A new interview with ..."/>

A new interview with ..."/>

A new interview with ..."/>

Interview with Benioff and Weiss about season two and beyond


A new interview with Game of Thrones writers and producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss has surfaced at The Daily Beast. Jace Lacob conducted the interview and, as a fan of the books and the show, he knew all the right questions to ask. Below are a few interesting snippets. Be sure to read the full article for more great info… and a few good laughs as well!

On lessons learned in season one:

"Weiss: In general, across the board, we learned the necessity of planning ahead with a show that strives to be ambitious without completely breaking the bank. We can’t afford to waste expensive shots, or shooting days, or ketchup. So we try to stay as far out ahead of everything as we can, we eat what we kill, and now it’s all smooth sailing!"

More after the break, including David & Dan’s thoughts on the new cast members and their plans for season three…

On the new season two cast:

"Benioff: Melisandre is a tricky role, and very few actresses have all the attributes required. Drop-dead gorgeous? Check. Charismatic and fiercely intelligent? Check. Able to convey a sinister, menacing presence without going over-the-top villainess? Check. In Carice’s hands, Mel is like Lady Macbeth and the three witches rolled into one.Weiss: Don’t forget Brienne! Gwendoline Christie is fantastic. She so perfectly embodies the kind of wounded strength the character requires. And she’s been training. She will kick your ass.Benioff: We’ve already shot many of the Yara-Theon scenes, and I’m happy to report that Gemma [Whelan] and Alfie [Allen] make an insanely good pair of siblings. We could make a whole series about the Greyjoys. Speaking of which, we’re negotiating with HBO Family on a Gilly Loves Samwell sitcom. Tom Wlaschiha is a deeply compelling Jaqen. Carice and Stephen Dillane—watching the two of them together is like watching a master class in acting. Liam Cunningham brings humanity and wit to one of our favorite roles, Davos Seaworth. We haven’t shot anything yet with Roose, but we know Michael McElhatton will be superb. And he’s got the palest eyes of anyone I know."

On season three:

"Weiss: Season two is a 100-hour-a-week job. It doesn’t leave a lot of time to think about seasons three and beyond. But yes, Storm of Swords … very long, dense book.Benioff: A Storm of Swords will not be a single season. Beyond that, we’d rather not speculate, as HBO has not yet confirmed a third season and we’re not in the mood to jinx anything."

Winter Is Coming: Did you see that last quote? “A Storm of Swords will not be a single season.” Can I get a “Hell yeah!”?