Jerome Flynn confirms Bronn’s story is “Different from his normal environment”

Bronn has become one of the more popular characters on Game of Thrones. Actor Jerome Flynn, who plays erstwhile sellsword and friend-for-hire, has promised he’ll be back for Season 5. But for those who might expect him to follow his story as written in the books–mainly getting married and attempting to settle into the more respectable station he earned via Tyrion’s friendship–changes are afoot. We’ve seen evidence of the changes before, but this is evidence from the mercenary’s mouth, as it were…

Some of the more interesting tidbits:

His favorite scene of Season 4: “The farewell prison scene with Peter/Tyrion. It was one of the nicest scenes we’ve had together.”

Does he regret his character walking away from Tyrion in that moment? “Look at the guy who did take on the Mountain.” He calls Oberyn’s death “More shocking than the wedding.” Flynn, like many of the actors, does not read the books ahead. He also does not read the scripts he’s not in so that the show can remain a surprise.

When asked how he likes how Season 5 is going, he admits telling us anything is tricky, because he doesn’t want to give it away. What he does say is that this is “very different from my normal kind of environment for Bronn. But it was nice to shake it [the character] up.”

On the show moving away from the books: “It’s unusual to be doing a show with that kind of body of work behind it….Dan and David have done such an incredible job of bringing it to the screen and giving it their own life, and having George’s trust is that….it’s a phenomenon.”