Iceland filming location revealed

We knew next to nothing about the plans for filming in Iceland. Until now. The filming is upon us, and as sure as winter snows, the information started trickling in. Well, last night was more of an info dump, actually. Towards the end of November they start shooting Thrones at the Vatnajökull (pronunciation) glacier, the biggest glacier of Iceland with over 8,000 km² in size, which is in fact a national park almost in itself (the park encompasses an area of 12,000 km²/4,500 sq mi, or 12% of Iceland’s surface).

The news was revealed at this Icelandic website, which kindly dropped a reference to yours truly. The local production partner is going to be Pegasus, who are already looking for extras, both men and women, who should be agile and bearded (especially the former). People of Iceland, write to to apply – and please keep us informed of the goings-on, if you would.