Game of Thrones finds additional locations in Croatia for Season 5

It was reported earlier this year that Game of Thrones might be looking for additional locations in Croatia for Season 5, with representatives scouting in Imotski and Šibenik. Yesterday, local sources reported that Embassy Films Croatia sent out a casting call for citizens who are available to work as an extra on Thrones in two familiar cities, Dubrovnik and Split, and one new city, Šibenik.

Š was very happy to announce that Game of Thrones is “definitely” coming to their city, and that filming will take place in September. Although city officials declined to make a statement, Š claims that specific locations will include a fortress and parts of old town.

Šibenik is home to four beautiful fortresses, its most notable being St. Michael’s Fortress, which also happens to sit atop a hill overlooking the historical old town. The fortress has an irregular quadrangle shape, four well preserved towers, and a gothic style entrance.

Šibenik’s old town is described as a typical Mediterranean medieval city, with a collection of churches, noblemen palaces, and centuries old Dalmatian stone houses separated by narrow alleyways, inaccessible to traffic.

St. Michael’s Fortress Old town

The city’s government reached out to the Game of Thrones team last year, believing that their city could be the perfect fit for the series. Š adds that over the past few months representatives have visited the city to make final arrangements and agree on a shooting schedule. HBO has yet to confirm any new locations in Croatia.

If you live in Croatia and would like to sign up to be an extra, now’s your chance! You have until July 10th to fill out this application.


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