Game of Owns: Peek and Seek

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Episode 231 – Peek and Seek

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Continuing travels through A Storm of Swords, GOO returns to greet, for the first time ever, point of view character Jaime Lannister and his merry friends.

A beautiful medley of the Game of Thrones theme and The Children

By Lightbringer on

It may be the off season, but that isn’t stopping the Game of Thrones theme covers from flowing. This latest one comes from YouTuber Malukah, who has created a medley of the title theme, and the song that closed out season four, The Children.

Malukah uses her own voice as a one woman choir, accompanied by performances on the guitar, piano, and drums to create a truly beautiful tribute.

George R.R. Martin visits Le Grand Journal

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George R.R. Martin was a guest on Le Grand Journal during his trip to France earlier this month, and the full interview is now available to watch online. Martin appeared in his familiar cap and suspenders to talk about his work on A Song of Ice and Fire and the success of Game of Thrones.

He discusses some of the inspirations for his story, and justifies the amount of violence by looking back at our own bloody history. He also shares his reaction to the Queen’s visit to the set in Belfast, and reveals that his favorite parodies are actually of himself.

Martin’s answers have been dubbed over in French, and while you can still hear his voice, to make things a little easier, a transcript can be found below.

The North Remembers: July 2011

By Hear Me Roar on

WiCnet Alternate LogoTime for another trip down the memory lane, looking at July three years ago …

Dame of Thrones: Melisandre

By Rebecca Pahle on

Dame of Thrones is back from its hiatus! Put on your best red outfit, burn a heretic or two, and let’s talk Melisandre.

Warning: A Dance with Dragons spoilers beyond this point.

Interviews with the Game of Thrones cast from London Film and Comic Con

By Lightbringer on

Flicks And The City has released their interviews with Kristian Nairn and Daniel Portman from last week’s London Film and Comic Con.

Kristian Nairn talks about the fun he had portraying ‘Warg-dor’ in Season 4, and the new mysteries presented in the final episode. He also reveals his hopes for Hodor’s future, and shares his reactions to some of Season 4’s big moments.

Reddit Review: News in Spain, GRRM Procrastinates, and more

By Thoros on



Welcome to our latest feature, the Reddit Review. Reddit is host to legions of devoted and talented fans, sharing and creating some very cool stuff. In this series, we will gather the best from Reddit’s passionate A Song of Ice and Fire community conveniently into one post.

Cast Roundup: Game of Thrones chats, and movie trailers

By Lightbringer on

It’s Sunday, and time for a roundup. Here are a few small Game of Thrones related pieces from this past week.

Red Carpet News TV caught up with David Bradley this week at the opening night of Brasil Brasileiro in London, and took the opportunity to ask quite a few Game of Thrones related questions. David reacts to the recent batch of Emmy Nominations, recalls his favorite Walder Frey moment, and jokes that if he does come back to the show he’s looking forward to inflicting some more damage.

The Queen’s Guard perform the Game of Thrones theme at Buckingham Palace

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It’s a two Game of Thrones theme renditions kind of Saturday.

This one comes courtesy of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace. During the changing of the guard ceremony on Tuesday, June 24, tourists were treated to a familiar song by the band. HBO has confirmed that the performance was timed to coincide with the Queen’s visit to the Thrones set.

A Game of Thrones remix by MetroGnome

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Music Producer MetroGnome has gathered quite a following for his remixes on YouTube, and after tackling Breaking Bad last year, his fans have been asking for a remix of the Game of Thrones theme. He has finally obliged, and with the help of some dialogue inserts, a quick costume change, and a perfectly timed glass of wine, he does a pretty damn good job.

Sean Bean wants to return to Game of Thrones

By Ours is the Fury on

Ned StarkIf Game of Thrones decides to make it happen, there could be a return to Westeros in the cards for Sean Bean. But how would that be possible, with Ned Stark’s noble head removed at the end of season one?

In a new interview with Vulture, Sean Bean talks about the possibility of coming back to the show to resolve unfinished business with a few of Game of Thrones‘ main characters.

The discussion contains major spoilers explaining how Bean could appear and why, so viewers who haven’t read the books should proceed with caution!

Finn Jones on the future of Loras Tyrell, and how the story will end

By Lightbringer on

Flicks and the City caught up with Finn Jones this past weekend at London Film and Comic-Con to talk Game of Thrones. Finn is his energetic self as he chats about his experience filming some of the big moments from Season 4, and the future of Loras Tyrell. Not even Finn knows what’s in store as they still haven’t received their Season 5 scripts, but he has been told that he will have another intimate scene coming up. He also shares his thoughts on the budding relationship between his on-screen sister Margaery and the young king Tommen, and how he thinks the story will end.

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