New set photos: Arya Stark in Braavos?

By Andrea Towers on


As filming of Season 5 continues, even more set photos are trickling out onto the Internet, allowing us to speculate about what direction the show might be taking in a season largely filled with uncertain storytelling. The latest images, via Reddit user PunchPatrol, suggest what we could be seeing for Arya–who was last seen boarding a ship to Braavos.

Book spoilers and speculation after the cut.

You Might Not Recognize This Stark

By Ani Bundel on


“Spot The Stark” might become a real game next season if Maisie Williams isn’t pulling our leg.

As we reported earlier this week, Game of Thrones took home Best International Program at the TV Choice Awards in London. Williams was on hand to accept it on behalf of the production.

During the post awards interview scrum, Yahoo UK asked Williams if she could give away any details for Season 5. She played it mostly coy, and for anyone who hasn’t read the books, it might have just sounded innocent. We “might not recognize Arya this year,” she said.

In any other production, one might take that as Arya ready to under go a serious make over. For you 90s kids, it suggests she might be getting a radical haircut, a la Felicity? I may or may not be having sudden nightmares of Maisie showing up on a red carpet with this haircut.

But no, this is Game of Thrones. Radial hair make overs, er wig make overs, are probably not what Williams is referring to. Book Spoilers and Show speculation ahead!

“Lord Snow”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 3

By Rowan Kaiser on

Lord Snow small council

“Just so!”

“Lord Snow” suffers from many of the same problems of the other early episodes of Game Of Thrones, where trying to produce an authentic adaptation of the novels and a coherent television show often clash. But you can start to see the increasing confidence of the production overall in this episode; it’s becoming its own thing. There are three scenes scattered through the episode that demonstrate how Game Of Thrones is becoming its own beast with humor, empathy, and formal emphasis.

The most important scene in this process, for me, is the one with King Robert holding court with his Kingsguard about the first man they killed. None of the characters in the room (Jaime, Robert, Barristan, and Lancel) is a point-of-view character from the books, so this is one of the earliest examples of a totally new scene for the show. In that, it adds depth and sympathy toward Robert and Barristan, two characters who are important for the titles, while the setting is also improved with the mention of the history of these warriors’ battles.

But the thing that stands out to me most about this scene is, I’ve come to believe, the single greatest advantage that the show has over the books:

Casting news from Northern Ireland: Will we be seeing The Children?

By Andrea Towers on


We’re well into filming of Season 5, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not still some news trickling out about casting, including this post that recently surfaced. According to the casting call, Game of Thrones is looking for an “eclectic group of people,” in Ireland, both male and female. The catch? They only want people with a size 26″ waist or less.

Minor book spoilers and speculation after the cut.

The Small Council: Which character improved most from book to screen?

By Rowan Kaiser on


Welcome to a new weekly feature, The Small Council, where the staff and contributors of Winter Is Coming discuss and debate questions the most pressing questions of Game Of Thrones and the Seven Kingdoms.

This week, we’re asking Which character do you think improved the most from page to screen? (Other than our vague excitement for characters’ appearances in Season 5, this post is spoiler-free.)

Read, discuss in the comments, vote in the poll, and let us know any questions you’d like to see The Small Council discuss in the future!

Rowan Kaiser: Many non-point-of-view characters from the novels have had their on-screen roles expanded, but none have benefited more than Lord Varys the Spider. In the books, Varys originally appears as an intriguing, well, intriguer in King’s Landing, but as the novels progress….

Could This Set Be For Tyrion Lannister?

By Ani Bundel on


Over the weekend, I posted this picture of the new set in Croatia and started to speculate as to who it could be for. The production going to a totally new place suggests this is for something we’ve never seen before in our ever expanding world. Though we’re about to see the southern most area of Westeros for the first time, all the Dorne scenes are filming in Spain.

The other world that will be expanding rapidly is the continent of Essos. I originally thought maybe it was part of Meereen, but a commenter’s idea brought me up short and made me reconsider.

Book spoilers, speculation, and an important question, after the jump.

More New Set Pictures – Here Be Dragons?

By Andrea Towers on


While Game of Thrones will be traveling to some new locations this year in terms of filming, there will also be some familiar scenery aside from staples like Kings Landing and The Wall. New set pictures from show that production has started at Diocletian’s Palace in Croatia, also known as Meereen, where Dany spent most of her time last season. While it’s not exactly clear what scenes are being filmed there, from at least one photo, it looks like we’ll again be seeing the cellar where she’s keeping she’s keeping her dragon babies locked up after that unfortunate charred human incident last season.

Spoilers and speculation after the jump.

Game of Thrones Casts More Whores

By Ani Bundel on


Oh Goody!

You know, there’s one thing this show doesn’t have enough of, and that’s whores, wouldn’t you say? I mean, we only have female whores, male whores, whores whose roles are to make subtext text, whores whose roles are greatly expanded, whores who accidentally get sent to Joffrey and find themselves making snuff films. (Sometimes the latter two are even the same whore!)

There’s still quite a few roles I haven’t seen filled that I’m concerned about. Many of them from Tyrion’s storyline specifically. But this one? Wasn’t one of them.

Mild spoilery casting stuff after the jump.

Game of Thrones Wins Best International Program at the TVCAwards

By Ani Bundel on



America may have trouble appreciating Game of Thrones. But at least across the pond, TV viewers know a good thing when they see it.

Last night, the TV Choice Awards aired from the London Hilton on Park Lane. The show is mostly a local TV affair–East Enders was the big winner of the night, which I suppose is the UK equivalent of giving all the Emmy awards to Modern Family. But when it came to imported TV, Game of Thrones took home first prize. The competition in this category included the aforementioned Modern Family which airs on Sky1, The Big Bang Theory which broadcasts on E4, and the show which everyone seems to like to compare with Game of Thrones, AMC’s The Walking Dead which over there airs on FOX.

Forums are here!

By Rowan Kaiser on


As promised, we’ve opened up a new forum, at

Come on in, post your favorite pictures from the show, speculate wildly about Season 5, and more!


Meet your new WiC editor, Andrea Towers

By Andrea Towers on


Hi everyone!

I’m Andrea Towers, and I’m super happy–like Sansa Stark eating lemon cakes happy–to join the team as an Assistant Editor.

Although I was an avid fantasy and sci-fi reader as a child, it took until the TV adaptation for me to fully find and embrace A Song of Ice and Fire. Of course, once I started dabbling into the world, I was completely sold. Complex characters? Fantasy settings? Dragons? I quickly latched onto the entire universe and soon started become fascinated with everything that makes Game of Thrones the story we know and love. I devoured the books, plowing through A Storm of Swords (my favorite) in less than three weeks, anxiously reading whenever I could – at work, before bed, on my commute. As the television series progressed, the show caused me to fall in love with the characters even more than I already had. I think it goes without saying that being able to join this world in a professional capacity is a dream for me both as a writer and a fan.

Game of Thrones Casting For Tyrion Lannister “Double…” In Spain?

By Ani Bundel on


bodydouble tyrion

Spanish website Los Siete Reinos is reporting that Modexpor International (that’s the company conducting casting for Game of Thrones in Spain) announced on its Facebook site that they are currently seeking a “double” for Tyrion Lannister.

A body double for Tyrion, huh? I could see that in Meereen and Croatia. But in Spain? Spain is where they’re filming Dorne. Is Tyrion going to show up somehow in Dorne? Or do they just think, since they’re casting in Spain, they might as well cast his stunt double while they’re there?

Color me befuddled by this news.

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