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George R.R. Martin hints at “lots of stuff with HBO that I cannot talk about yet”

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George R.R. Martin recently wrote about his busy, busy March on his Not a Blog, and dropped some interesting tidbits about The Winds of Winter, his writing process, and more. The guy’s been hard at work:

Besides all that, there’s been the huge new Wild Cards deal, the Wild Cards reread, lots of stuff with HBO that I cannot talk about yet, and of course — always, always — WINDS OF WINTER.

First of all, the “Wild Cards deal” refers to Universal developing a television series based on the Wild Cards anthology books, which Martin edits. Martin admits in a comment that, because he is “exclusive to HBO,” he won’t be involved. “My hope is that the powers to be at Universal will do a faithful adaptation of the books. With twenty-three volumes in print, hundreds of stories and more characters than I can count, they certainly have a wealth of material.”

But Game of Thrones fans will probably be more interested in Martin’s comment that he’s involved with “lots of stuff with HBO that I cannot talk about yet.” With rumors about a Game of Thrones spinoff still swirling, it’s hard to wonder if he’s referring to a potential prequel or sequel series. But obviously there’s nothing solid on that yet.

He also confirmed that he’s “always, always” working on The Winds of Winter. In the comments, someone asked him if he’d ever consider working on A Song of Ice and Fire with another writer. While Martin has collaborated on projects before (with David Benioff and Dan Weiss on Game of Thrones, for instance), when it comes to ASOIAF, he’s unequivocal. “No. Never have, never will.”

He also quickly quashed the commenter’s suggestion that he had “professed writer’s block.”

Never professed that. I don’t have ‘writer’s block.’ Never said I did.

What I do have is “too much to do.” An entirely different problem.

Martin is dedicated to tackling his many projects, at least. He discussed his position on vacations in response to another commenter who suggested he take some time off. “Y’know, one thing I’ve realized about myself… WORK is fun for me.”

I am lucky that way, I know. Lots of people hate their jobs, and love to get away. But I get restless lounging on a beach. Part of me gets itchy to be home at my computer.

I don’t need rest. I just need more hours in the day. Oh, and more energy would help too. I do get tired more quickly than I used to…

Well, having to much to do is better than having too little, at any rate.


  • “For someone who claims to have cleared his schedule of pretty much everything non-ASOIAF about 2 years ago according to other blog posts from him, his schedule sure seems pretty full.”

    strange all his “side projects” like wild turds generate zero interests but he keeps pushing it….and know this “top secret still to come garbage”

    i`m so grateful to D&D for transforming bloated,boring,directionless series in exciting, high quality TV series

    • It is pretty odd how he did say he was suspending side projects, and then has this to say. I gather that if HBO rolls up with another 18 wheeler full of money that it’s hard to say no, and we’ve got to be realistic about that. But some of these other things? Come on….

      • another 18 wheeler full of money

        You can be all self righteous about “the money,” but you ought to note that what GRRM is doing with it is helping new artists, writers, film makers, etc to get their chance. He’s GIVING BACK to the creative community. It might be different if all these news stories about his recent doings chronicled his expensive, debauched lifestyle, the gigantic parties, fast wimmen, conspicuous consumption, etc.

        They don’t. I find it hard to begrudge George’s supportive work, whether it’s as editor, founder of art houses, cinemas, movie production assistance companies, etc. Sure, I’m going crazy for the conclusion of A Song of Ice & Fire, like several others seem to be. But it’s not like GRRM is “wasting” his time.

        And when you consider how intricately crafted those first five books have been, how people are STILL noticing linkages and foreshadowings and symbolism within the text, surely you can understand how much work it takes to put one of these little thousand-odd page jewels together. Particularly when you want each subsequent one to be perfectly consistent with all the ones that preceded it.

        My humble opinion.

        • Humbug, he wants to get off his fat ass and write the ending, whilst he can, ‘BUT’ there’s no money in ending such a money maker now is there, so don’t expect the ending for some time ( if at all ) and Just maybe if and when the book is ended it just may “Not, be by him”.

        • There’s nothing self-righteous about noting that GRRM, like most people, will be motivated by a truckload of money. I’m not embarrassed or ashed to admit it would work on me. I’m saying I understand and we’ve got to be realistic about that. But as to the rest, I do take issue with his priorities.

          Giving back to the creative community is all well and good, but what about giving back to and following through to his fans and people that bought into his series? Remember them? He doesn’t seem to. Or at least, it seems as if they don’t rank terribly high on the totem pole of priorities even though without them, there wouldn’t be any truckloads of money, hobby theaters, bowling alleys, jet setting, or invitations to late night talk shows or Hollywood events without them.

          As for your observation that it takes a lot of work and thought to put these books together, that’s obviously very true. But, he used to do it in less than half the time it currently takes back when he was trying to make his mark. There’s no comparison in terms of his work ethic and I’m sorry to admit–quality–between when he was a celebrity and when he wasn’t. I accept that now he has more threads to work with since he’s later on in the books, but realistically, we’re not going to see TWOW until 2018 at minimum.

          You’re not going to convince a lot of people that he really is working with a professional level of follow-through on entry in a series that takes seven years to complete.

    • Well, I guess you’re not ASOIAF fan. No problem there. Complex fantasy/political drama isn’t for everyone. I see it goes over your head. But it’s pretty ya might want to add those adjectives you directed to the book and point them to the TV series. You could add absurd, simple-minded and crude for season 5 and 6.

  • Just looking at this bastard anymore makes me mad. Finish the damn books. At this point, I think it’s disrespectful to his audience. I have serious doubts that book 6 will be out before HBO televises season 8, or that book 7 will ever come out. I think GRRM ultimately leaves the series unfinished, which is very sad.

  • I think it’s sad you are calling him a Bastard. He has a life outside of Thrones Universe. I can understand people getting a bit frustrated for the next book but just because you are obssesed and feel a personal entitlement that he finish his work within “your” time frame; It’s still not a reason to Bash Mr. Martin.

    His personal life, is his personal life including whatever distorted concerns you have about his health. It’s not our business. He never forced you to read or purchase his books. If you are a fan great, act like a fan and not some entitled shit… get off his ass or don’t read or buy his books.

    You can have an opinion and it can differ from mine but you have no business bashing A person like this simply because you feel you are entitled.

    • Well said :)

      I also get the feeling that a lot of the impatience from the fandom is because of the impending conclusion of the show. A lot of these same fans (myself included), would never have discovered these amazing books if it weren’t for the show. So the sense of “entitlement” is even worse.

      I’m not saying that is necessarily the case here, it might not be.

    • @lemoncakes
      “His personal life, is his personal life including whatever distorted concerns you have about his health. It’s not our business. He never forced you to read or purchase his books. If you are a fan great, act like a fan and not some entitled shit… get off his ass or don’t read or buy his books. ”

      his personal life his , but his public life is “BUY BUY WILD CRAP.BUY WILD CRAP & do not forget brand new installment of WILD TURDS..etc” all he does is selling that shite publicly (and calendars,and childlike illustrations he call art for his old unfinished books and never ending new tv projects”

      here is quote from net that describes perfectly grrm
      “It already took a heavy dose of denial not to see that the man checked out of this series nearly 20 years ago and hasn’t actually published anything that deserves to be called a novel since. “Books” 4/5 were just one giant, bloated unedited manuscript chopped into two volumes (with the major battle and plotline resolutions left out, no less) and it still took eleven years to crap it out fully to the public. Now he’s released about 15 uninspiring chapters of TWOW, all of which were clearly written years ago and even he admits the actual book is nowhere in sight. There’s almost no place left for people who seek some sustenance for their denial to turn. When the publisher finally says “fuck it” and shoves whatever garbage they have for TWOW out the door, it will be over. The book will suck, the TV show will already be done, and nobody will care whether Martin lives to be 80 so that maybe he puts out another one.”

  • it’s like SO disrespectful to the audience when an artist is tackling and so productive in their work, so many of their dreams and projects being fulfilled, simultaneously creating….he should just STICK to the ONE that’s given him the MOST SUCCESS because the FANS WANT IT. STICK TO ONE THING TO PLEASE THESE STUPID COUCH POTATOES, ANYTHING THAT THEY CAN RELATE TO!!!!


  • I’m afraid GRRM may not be long for this world if he’s working himself to death, quite literally. That’s my fear. He can take as long as he wants but if he passes on, then what?

  • I don’t have as hard feelings for GRRM as some of the others here, but I understand where they are coming from. Without getting into whether or not he owes anybody anything–certainly he doesn’t legally–it does seem as if he’s a lot more interested in side projects than seeing through the series and delivering to the fans to which he owes his fame and fortune.

    He’s gotten too big, too rich, too important and too unaccountable. I’m sure his intentions are good and he comes off like a decent guy, but I don’t think anybody would contend that this would have been tolerated back before he became a big celebrity. That’s going to piss people off.

    I don’t think anybody would begrudge him working on Wild Cards, prequels, side-stories or whatever else he wants if not for the sense that he was neglecting ASOIAF, which is a pretty hard conclusion to avoid when you’re six years in and no end in sight.

  • Thank you George… your glacial pace of writing has cured me of any need to read Winds of Winter et al… after devouring the first five books, I like many other fans, eagerly awaited your next tome… but the wait is over, the ice has melted and the fire has burned out… like an old relationship gone sour, I have moved on…

    So really George you can take as long as you want… in fact (I do not wish you any harm) but you can take these last two books to the grave with you… which you seem intent on doing.

    But I am grateful that your words directed me to other authors whose works I have really enjoyed… Patrick Rothfuss and Neal Gaiman…

  • He will finish his books when he’s ready. I mean, we are not the ones to dictate him when he needs to finish it. It’s his story.
    That being said, I can understand the frustration of the readers too! I’m unsullied and remain so by choice. I have the first two books. But I choose to wait until the series wraps and I can fully devote my attention to the books.
    But jeez if I’d had to wait that long to know for instance if Jon lived or the ToJ reveal I’d gone crazy lol:)). But I’m sure the books will still be great to read! Even after the series ends!

  • Way to lose your minds, people. I get that waits are tough, and it’s frustrating that you have no idea when it’ll ever be released… but it’s just a goddamn book. You wouldn’t even have anything to be looking forward to if it weren’t for this man, and you’re gonna get mad at him and insult him just because he isn’t providing you with more superfluous entertainment soon enough to distract you from your apparently boring-enough-to-care-this-damn-much-about-a-book life? He doesn’t owe you anything. Get over yourself. The book will be done when it’s done. George isn’t going to die before he finishes it unless one of you obsessed fanboys murder him in your crazy, irrational (and ironic) hatred. I’d be more worried about yourself dying from a heart attack induced by the stress of your own ridiculousness.

  • Would like to remark that the creative process is something that cannot totally be controlled and planned. Creative work requires inspiration, and creative inspiration often comes to you in its own time and on its own terms and requires you to go with the flow to some extent. Sitting down trying to work on it at the wrong time may just result in staring at a blank page in my experience.

    I think the creative process on a TV show is very different, with a whole team of writers developing scripts as a team effort.

    Being a songwriting creative myself, I can confirm that writers can have very different creative processes, and that individual writing style is kind of a natural predisposition that can’t simply be changed.

    There are writer types who plan out their novels such as J. K. Rowling, or the “craftsman” type like Ken Follett who “industrialise” their work with a whole team of contributors. I think working on a schedule somehow comes easier to them.

    From the GRRM interview posted elsewhere on this site, I take it that GRRM happens to be the “organic writing” type whose inspiration happens to be stifled by planning. This is unfortunate for fans but I would think is just what he’s made of as writer and unfortunately cannot be changed with the flick of a switch.
    Still love this video though :-) George R.R. Martin Is Working Hard On His Next Book – CONAN on TBS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lle4t4o8EDk

  • So embarrassing that he’s going to blow his WOW deadline by TWO YEARS (first deadline was August 2015) and that it’s not going to be out before SEASON 7 of GOT…..

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