Pictures of the Game of Thrones Cast in Osuna

By Ani Bundel on


When they’re not busy fighting in Daznak’s Pit, or hanging out in the Plaza de Toro, our cast is wandering the street of Osuna. Sometime, like above, they’re in costume, giving one the sense they’ve accidentally wandering into a version of Essos where the Masters have invented cars.

Other times, they’re in their street clothes, and happy to take pictures with eager fans. More pics, below.

The Small Council: Who’s your pick for Season 4′s Best Villain?

By Rowan Kaiser on

Ramsay Snow
This week, our Small Council discusses their votes for the WiCnet Awards for Best Performance As A Villain in Season 4.

Rebecca Pahle: This may seem counter-intuitive, but I’m going to start out my defense of Aidan Gillen’s Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish as the season’s best villain by discussing how he was the worst villain, at least in previous seasons. His sneering jackassery didn’t work for me—the whole point of Littlefinger is that he’s supposed to be a fly-under-the-radar type, someone whom no one has any problem trusting because he comes off as so damned inoffensive. But who would ever trust the show’s Baelish, with his constant evil smirks and his teleporting around from place to place to sow discord? George RR Martin has my back here—Littlefinger’s character changed vastly from show to book.

But that all gelled in season four, where Littlefinger could stop keeping up even the barest pretense that he’s not a smarmy, scheming assbag….

Sophie Turner and Gwendoline Christie filming in N. Ireland

By Ani Bundel on


The excitement and the blood shed may be happening in Spain, but that doesn’t mean that the Northern Ireland division is having a dull time of it. According to the Making Game Of Thrones site, Gwendoline Christie has been on and off her horse for the last couple of days. No word how Pod’s doing on his horse. More pics, and mild spoilers, below.

Pictures from the Pit

By Rowan Kaiser on

Osuna bullring extra

Commenter Balerion the Cat has pointed us at some recently-published photos of the scene being filmed in Osuna’s bullring, including the above, of an extra being tended to by some of the crew–looks like blood being added, instead of taken away. The photos were first published at The Daily Mail. I’m guessing these pictures were taken yesterday, before the set collapse.

Below the jump, a few more, but these may be considered spoilers, both for a change to the story of the book, and a couple characters that non-readers might be surprised to see together.

Game of Thrones Videos From Osuna and Seville

By Ani Bundel on


We’ve got a pair of videos out of Spain where Game of Thrones is currently filming. The first come to us via Correo Andalucía, and shows footage from the same filming we got those lovely stills from last week. It contains some spoilery information about next season (mostly in the costume department, but still) so it’s after the jump.

Filming delayed as part of Osuna set collapses

By Ani Bundel on


Bad news for Game Of Thrones out of Osuna, as high winds on Sunday caused unforeseen delays. The green screen behind the spectators stands collapsed, and filming is currently suspended while the production picks up the pieces and put them back together. According to abcdesevilla, the production was surprised by how strong the winds were Sunday morning, but tried to go ahead with filming anyway. The collapse happened around noon. They hope to resume filming as soon as possible.

But some filming did happen over the weekend. We’ve got pictures, including Emilia Clarke, and Michiel Huisman and Peter Dinklage below.

Sand Snakes spotted on set!

By Ani Bundel on


In our excitement this week to finally see the Dornishmen in costume, there’s one group of newcomers we haven’t gotten a glimpse of yet: Oberyn’s bastard daughters, known as the Sand Snakes. Finally, this has been remedied. Unlike Thursday’s pics, these photos from gameofthronesfan are not on set, but we have a few lovely up close shots of whip rehearsal action.

If you’re wondering why there are more than three, that’s because these photos include Keisha Castle-Hughes, Jessica Henwick and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, as well as their stunt doubles. More pictures below.

WiC Weekly: October 12th-18th

By Rowan Kaiser on

You Win Or You Die writing
It’s time for another Saturday roundup of some of our best and most popular posts of the week.

More filming photos from Osuna and Jaime Lannister

By Andrea Towers on


News is breaking fast out of Osuna, Spain, where Game of Thrones has taking advantage of the location to film what looks will be some of the most dramatic scenes of Season Five. Today, we bring you more from the Juego de Tronos facebook page.

The WiCnet Awards: Best Performance As A Villain in Season 4

By Ani Bundel on

WiCnet Awards Banner

It’s time once again for the WiCnet Awards. Last week’s Best Death ended up being fight between Joffrey and Oberyn, with the Dornishman ultimately taking the crown. This week’s category is somewhat related. Now that we’ve had Best Death in Season 4, let’s have Best Performance As A Villain.

Everyone loves a good villain, and Game Of Thrones is full of them. Who’s your favorite? Vote early, argue it out in the comments and let’s find out.

Five ways that Game Of Thrones changed fantasy (And three ways it really didn’t)

By Rowan Kaiser on

New York Comic Con

Last week’s New York Comic Con had a handful of Game Of Thrones events and panels–including the Rave Of Thrones–but one in particular on “How Game Of Thrones Changed Fantasy” with a few famous fantasy authors caught our eye. We asked freelance contributor Rachel Kolb to write it up.

At the 2014 New York Comic Con, Game Of Thrones fans didn’t have a lot of choices as far as panels or events. This might explain why the writer’s panel “How a Game Of Thrones Changed Fantasy…or Did It?” was at full capacity with another room full of people wanting to get in. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones who got a seat in the room.

The panel included writers Seth Fishman (The Well’s End), Robin Hobb (Fool’s Assassin), Gail Z. Martin (War Of Shadows), Garth Nix (Clariel), Patrick Rothfuss (The Slow Regard Of Silent Things), and Cinda Williams Chima (The Sorcerer Heir), and was moderated by David J. Peterson (Living Language Dothraki). Together, they broke down the ways that Game Of Thrones has changed fantasy and examined ways that people think GOT changed fantasy but may not have. The conversation spanned from writer deadlines to character deaths and came back around to the relationship between fans and writers. According to the esteemed panel, here are five ways that Game Of Thrones changed fantasy and three ways it didn’t really.

Game Of Thrones changed fantasy because…

Osuna’s bullring hosts big Season 5 scene

By Cameron White on


Filming is now underway in Osuna, and some fans have snapped some photos of the action. These come to us courtesy of an unofficial Facebook fan page for Spanish Game of Thrones fans.

Have a look first at this shot of some green-screen magnificence in a bullring in Osuna, then join us after the jump for a couple fan photos, a surprise visitor, and speculation about the bullring scene….

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