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Dancing with copyright infringement: E4 has a creepy new reality show called Game of Clones

Game of Thrones has been imitated before, but never quite like this. British digital television channel E4 has an all-new reality dating show called Game of Clones. The premise is nuts: contestants digitally create their dream boy or girl using a Sims-like body creator — height, weight, build, hair, etc. Then, the show goes out and finds eight people who look like the digitally created person. Then they all date (and live with) the contestant for a while until he or she decides which seven to dump. And badda-bing badda-bang: a horrifying idea is turned into a show.

In the show’s first episode, which aired February 27, a woman named Charlotte created her ideal man — he was mixed-race and wore snapback caps and red shoes. Charlotte then moved into a house with the men of her dreams and began what I am sure was the extremely daunting the task of narrowing the eight “clones” down to one. Think of this show as the bastard infant of Big Brother and The Bachelor. Or, better yet, a cross between horror film Hostel and the Michael Keaton comedy Multiplicity.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a show so completely ridiculous that it makes you want to don your jetpack and leave planet earth.

There’s also the issue of whether E4 is running afoul of any copyrights here. The title is a pretty blatant reference to Game of Thrones, although thankfully nothing else is similar.

In case you needed some nightmare fuel.

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