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‘Hey, they were in Game of Thrones’—Where else have you seen these 50 GoT cast members?

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As the quivering, demented and damaged Lysa Arryn, Kate Dickie was impressive. She’s one of those actresses you know you’ve seen before, even if you can’t quite put your finger on where and when. She’s appeared in dark dramas like The Witch and Filth, and has admitted to being drawn to troubled characters:

I don’t feel drawn to lightness, I need something more. I feel that – oh, I hate saying this, it sounds so wanky – but I feel a real urge to give voices to people we don’t usually hear from in real life. There are always reasons for people’s behaviour, and it’s easy just to dismiss them and assume that we already know their story, especially if they’re no good at showing their emotions. Life gives you all these knocks, it’s so easy to form a shell to protect yourself. I’ve done it myself.

You may also have seen Dickie as a member of the ill-fated crew in Prometheus (2012).


The Scottish-born actress stars as Kate Ford, the USCSS Prometheus’ Medical and First Officer. As an actress used to smaller fare, being in a big budget spectacular was an experience, something she laughed about in a 2014 interview with ReelScotland:

It was surprising to me to see me popping up in that one! I had a great time on that. The first month I couldn’t quite believe I was there and I remember thinking ‘I’m either having this vivid dream or I’ve lost the plot and I’m delusional’. Then I thought they’d maybe meant to call Kate Winslett, it just seemed too surreal … Michael Fassbender was very kind to me, I think he could see I was quite nervous.

Even in small roles, Dickie’s ability to convey naked emotion is striking. She received accolades for the thriller Red Road, where she played the depressed and isolated Jackie Morrison, a video-surveillance officer working in Glasgow.


In a poll of film critics and filmmakers by the Observer, Red Road was voted one of the best British films in the last 25 years. It also received the 2006 Cannes Jury Prize, and Dickie won the 2006 Scottish BAFTA award for Best Actress in a Scottish Film. Looking ahead, Dickie will appear in the Second World War era drama Landgericht in 2017.

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  • WOW!! Thank you so much Richard for all your time and research you did to put this article together!!👏 Loved reading about all the other projects the GoT actors have been involved in! So many times I will be watching a show and say….Hey, there’s so and so from GoT! Or things I have already seen and watch again and didn’t know I was watching GoT actor. I know many of them will go on to have great acting careers, and I will be excited to watch them! Thanks again Richard!👍

  • Noah Taylor was in a gem of a science fiction movie ,no body saw, Predestination, with Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook .
    It is not clear if Carice van Houten is even in season 7 of GoT, from all we know she might not be, witch is passing odd.
    Carice played Leni Riefenstahl in the film Race last year.
    Carice just had a baby that’s probably keeping her out of films for right now.

  • I hate to correct however, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was not in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. It was Iain Glen as the villian.

  • I just saw Lena Headey in an old episode of Law & Order:SVU. She played a college student lying about being raped to get attention. Gooe preparation for Cersei? (Lying, conniving bitch). Also, Margaery was Olenna’s granddaughter, not her daughter. Jerome Flynn has a great singing voice. He has nothing to be ashamed of about being in Robson & Jerome.

  • A young Mace Tyrell is in a Gomez video, being scared of an escalator!! Whippin Picadilly, give it a watch!! I can’t work out how to add a link…

  • Kate Dickie was also in the tv-movie series called PILLARS OF THE EARTH (2011), adaptation from the book of the same name. She was the wife of Tom the Builder played by Rufus Sewell.

    Ian McShane aka Septon/Brother Ray played Bishop Bigod too.

  • Anyone around in the UK in the 90s will remember just how huge a deal (for better and worse) Robson Green and Jerome Flynn were. They blew up overnight after an episode of Soldier, Soldier! that had them singing Unchained Melody. All the housewives and grannies went nuts for them!

  • Brilliant! You saved me hours of searching on IMDB. And it was so liberating to finally say ‘Ahhhh, that’s where I had seen him/her!’

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