Winter Is Coming is your source of news, rumors, speculation, and discussion for HBO’s Game of Thrones, the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. This site was created in November 2008, at the time the pilot was first commissioned, and has been following the production closely ever since. We are a proud member of the FanSided Network.

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FanSided Executive Leadership

Adam Best
Co-Founder & CEO
Best co-founded the FanSided Network in April of 2007. He oversees the overall direction of the company, both creatively and business-wise.
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Co-Founder & CFO
Best co-founded the FanSided Network in April of 2007. He manages the growth of the network from a business and financial standpoint.
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Blake has been consulting for FanSided since 2007 and has spearheaded the network’s technical department since 2011.
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Allen has been with the FanSided Network since early 2009 and quarterbacks the network from a content perspective.
Moderation Policy
We have a relaxed moderation policy. We want to encourage discussion, not discourage it. So for the most part, you are free to speak your mind in the comment section. But there are some ground-rules that we have in place:

No personal attacks.
No trolling or spamming.
No overly offensive, obscene or vulgar posts.

Any violations of the above will result in your post being deleted. Repeat offenses will result in a ban from commenting.

Spoiler Policy
Since this show is based on an existing book series, the risk of spoilers is very high. We do our best to keep the new viewers shielded from having the story spoiled from them. You can be sure that the front page of the site will never delve into the events of future books/seasons. On certain posts we may discuss specifics of upcoming events, but in these cases we will always warn the reader that spoilers are coming and you will have to click through to read the spoilerific stuff.

In the comments, any spoilers from future books must be blacked out using the “spoiler” tag. This can be applied by highlighting the section of your comment that is a spoiler and clicking the “spoiler” button. Alternatively you can surround that section of text with the tags < b > and </ b > (without spaces). We must warn new viewers that although most of our commenters are good with tagging their spoilers, sometimes stuff slips out. We try to keep a close eye for spoiler slip-ups and fix them as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee that the comments will be completely spoiler-free. So if you haven’t read all the books, be aware that when reading the comments you run the risk of being spoiled. The best way to avoid this is to read the books!