Exclusive! New Set Pictures from Magheramorne Quarry

By Ani Bundel on


With filming in Croatia basically over, and our Spain locations wrapping up, we turn our attention again to Northern Ireland, where the show has set up not one, but two filming locations in Magheramorne Quarry. A couple of our enterprising readers got pictures from this location and sent them on.

First up, Castle Black, which you can see above. More pictures, including some very interesting shots of the new structure joining Castle Black in the Quarry, after the jump! Mild spoilery speculation ahead.

George R.R. Martin on Late Night with Seth Meyers

By Ani Bundel on

Martin Knights Meyers

With the release of The World of Ice and Fire yesterday, it’s time for George R.R. Martin to do the promotional rounds. He started things off yesterday on Late Night with Seth Meyers. This new book being a history tome of the sort of back story trivia fans revel in, Meyers decided to play some Game of Thrones trivia with the man who invented the series. Amy Poehler seemed delighted to play along as well.

After the jump, Seth Meyers asks Martin for one small favor.

How realistic are Game of Thrones’ teens?

By WiC Staff on

stark children

Yi Li is a London student studying public policy.

Game of Thrones—and especially the A Song of Ice and Fire series— is known for its shockingly young protagonists almost as much as for its liberal use of sex and violence. Adolescents in Martin’s world are thrust into places of great power and expected to display far more maturity and wisdom than we could ever expect of contemporary teenagers. And to a significant extent, they succeed. Robb is a better battle strategist in his teens than most lords could ever hope to be and Margaery a better political operator than Cersei could ever hope to be. Jon becomes a role model for his comrades in the Night’s Watch. Daenerys demonstrates the moral fiber and charismatic leadership to change the way of life of an entire region.

As someone who has studied neuroscience, I’ve often wondered— how realistic is it for the adolescents of Game of Thrones to behave as they do? How do they succeed and fail to live up to expectations of maturity?

The Small Council: What’s your pick for Best Comedy Moment in Season 4?

By Rowan Kaiser on

grey worm daario gambling

In the latest installment of The Small Council, our staff makes their pick for Best Comedy Moment in Season 4.

Cameron White: Daenerys Targaryen’s story is, to put it mildly, a heavy one. On the run from mercenaries and “Usurper” loyalists since birth, traded for an army by the abusive brother who raised her, conquering, pillaging, hatching dragons… Dany’s a busy woman, and she suffers no fools. So it was a pleasant surprise to open Season 4 of Game of Thrones with a moment of pure levity for her. “Where’s Daario Naharis,” she asks of Barristan and Missandei. “Where’s Grey Worm?” “Gambling, your grace.” “………Gambling.”

The scene that follows is brief, but worthwhile for exposing the inherent silliness of what is essentially a pissing contest….

No Middle Ground: Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones

By WiC Staff on

boardwalk empire

In the latest in our series on television parallels to Game of Thrones, freelance critic Jeremy Mongeau compares it to HBO’s other huge investment from the 2010-2011 television series: Boardwalk Empire.

We’re some time away from seeing how Game of Thrones chooses to end its story, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating about who will live and die, trying to figure out who’s going to end up on the Iron Throne. This weekend, Boardwalk Empire wrapped up its own saga of power struggles and high-stakes war, and did so in style. We’ve seen who survives, who dies, and who thrives. So many fates on Thrones are up in the air, but on Boardwalk, they’ve all made their hard landings.

The two shows have been linked from the start. Both were developed during HBO’s wilderness years late last decade, after The Sopranos and The Wire had finished their runs. A new wave of dramas like John from Cincinnati and Tell Me You Love Me failed to catch on, and HBO’s biggest rivals, like AMC were nipping at their heels. HBO didn’t just want a hit, it wanted a phenomenon: a show that could bring in viewers, critical praise, and tons and tons of awards. No wonder HBO was drawn to Boardwalk and Thrones: both shows were about fending off rivals and holding onto hard-earned territory.

Thrones, of course, was based off irresistible source material. Boardwalk was adapted from a book as well, but the real draw came from the talent involved. The showrunner was Sopranos vet Terence Winter, and the director of the pilot was cinematic icon Martin Scorsese. Both shows came with big pedigrees and even bigger budgets (Boardwalk‘s pilot cost an unheard of $18 million). They were designed to be event television; the type of shows you couldn’t miss. And in the end, both found ways to deliver on that promise.

The two shows are both obsessed with the same themes:

It’s release day for The World of Ice and Fire!

By Ani Bundel on


I WILL PICK UP MY COPY WITH FIRE AND…well, actually, a coffee and croissant, but you get the idea.

With The World of Ice and Fire releasing today, George R.R. Martin sat down on Sunday at the 92Y for an extended interview. Our own Andrea Towers gave us the full write-up yesterday, but for those who want to watch the whole thing, we’ve got it embedded below.

From Osuna, the fashions of Meereen

By Ani Bundel on


With Seville in such tight lock down at the beginning of the month, all the reporters on the Game of Thrones beat, including Getty photographers, hit Osuna this month in hopes of getting better shots.

Turned out the principles are being held back. Most of our pictures come from the one day they filming in the fighting pit, but with 550 local extras, it was very easy to get lots of pictures of them heading to and from production in costume. We’ve been blessed with a couple so far. This latest batch from The Slanted are another set of great close ups of Meereenese fashions.

Nothing really spoilery below, don’t worry.

Sand Snakes Rehearsing Their Deadly Sting

By Ani Bundel on


Though filming in Sevilla is over, we’ve still got a few pictures leaking out here and there. For what it’s worth, the tight lock down held pretty well for the production, with the bulk of the pictures and videos that got released being the show sanctioned ones from Canal+.

There’s nothing overly spoilery here, just some fun fight choreography rehearsal snaps by an enterprising fan.

George R.R. Martin promotes new book in New York City

By Andrea Towers on

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.01.33 AM

There were Tyrell tee-shirts. There were women holding action figures. There were people who reportedly drove over 10 hours. And there was a lot of excitement at the 92Y last night, as dozens of fans gathered in New York City to witness what has been announced as George R.R. Martin’s only US appearance this year. The chance to hear one of my favorite authors read live, not to mention a book signing, and all conveniently located in my city? There was no way I wasn’t going to make it out for this event. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Although Martin was there to read exclusively from his new book The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones, he did make reference to some secrets that could be revealed in our favorite series. Make no mistake, however, a large portion of the night was spent talking about The World of Ice and Fire, discussing the development behind the book and getting a peek at some of the gorgeous art gracing the pages of Martin’s new tome.

Game Of Thrones celebrates with Icing and Cake

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As Game of Thrones filming draws to a close in Osuna, the production surprised Emilia Clarke with an amazing cake. A few tweets suggested it was “her name day” but we’re unclear if they mean the name day of the character she plays, or the name day of Clarke herself.

Either way, it looked like a delicious cake. More pictures below.

WiC Weekly, October 19-25

By Rowan Kaiser on

It’s time for another look at our best and most popular posts from the past week!


Watch Aidan Gillen in his new film “Ambition”

By Andrea Towers on


A few weeks ago, we brought you the teaser trailer for Aidan Gillen’s new film, Ambition — and now, you can enjoy the short movie in all its glory.

The futuristic themed film, helmed by acclaimed director Tomek Baginski, premiered yesterday as part of BFI’s SciFi: Days of Fear And Wonder. Ambition stars Gillen opposite The Fall‘s Aisling Franciosi, and focuses on a man attempting to master the nanotechnology of an alien world. It’s refreshing to see Gillen in a role that’s a little less conniving — kind of. The man is creating comets with his mind, which seems like it requires a certain amount of cunningness.

The short film is also a celebration of the Rosetta spacecraft, which successfully orbited a comet for the first time this past August. Check out Gillen in Ambition below.

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