Flicks And The City has released their interviews with Kristian Nairn and Daniel Portman fr..."/> Flicks And The City has released their interviews with Kristian Nairn and Daniel Portman fr..."/>

Interviews with the Game of Thrones cast from London Film and Comic Con


Flicks And The City has released their interviews with Kristian Nairn and Daniel Portman from last week’s London Film and Comic Con.

Kristian Nairn talks about the fun he had portraying ‘Warg-dor’ in Season 4, and the new mysteries presented in the final episode. He also reveals his hopes for Hodor’s future, and shares his reactions to some of Season 4’s big moments.

Talking points:

  • The fun of portraying Warg-dor
  • Killing Locke
  • The logistics of lifting Locke
  • Filming the Wight fight sequence
  • Losing Jojen and getting misty-eyed
  • The future of Hodor the worm farmer
  • The mystery of the Three Eyed Raven, and Bran flying
  • His reaction to Joffrey, Tywin, and Oberyn’s deaths
  • Finding out where Hodor comes from
  • His favorite moment from Season 4
  • The not so glamorous aspects of Game of Thrones
  • A message to fans

Daniel Portman talks about being on set for some of the big moments in Season 4, where he got to play backgammon with Diana Rigg and share some downtime with Maisie Williams while watching Gwendoline and Rory go at it. He also discusses his reaction to the many deaths of Season 4, and what he’s hoping to see next for Pod and Brienne.

Talking points:

  • Filming the Purple Wedding
  • Playing Backgammon with Diana Rigg
  • His reaction to Joffrey’s death
  • Tyrion and Pod’s goodbye scene
  • Working with Gwendoline Christie
  • Downtime during filming Brienne vs. The Hound
  • Watching the fight on screen
  • Losing Oberyn/Pedro after less than a season
  • A multitude of Season 4 deaths
  • What he’d like to see next for Pod and Brienne

Red Carpet News TV has also released a batch of videos from the convention, including interviews with Finn Jones, Kristian Nairn, Daniel Portman, and Will Tudor.

Kristian Nairn answers quite a range of questions about the success of the show, his co-stars, and the bag full of Emmy Nominations Game of Thrones recently received. He also revels at the amazing sets, reveals he identifies most with Arya, and tries to break down the message behind Game of Thrones.

Talking points:

  • Why the show is such a success
  • Why Hodor is a fan favorite
  • Lena Headey pops her head in
  • Praise for Isaac
  • A beautiful moment on set
  • Identifying with Arya
  • His reaction to the Red Wedding, and violence
  • Well deserved Emmy Nominations
  • The sets make acting easier
  • The set under the Weirwood tree
  • Who is the funniest on set
  • Annoying and great questions
  • The message of Game of Thrones
  • His favorite episode
  • Upcoming projects
  • Hodor

Daniel Portman talks about his favorite scenes from Season 4 as both an actor and a spectator, and the endless possibilities for Pod and Brienne. He gives great praise to the strong female characters and actresses on the show, and reveals which character he was most sad to see go.

Talking points:

  • Getting recognition from the Emmys
  • His favorite scenes from Season 4
  • Gwendoline Christie when the camera stops rolling
  • Anything could happen for Pod and Brienne
  • Badass female characters
  • Missing Jack Gleeson
  • Upcoming projects
  • A message for fans

Finn Jones tries to pinpoint what makes Game of Thrones such a phenomenon, and recalls a boat trip that the cast took around Croatia last year. He also admits he’s really looking forward to the end, as the show continues to pick up steam, he hopes that Loras makes it to the end for a huge battle.

Talking points:

  • What makes Thrones a phenomenon
  • Picking a favorite character is impossible
  • The level of violence, Theon’s torture
  • The cast’s boat trip
  • Looking forward to the ending
  • Loras making it to the end
  • A message to fans

Will Tudor talks about the great pleasure of being a part of Game of Thrones, and why it has found such great success through pushing boundaries. He also teases that he’s excited to see a few things in Season 5 that he’s talked about with other cast members, particularly something coming up for Finn Jones.

Talking points:

  • It’s nice to see him with some clothes on
  • The honor of being a part of Game of Thrones
  • Why Game of Thrones has found success
  • His reaction to the Red Wedding
  • The importance of pushing boundaries with nudity
  • Balancing nudity with genuine affection
  • His favorite scene from Season 4
  • What he’s excited to see in Season 5
  • Upcoming projects
  • A message for fans

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