West of Westeros”, a line nowehere to found on the books. We will see the new Nymeria, leading the 10.000 ships, finding Americos.

      To exterminate another race and devastate another continent.

  • Season 7 will be 7 episodes starting 7/17. The faith of the 7! An old theory is there will only be 7 that make it to the end, each representing the 7 gods!

    • 7 Gods, 7 Kingdoms, 7 Starks, 7 books (eventually, maybe), the 7 Pointed Star, 7 days in a week, 7 errogenous zones (according to Monica), 7 Harry Potter books, 7 Horcruxes, “se7en” is a good movie, 7-Eleven, 7 Samurai, 7 minutes is how long it took me to think of all this 7 bullshit… 7 HELLS! 7 blessings to you. May the 7 be with you. May the 7 be ever in your favor. May the 7th… will most likely just be an ordinary day.


  • Last season, wasn’t it understood that the “Mad” King wasn’t saying “burn them all” in relation to humans but in relation to the White Walkers? Wasn’t it understood that Bran had told him this by messing with the timeline? Jaimie, and others had the point of view that the King had gone mad and was talking to himself, but because of what Bran can do, it was him talking to the king. Didn’t this site bring that out last season? Or am I reaching?

    • To add on to that, it’s of note that his words are in same video as all the house crumbling leading to a White Walker’s blue eye. The ‘burn them all’ is related to how to win that war that’s pending. IMO

    • You’re reaching. That is a theory that is being pushed around on the internet that this site may have picked up on and reported but there is nothing concrete or certain about that

    • You may be reaching, you may not. It’s a theory that may very well turn out to be true, but it’s not “understood” in the sense of being any kind of fact or consensus. It does seem implied by Bran’s vision, where we see the White Walkers and the undead army images juxtaposed against the Mad King’s voice saying “Burn them all.” I think it’s likely that this is foreshadowing of how the undead army will be dealt with (either with dragon fire or Wildfire or both). And I think that was always a safe bet, since as soon as the notion that the wights can be taken out with fire was established, we could have always easily assumed that they’ll be taken out with fire in the end. As for how the White Walkers themselves will be dealt with, I assume there’ll be strategic use of dragonglass and valyrian steel swords involved. I’m not sure the Night King himself can be taken out as easily, though. That may require something special.

      As for the idea that Bran was whispering in the Mad King’s ear and that’s where he got “Burn them all.” from… it’s possible, and would certainly be a payoff for the time-looping that’s been established… but I just don’t see why Bran would do that. What would he be thinking the point is of telling the Mad King how to defeat the undead army? Mad King’s dead by the time the undead army comes. Unless he does it by accident again, but that would just feel repetitive and… again, pointless.

      Instead of that, I think what’s more likely and more interesting is if the Mad King was in fact referring to burning the undead army the whole time, it’s just that nobody understood him. Perhaps he knew about the imminent threat of the White Walkers (learned about it through research/prophecy) and thought of himself as being Azor Ahai or something, and thought he was the only one fit to defeat the White Walkers. That’s why he clung to the throne and went “mad”, because he thought everybody was doomed without him anyway. Similar to how Sarah Conner becomes dangerous because she knows of a coming apocalypse and thus everybody is dead already in her mind anyway, the Mad King become dangerous because he views everybody’s life as being owed to him eventually anyway. Hence, everybody’s life is his to do with as he pleases. He’ll make up for any blood on his hands by eventually saving countless more people than he kills. He burns people to practice for the coming war and delights to see how well it works, because it gives him confidence that it’ll work when the time comes. He stockpiles wildfire, not because he wants to set it off to destroy the city, but so he’ll have it when the time comes. When his claim to the throne is being taken away from him, he becomes desperate and starts warning people, “Burn them all!” Both the pyromancer and Jaime misunderstand him and think he means the people of the city, when he was actually trying to tell them what to do when the army of the dead comes, since he’s realizing that he probably won’t live until then. The ultimate reason for Bran to see visions of the Mad King is because Bran will be the one who finally realizes what he meant, and will finally set the record straight. The Mad King never actually wanted to burn down the city. He just wanted to save Westeros. You can imagine the effect this information would have on Dany, Jaime, Cersei… well, pretty much everybody.

  • This is most likely nothing, but it’s fun that they did this.

    Robb: “One time she told me the sky is blue because we live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant named ‘Macumber’.”

    Bran: “…maybe we do.”

    Tywin: “Some believe the king choked.”

    Oberyn: “Some believe the sky is blue because we live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant. The king was poisoned.”

  • All it was the sigils of the seven Kingdoms, quotes from all six seasons, prop master carrying a sword, and scripts for a table read, and other production events. I plan on cutting off my phone while watching the premier.

  • If you turn on captions, the words “The same thing is coming for all of us” is preceded by “Ned Stark:”. There’s a debate online as to whether that is a captioning error or a past line or a new flashback…

    • Yeah, i’ve seen that captioning too. I think that line is Ned Stark, not Jon Snow as it sounded deeper/older than Jon to me anyway.

  • I like that it reveals it’s all happening in the big blue eye. It parallels the line in season 1 when Robb tells Bran that Old Nan once told him the sky is blue because “we” all live in the eye of a blue-eyed giant.

    • I don’t think it necessarily “reveals” that.. I think it’s an ode to that reference for sure, but it doesn’t confirm that theory. I (and I think most people) took it to be a symbol for the White Walkers/wights, etc.

  • Just as long as all Targaryens end up dead I’m alright with any ending.

    His Grace the Nights King, of house Walker, King of the Andals, the First Men, the remains of the Wall and the North etc…

  • You guys might have missed one. Premiere date 7/16 (at end). Theme of 7 courses though the series so 7th month important. I doubt that the 16th was randomly chosen. Add 1 and 6 and you get 7. 7th of July was a Friday so that couldn’t work. Probably mentioned in another thread but I thought it was a fun detail.

  • Thanks for this detailed breakdown and explanation! My screen renders the whole video so dark that it’s hard even to make out, regardless of the brightness adjustment, and my vision isn’t that good, anyhow. Your interpretation gave me 10x what I’d been able to deduce on my own!

  • Page 2, last picture: that’s a bear. The proportions between head and ears, the fangs, the head shape: it must be a bear. It is sure not a lion, and cannot be a lioness because there would be different proportions and a different shape.
    House Mormont is more important than one might think: Jeor mentored Jon and gave him Longclaw, Jorah mentored and saved Dany, and advised her to buy the Unsullied. Lyanna “made” Jon king in the show (in the books it might be Maege bringing him news of Robb’s will).

    • It makes no sense for it to be a bear. You’re only reading that because you want it to be a bear (I have no idea why).

      The lion was shown attacking the stag. The same stag we see on the right side of the screen. Unless the lion randomly disappeared and they decided to show a bear killing a stag and turning to attack the direwolf, it’s a lion.

      Hell, it even shows the Kraken strangling the wolf, with the lion attacking, which obviously shows the immediate events preceding the Red Wedding. And then the Lannister line (come on, they flat out mention Lannister) coupled with Cat’s scream is obviously referencing the Red Wedding directly, which (last time I checked) the Lannister’s orchestrated, not the Mormonts.

      That is not a bear.

  • In Dany’s original wheel speech the Targaryen house was not included, if I’m not mistaken. It was added for this teaser.

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