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Ramin Djawadi on the future of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

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The Game of Thrones Live Concert is in the back half of its 2017 lifecycle, and by most accounts has been a smashing successVulture spoke to show composer Ramin Djawadi about managing such an elaborate display. “I feel like we have so much going on,” he said. “We have all this movement and color, and you’ll be like, ‘Oh, wait! What’s happening on the left? What’s happening on the right?’ Because it will be happening all around you.”

For those who haven’t attended the Live Concert Experience, there’s a bit where fake snow flies through the air, fire spurts from the stage (red and green), and wierwood leaves waft onto the audience during a performance of “Goodbye Brother.” So yes, there’s a lot of spectacle. involved.

And there was some stuff so elaborate it got cut. At one point, there was going to be a screen that came down and separated parts of the audience — it was supposed to stand in for the Wall. The soloists and choir members moved across the stage a lot more, too. “It’s physically exhausting,” Djawadi said. “But it looks so cool when we use the whole space.”

Plus, although the soloists stay largely the same, Djawadi uses local musicians and singers in each of the many North American locations he visits on the tour. That means extra rehearsal time. All in all, it’s a massive undertaking, but it clearly hasn’t dimmed Djawadi’s spirits. In fact, he’s already considering “a sequel” to follow season 7. Who knows what kind of amazing new tracks he’ll write for the show’s upcoming episodes?

He’s also thinking about a similar concert tour for Westworld, the other huge HBO sci-fi/fantasy show he composes for. “I definitely have ideas, because we could do a whole concert from just the first season. The player piano plays such a huge role in that one, so it’s a must-have as a centerpiece. And imagine the possibilities for guest stars! I would love it if anyone like Radiohead or Trent Reznor wanted to be involved. It would be such a blast.”

But for now, Djawadi is wrapping up the tour before presumably penning new tunes for Game of Thrones season 7. If you haven’t seen the Live Concert Experience yet, here are the remaining dates.

  • 3/16: San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center
  • 3/17: Houston, TX – Toyota Center
  • 3/19: Denver, CO – Pepsi Center
  • 3/23: Los Angeles, CA – The Forum
  • 3/25: Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • 3/26: Phoenix, AZ – TalkingStick Resort Arena
  • 3/29: San Jose, CA – SAP Center
  • 3/31: Seattle, WA – Key Arena
  • 4/1: Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena
  • 4/2: Portland, OR – Moda Center

If you have the means, we definitely recommend this show. Although don’t go if you haven’t seen the show and don’t want to be spoiled, obviously. “There are certainly a lot of spoilers,” Djawadi said. “This is a crash course.”


  • I was in VIP tables of House Lannister in Columbus, OH. Cocktail hour, catered dinner, iron throne photos, meeting with Ramin and being in the literal middle of everything was amazing. Best $$ you’ll ever spend if you are a superfan. ♡

  • I saw it in Madison Square Garden last week and absolutely loved it even more than I expected. If you’re a fan, you should really try to check it out, its beautiful. Visually it was fantastic, but it was also so interesting to see and hear the variety of instruments used for that amazing score.

    Purchased 4 – $295 VIP Bannermen Tickets at the BB&T show in South Florida. What a terrible experience!!! The $60 seats one level up were so much better. On the floor you are staring straight up at the screens on the ceiling and can’t even fully see over the high stage in front of us. Missed half the show / other side of the stage. What a waste of money!!!!!!!!

    • It must have been a venue issue because Columbus, OH was worth every cent. That’s too bad for you, but I would not discourage others from researching their closest venue. I would think a little research of your venue would have helped you as it did me. Just google your site.

      • Montreal had the same problem. Over $500 a ticket, and we were Looking straight up with a craned neck, OR looking at the 24″ set at eye level.. it was great being so close to the performers, but front row in the actual stadium seating would have been a much better experience.

  • My seats were perfect. I was the only one dressed up there (I donned my Jon Snow outfit) and people thought I was part of the concert. I must have taken 50 photos that night. Best night in years! Music was amazing. Only negative part was they didn’t play Daenerys song from the fighting pits. Shocked at that, but still a 10 out of 10 experience. I’d definitely go again!

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