Dornish Are Coming: Schedule of Seville Closures For Filming

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The website for the Alcázar of Seville has posted a detailed schedule of closures in the area for Game of Thrones filming next month. Starting on October 6th and running through to the 18th, sections of the grounds will be cut off to casual tourists, as the production finds itself in Dorne for the first time. Looking at the picture above, I’m really excited to see the Water Gardens come to life here.

Maps of the closures, after the jump.

Loras In New Game of Thrones Footage

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As we discussed in the Small Council, the Tyrells have benefited greatly in Game of Thrones‘ transition from page to screen. Margaery has been given a life and agency that we could only speculate in the books. Her brother, Loras might have been given slightly more before the show began to air, but all the changes to his storyline have been for the better.

Now it looks like Season 5 will see him come more into his own. Video with spoilers (plus a few more pictures from shooting) below.

Jeers from Croatia

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Yesterday we saw the royal litters around King’s Landing, and noted that this was the first time Season 2 that it looked like the lords and ladies of the capital were going to be around town. With the war over, and the sociopathic King Joffrey dead, maybe the people would be happier?

Or maybe not.

Video/pics courtesy of Seek New Travel. Speculation follows…

More from King’s Landing: Details of the Marketplace

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One of my favorite things about Game of Thrones is how easy it is to immerse oneself in the world of Westeros. The production works hard to create a fully realized fantasy kingdom, you believe you might be able to take a flight to. (Just as soon as Dany gets Dragon Airlines off the ground, and the international hubs like LAX work out the logistics of landing real live Dragons.)

Said details have been evident from the dedicated fan pictures we’ve been sent of the last couple of days. Most of these are courtesy of the website Seek New Travel, who is documenting her visit to the King’s Landing sets of Croatia.

King’s Landing: Marketplace Extras

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Dubrovnik, 26.09.2014 - U staroj gradskoj jezgri cetvrtu godinu zaredom snima se popularna Igra prijestolja

Filming in King’s Landing continued apace the last few days. Game of Thrones has shot quite a bit of Season 5, including an incredibility detailed Marketplace scene. We brought you a few pictures on Friday. Now we’ve got another batch to pore over from JutarnjiList. Most of these are shots of the extras waiting around to start filming, with a few action shots tossed in for good measure.

We’ll talk about the spoilery details after the jump.

Dubrovnik takes out the Game Of Thrones litter

By Rowan Kaiser on

royal litter dubrovnikToday’s King’s Landing filming? All about the litters. Our friends at Seek New Travel picked up the shot above, of the royal Lannister-Baratheon litter. The detail of the stag and lion on the door remains impressive. That’s not the only litter, either. Kingslanding.du has a few other shots, including this one, indicating a wide variety of litters.

Kingslanding dot du litter

They’ve also got the schedule for the rest of this week’s filming in the Old City:

28 -1.10 Ulica od Margarite, Gundulićeva poljana, Jezuite skale (Jesuit staircase and greenmarket plaza)
02.10. Ulica od Margarite, Uz Jezuite, Rabljaninova ulica, Ranjinina ulica (Streets in Southern part of old city below Jesuit complex)
03.10. Ulaz od Ploča, od Trga Oružja cijelom dužinom Ulice Sv. Dominika (St. Dominic street – formerly used as KL market S2)

There’s also what appears to be a filming litter, separate from the lead one . It, and other pictures, after the jump….


Game Of Thrones actors continue their cinema takeover

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Speculative fiction movie projects just keep snapping Game Of Thrones actors up. It makes sense: performers on popular geek-friendly TV shows offer instant credibility and fan interest. Also, Game Of Thrones actors tend to be quite good at their jobs. Perhaps most importantly, there are a hell of a lot of GOT actors, and spillover would be inevitable regardless.

Earlier this week we got news that Lena Headey and Charles Dance would be starring in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. Not to be outdone, their Tyrell rival Natalie Dormer recently took a part in the zombie movie Patient Zero. It’s being speculated the Dormer could be the female lead (albeit a zombified one) in the Stefan Ruzowitsky film.

Dormer is also, of course, scheduled to star in the next Hunger Games sequel. Another successful young adult fiction adaptation has cast another Game Of Thrones star as well….

King’s Landing market and tavern scene filming in Dubrovnik

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dubrovnik director has a great collection of photos of extras from today’s market scene. A few of the extras in the pictures are wearing Westerosi religious garb, which makes me reasonably certain that this is a scene in King’s Landing, as opposed to Braavos. The man in the suit is Goran Maras, the Croatian Minister Of Entrepreneurship And Crafts.

Meanwhile, our friends at Seek New Travel also have a new collection of pictures around today’s scene, including this shot of a watchful Gold Cloak.


Lots more after the jump!

Outlander, the off-season Game Of Thrones

By Rowan Kaiser on

tobias menzies outlander
(With Game Of Thrones between seasons, I asked a few critics if they wanted to talk about the shows they’re using to fill the King’s Landing-shaped hole in their lives. First up, my colleague from The A.V. Club, Brandon Nowalk, discussing Starz’ Outlander.)

Ever since Arya set sail for Braavos, I’ve been ruing the wait until spring for more Game Of Thrones. A couple months later we got a show that’s been whetting my appetite for more Thrones, another pre-modern fantasy saga based on a series of novels. I’m talking about Starz’s Outlander, which airs its mid-season finale tomorrow.

The show starts in 1945, just after the war. English nurse Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) and her husband Frank (Tobias Menzies–Edmure Tully on Game Of Thrones) are spending their honeymoon touring his ancestral stomping grounds in Scotland, when she stumbles upon a Druid ritual and, long story short, she wakes up in the 18th century with a sexy Scot savior named Jamie (Sam Heughan). I was skeptical to see Game Of Thrones comparisons in early reviews of Outlander, but the season has largely lived up to them, not least for having Edmure Tully in such a prominent role….

The WiCnet Awards: Season 4′s Best Action Sequence

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WiCnet Awards Banner

It’s time for Week Two of our Fourth Annual WiCnet Awards. Last week, the voting for Best Performance as a Sidekick was pretty fearsome between Davos and Pod, but in the end the WiCCiE went to Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth.

Let’s see how things go with this week’s category, “Best Action Sequence In Season 4.″ As promised, we made sure to include your suggestions from last week’s comments in this week’s voting.

Poll below!

WiC wants you! Calling for submissions and volunteers

By Rowan Kaiser on

tywin writing

Winter Is Coming is looking for volunteer contributors, freelance pitches, and potential connections with other Game Of Thrones-related websites!

For volunteers:

We’re looking for people who are interested in writing, gathering news, social media, copy editing, photo editing, and more. WiC will offer opportunities for promotion and growth for effective volunteers, as well as links back to your own website and portfolio-building. Beyond individual pieces, regular columns/contributions (and joining the Small Council) are volunteer-only at the moment.

Publishers and freelancers, read on….

Loras filming in Dubrovnik, marketplace scene shooting tomorrow

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loras dubrovnik

Reddit user purplegooddance, who posted some of the pictures of the sets-under-construction in Dubrovnik a few days ago, has a new set of pictures up. The most notable returning actor is Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell), who’s shown here with Dean-Charles Chapman (Tommen), which is not unexpected for the story at this point. It looks like Jones is wearing street clothes, although it could be casual Westerosi garb.

Meanwhile, we also received a tip from a reader that a scene at the set she visited, what appears to be a public market, will be shooting tomorrow. I also quite like to see what the sets look like after dark.


The big new pictures for readers, though, is what appears to be The Army Of The Faith–pic after the jump.

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