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Funny stuff: Video translates Cersei and Margaery’s passive-agressive sniping

Few Game of Thrones characters got under Cersei Lannister’s skin like Margaery Tyrell, particularly after Margaery married Tommen. At that point, the young and beautiful Margaery was the new queen of Westeros, but not before her first husband — Cersei’s first-born son Joffrey — died under mysterious circumstances.

Cersei never trusted Margaery, nor Margaery Cersei. YouTuber Lindybeige has taken a closer at their rivalry by dubbing over the scene from “High Sparrow” where they snipe at each other following Margaery’s wedding to Tommen. What was behind that harmless exchange of pleasantries?

First of all, there’s no way anyone could watch this scene without noticing the snark-filled comments made by Margaery — the wine comment was a clear dig at Cersei’s well-known penchant for getting plastered. Watching Cersei in the opening moments of this particular scene makes me wonder if she actually had good intentions toward her new daughter-in-law at first, before Margaery started to volley the passive-aggressive insults like a battleship in World War II.

But it’s Cersei who walks away with the look of pure hatred on her face, letting the audience know that Margaery’s slight would be answered. And, as we know, it was. The lesson here is: Don’t be a little shit to Cersei, or she’ll explode your entire family.

On top of that, the video is a fun little lesson on the use of irony on the show. Do you agree with Lindybeige’s conclusions that this is the kind of scene that can only work on film or TV (or, at least, the kind that wouldn’t work in a graphic novel), with the benefit of actors to convey subtleties in meaning?


  • Loved Margaery’s wine dig lol:)
    But yes, you mess with Cersei and you’ll pay the price 💥🔥
    But Cersei will get hers too! 🙏🏼
    I hated her from the minute she had Lady killed!
    Love Lena though!! 💖

    • Lena is the absolute best. I’ve admired her ever since I saw her in the Jungle Book in 1994. Simply amazing. Not many women have that aura about them.

  • “…letting the audience know that Margaery’s slight would be answered. And, as we know, it didn’t.”

    Proof-reading… it helps.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love the big, messy, shocking stuff as much as the next arena mob member, but I do really enjoy the quieter, more subtle talky scenes with lots of doublespeak and hidden barbs. He is right about this sort of thing being most effective in the live action format, the timing, tone and facial expressions are what sell it. It’ll be interesting to see how Cersei’s tone and delivery change when next we see her, finally freed from having to hide who she really is and fully in power in her own right. Obviously she’ll still be a raging alcoholic and murderous ragefemme, so…

  • Rob Stark was proclaimed King in the North because the children of Robert were illegitimate, the Lannisters were corrupt, and Edward Stark was wrongfully beheaded. His war ended at the Red Wedding, but the northerners still had rebel pockets of resistance, while Stannis took the cause and made the war his own. But he never became “King in the North”. Jon took back Winterfell with marginal support plus wildlings, then he was proclaimed the new King in the North. (After the battle was won, which was different from Robs pathway).
    My question: is it still the Battle of the 5 Kings, just one of those kings was replaced with another? Granted, he still hasn’t taken the throne he doesn’t want yet, even though he has enough support to do it. If the war is truly over as far as Jon is concerned, does everyone else just fall in line?
    These questions are the ones that make his meeting with Daenerys more interesting.

    • I think the war of the 5 kings is now over, the original fighters (Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy, Joffrey Baratheon-Lannister, Stannis Baratheon, and Renly Baratheon) are all dead

      • I think you’re right. Even if Euron took the spot his brother had and Jon inherited the spot Rob had, they’re both fighting for independence from the throne. When Cersei convinces Euron to join her cause, it’s no longer the same war anyhow.

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