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Every episode of Game of Thrones, ranked

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Ranking all 60 episodes of Game of Thrones is a monumental task. Sure, it’s easy to rank the top 15 episodes—most fans can probably agree on the best hours, even if we disagree on the order. But what about the bottom fifteen? How do you rank episodes that consist mainly of everybody walking somewhere?

It should be noted, however, that there are really only a few actual bad episodes. Most episodes of Game of  Thrones are generally must-see TV, so a low ranking doesn’t mean it was bad episode, just that the competition was fierce.

So what criteria was used? Major events like the Red Wedding or Jon Snow’s death bumped the episode up in the ratings, while other episodes earned their spots based on smaller moments—conversations between two characters or fun bits of dialogue, for instance. Conversely, any episode with the Sand Snakes received an immediate penalty, because they were terrible.

Without further ado, check out all 60 episodes of Game of Thrones, arranged in (subjective) order from worst to best.

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