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Isaac Hempstead Wright on how the cast and crew is handling the end of Game of Thrones

Isaac Hempstead Wright, aka Bran Stark, has been promoting Game of Thrones season 7 pretty hard lately. He’s been giving lots of interviews, and Vulture snagged one more during Wright’s recent appearance at the Madison Square Garden performance of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.

For those who may not know, Wright is a musician himself — he started playing piano at a young age. So he has some opinions on the Live Concert Experience. “I love “Light of the Seven,” because that’s the first time the piano’s ever been used in the show’s score,” he said. “And it’s such a key moment as well. I think it’s a really clever use of the instrumentation there, to suddenly have this totally foreign sound, for their world, in such a pivotal scene. I haven’t actually learned that song on the piano yet, but the really clever part of it is how the cello and the organ and all these different things move in and out, in a minimalist fashion.”

All the tunes Ramin [Djawadi, the show’s composer] has done are really wonderful because they’re not really in the medieval genre. They’re not just one thing. Hearing him play it with an orchestra is pretty spectacular.

But it’s not all fun and rousing songs about exploding churches. We’re coming up on the penultimate season of Game of Thrones here, and Wright admits there’s a certain melancholy on set as the end draws near. “[T]o not come in and see the same faces, to see the same crew, and the same irreplaceable actors, it’s going to be really sad. And so there is that wistful atmosphere on set at times, and people going, ‘Oh, we’re so close!'”

That may apply just to the actors, incidentally, since they “pop in and out.” The producers, on the other hand, “they’ve literally been living on set in Belfast. So I think they’re probably ready to call it a day, and not be quite so nostalgic. They want to go home and actually sleep!”

So how are the actors commemorating the end of this era? “Every experience we have not yet had together, we need to have them quickly. Karaoke night is high up on the list now. I think a bunch of people are talking about getting a tattoo together. Getting the “O” with the three lines through it.”

I hope when it’s all done, they will let people on the sets look around, because it will no longer be a secret, and the sets are just truly works of art. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be preserved. The amount of collective hours, all the time and detail for these massive set pieces, should be some sort of museum exhibit.

Considering its popularity and all it’s done for the economy of Northern Ireland and elsewhere, I’d be shocked if some organization didn’t set up some kind of Game of Thrones museum exhibit after the show wraps. It’s definitely become part of television history, and it isn’t even over yet.

One other quick hit before we go: Oscar winner Jim Broadbent is joining the Game of Thrones cast for season 7, playing an archmaester of the Citadel. He pointedly didn’t reveal any new details about the role when talking to the Los Angeles Times, but did discuss why he took the part.

I don’t think I’m allowed to say anything. Being on the show hadn’t occurred to me. I haven’t been watching. [But] it seemed like a good thing to be part of, a bit like when I was asked to be in ‘Harry Potter.’ You’re like, ‘Oh, that’s something good to get ticked off.’

Yes, in addition to winning an Oscar for Iris, Broadbent also played Professor Horace Slughorn in two of the Harry Potter movies. If he manages to snag a role in a Star Wars movie, he’ll be a nerd king.


  • The SXSW panel conversation with Weiss, Benioff, Turner and Williams is tomorrow, March 12th, in the afternoon.
    In past years, they had questions asked to the guests, and we usually get pedestrian, boring ones.
    I would like to hear what the intelligent contributors to Winter is Coming would ask! Since Winter is Coming is going, a question contest would be fun!

  • 1. Is the reason we never hear from a person who leaks plot information a second time is you kill them?
    2. Was the look Sophie gave Littlefinger the one she intended?
    3. Does Maisie think the stab wound the Waif gave her look fatal to her, too?
    4. Which plot do you wish you could change or remove from the show?
    5. Which plot from the books do you regret not including in the show?

    • Lol @ your 1st question!
      For #2 I do think nothing is left to coincidence or unintentional in show.
      That look Sansa gave LF was absolutely intended the way she did it probably.
      I was surprised to hear how many times they re-did the take of Sophie walking away when the hounds attack Ramsey. She said every single facial expression was planned the way it turned out. That slight smile had to be perfect.
      I love watching the episodes with the cast/crew comments!

      Damn this new season can’t come soon enough!!👑

  • What action from an earlier season do you think is your character’s greatest regret?

    What character from an entirely separate storyline would you most like your character to cross paths with for the first time?

    What new place in Planetos would you like your character to visit?

    If your character survives to the end, what unexpected role might make her content?

    What did your character once think she wanted that she definitely no longer does?

  • About bran getting a lot of interviews lately… I’ve noticed that typically means the end for that actor. Think Margery last season.

  • I am so impressed with these questions, which are mostly aimed at Maisie and Sophie. I’ve been wracking my brain to add to the list, so I looked up SXSW and found this:

    “David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Entertainment Influencers Track) – David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are creators, executive producers and writers of the Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones for HBO. In addition to their work on Game of Thrones, Benioff and Weiss are also both novelists and have directed episodes of GoT. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) will join as moderators for this conversation with David and D.B.

    I take ‘moderators’ as meaning the Stark sisters will be the ones asking the questions/and or interacting with the audience. Either way, it should be interesting. Mophie must be nervous. If they touch a nerve, Dave or Dan could kill off their character in Season 8.

    • Apparently, Maisie did say something about Sansa which led to an awkward silence. Personally, I think she was trolling; Dan also trolled on the same subject. So I hope they don’t kill Arya off.

  • You used penultimate wrong. It basically means least ultimate not almost ultimate. Just thought you should know.

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